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Adam Payne - YouTube Channel Mastery

Hey there,

Adam Payne here…

Look, I’m not going to bore you with my long-winded story about how I used to be ‘homeless’ and then ‘stumbled across’ a ‘loophole’ that made me a Gazillionnaire.

We have all read that stuff countless times (why is everyone’s story the same?)

In fact, I’m going to get right to the point as I respect your time.

But just to give a bit of background…

When I first got started online, I didn’t have a clue. Just knew I wanted it. That led to a lot of unfortunate mistakes. In very little time online, I managed to:

  • Lose 3K to a private coach who just vanished
  • Blow another 2K joining a traffic group that was a pure scam
  • Make a grand total of $24 in my 1st 6 months as an online marketer

However, along the way, I discovered the most important thing of all:

Profits Only Come EASY When You KNOW Your Target Market
All Of This Came From ONE YOUTUBE Video
YouTube is my weapon of choice. With more views than Cable TV in the US, it’s a good one.

What no-one tells you though, is there is some dirty work that goes on behind the scenes.

You Must have a FULLY optimized YouTube Channel to maximize its potential. It needs to be set up the right way.

Why is that Important?

Authority and Trust. Just like with aged domains, it is easier to rank if certain things are in place.

A Fully Optimized channel will Increase your bottom line period!

All this is not rocket science when you know how.

But no-one shows you ‘What’ or ‘How’ as these ‘things’ aren’t sexy.

But the below image IS sexy (no not my pic) but the stats. And that is still a relatively small channel.


If you niche down you can get subscribers in the hundreds of thousands…even millions!

That said, do NOT let confused people tell you that you NEED a LARGE channel to succeed.

This one has 4 (yes you read that right) videos and very few subscribers. Yet the video ranks!

Even outdoing MASSIVE AUTHORITY SITES in the process. And on Page ONE of Google for a tough keyword!

Another TINY Channel But Still Slapping the Huffington Post in Rankings


So What are You Waiting for?

Look, a LOT of product vendors try to frame their products as the “be all and end all” solution for every single online marketer.

But you’re smarter than that, and I’m not about to insult your intelligence. In fact I’ve been called some bad names by some BIG marketers, just for refusing to promote certain products that made ridiculous claims.

Simply, not every product is for everybody. Fair enough, right?

But, IF you fit into any of the following categories, YouTube Channel Mastery can definitely have a positive impact on your business:

  •     Beginners to video advertising and want to drive traffic to any niche
        List builders
        eCom store owners and affiliates
        CPA or affiliate marketers that need targeted traffic
        Offline businesses looking to build their client base & social following

What You Get With YouTube Channel Mastery

Module 1 – The Right Niche

In this Module, you’ll discover:

+ How to validate a niche is right for YouTube
+ How to brand your name across Social Media
+ Come up with TONS of video ideas before you start

Module 2 – Channel Creation

In this Module, you’ll discover:

+ How to create an ‘Umbrella’ Channel
+ How to get unlimited accounts created
+ What to do if you are unable to create a channel yourself

Module 3 – WordPress Wizardy

In this Module, you’ll discover:

+ How to set up your Adwords, New Facebook pixel and Analytics
+ How to set up and use Google Tag Manager
+ What Plugins are necessary for YouTube success

Module 4 – Optimization Overload

In this Module, you’ll discover:

+ How to build authority in the eyes of viewers
+ How to build your list with one tweak
+ What Plugins are necessary for YouTube success

Module 5 – The Dashboard

In this Module, you’ll discover:
+ How to brand all your videos
+ Monetization madness. A big mistake you may be making
+ How to use YouTube Analytics to Sky-Rocket your video results

Module 6 – Bonus

In this Module, you’ll discover:

+ How to get free videos to use as your own…legally
+ How to see if a video will rank BEFORE you make it
+ The secret link to use to build your subscriber base

Sales Page:  https://oracle.clickfunnels.com/sales-page9076173

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