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Hung Hong
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Before I go into the system, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Along the way, I’ll explain why my students are experiencing such massive success with my formula…

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For example, I recently made $107K in just 56 days with t-shirt marketing. I’m not one to brag . . . I just want to open your mind to the possibilities of what can happen when you follow my formula.

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  1. Hi IMer,

    We add new converted videos in download link. Please check.


  2. IMer

    Any chance uploading another Mirror / Regenerating the vids?
    Most vids cuts in the middle… (The sound stops in the middle of the vid)

    • Hi,
      Did you try to download using mirror link?

      • IMer

        Downloaded the mirror as well… same thing…
        VID 2 for example is stuck after 6:20 minutes….
        and others as well

        • Hi,
          Will check on this and will update if needed.

          EDIT: I check and play vid2 and its playing fine with me. Please check again or need to update you video codec. Will upload now in screencast for reference.

          • IMer

            Well… I updated every codec possible…
            Are you sure it’s playing fine all the way ’till the end?!
            Again – video is on, but sound is off AND frames are stuck… but that only happens somewhere in the middle of the vids….

            Any recommendations?

              • IMer

                Thanks Nick, much appreciated!

                Mind sharing which codec exactly (and maybe where to download it)?

                I actually use VLC player… tested it on 2 computers (mac & pc) – Quick Time / Media Player / VLC Player… all with the same issue :\

                • Hi,

                  I will try to convert it and upload. Hope it will work. I will update here as soon as I finish the upload.


                  • IMer

                    You ROCK ! 😀

  3. Hi,

    Just click the download link button and you will redirect to the downloadable files.


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