Would you like to possess the one skill that will let you
launch a 6-figure business online… No matter what?

Discover How You Can Create
Valuable, In Demand, Helpful and
Information Products
In Less Than 48 Hours

… even if you love to procrastinate, hate writing, and cash is tight right now
… and you haven’t created a single product before in your life

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“A Complete Step-By-Step Blueprint To
Creating Quality Reports Fast
… because sub-par, quick-buck ebooks won’t CUT IT today!

If you are looking for that one skill that will make you money online no matter what for years to come…

No matter what state the economy is in, no matter what happens to you personally, no matter how the technology changes…

The answer to that is simple.

Create high quality, valuable content!

monkOnce you nail this down… you’re bound to make money no matter what. Even if you didn’t have a computer… you could go to a library, create a report in 2 hours (using my special bonus method) and start working your way up.

I should know.

My name is Jason Fladlien, and before I created a 7 figure business online, I was…

… a loser-musician-turned-monk. No, really. This is not a made-up story!

Things changed once I stopped trying to game the system with tricks and fancy “one-off” marketing that only worked until YouTube, Google, Yahoo, or anyone else changed their technology.

High quality content is the best way to market yourself. PERIOD. You only have to look as far as the latest, most successful product launches to see they all share one thing in common… they used good, high quality content to get the market place in a frenzy.

You’ll be able to do that, too, once I show you how – it’s actually very simple!

Also, high quality content is essential for product creation. If someone buys your product, and it changes their life…

You now have a customer for life!

“The Only Problem Is…
Usually, Creating Quality Content Is
A Lot Easier
Said Than Done

That’s putting it mildly.

What I want to say is… Creating content SUCKS! Endless hours researching, trying to get it perfect, rewriting… You spend weeks working HARD and all you have to show for it is a half-baked report.

Meanwhile, your competition is building lists, making sales… and by the looks of it, they have at least twice the number of hours per day.


48 Hour Report
Your First Step Towards Creating High Ticket
Valuable, Useful, And Actionable
In Demand
Information Products

It Takes You By The Hand And Shows You How To…
  • eliminate writer’s block
  • prevent procrastination
  • organize your information into easily digestible chunks
  • force yourself to create without having to pause to think…

Speaking from MY OWN experience, these are the only things that prevent you from being a world-class marketer.

If you remove these stumbling blocks…

The content will practically create itself.

For me, it’s almost magic. You wake up in the morning, refreshed, have a cup of coffee that fills your office with its bittersweet aroma, and start creating. That’s it!

That’s Just The First Part!

The second part is just as important to your business.

How To Get Raving Testimonials
From Your Freshly Created Info Products…
Without Even Asking For Them!

Consider this: why do 95% of people who buy information products never act on them?

Are people just lazy? Stupid? Afraid that something will actually change in their lives?

That’s probably a part of it.

But I’m ready to bet that the biggest problem is that…

Most marketers don’t have a clue on how to present
their information in a way that makes it easy to act on

In other words…

It’s up to you to create a product that is so easy for someone to act on… that they’d feel completely stupid if they didn’t.

Do that and you’ll have hordes of satisfied buyers singing you praises all over the place and anxiously waiting for your next product. Which means… $$$ in your pocket.

I’ll be giving you not only the theory behind this…

But also a complete skeleton that you can just apply to your ideas every time.

Doing this literally guarantees you great feedback and repeat customers – because your readers will find it easy to digest your information and act on it.


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