When was the last time you opened Facebook or Instagram and didn’t get an ad for a $27 or $37 product that will solve all of your problems?

And I get it, they’re popular for a reason: they work!

But with the popularity of low ticket offers booming these days, businesses face a huge challenge: in order to sell their tiny offer at volume, they need Facebook ads to scale. And in order to start turning a real profit, you need a LOT of volume.

We’re talking HUNDREDS of buyers… EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

So most business owners do the “right thing” and hire an expert.

But hiring an ad agency is


and eats up all the profits the low ticket funnel produces.

(I say this as someone who owns an agency with high fees.)

That’s right.

I own an ad agency and I’m telling you not to hire an ad agency.


  • STEP-BY-STEPtrainings that take you through the RIGHT Facebook Ad strategy needed to generate sales for low ticket funnels.
  • Correct PLACEMENT protocols and TARGETING selections needed to reach your ideal clients so you can get the highest conversion rate possible from your ads.
  • How to choose the right budget for your product and revenue goals.
  • How to track datainterpret data and diagnose the funnel in order to increase the percentage of people buying your digital product.
  • The do’s and don’ts for ad copy— compliance is a BIG deal right now. Facebook will shut your ad account down in a heartbeat if you even come close to breaking their rules.
  • What kind of ad images are the best for low ticket offers – images play a major role in ad performance!
  • Retargeting strategies to capture potential buyers who abandon cart.
  • How to SCALE AD CAMPAIGNS in a way that’s profitable – this is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to managing ads. Most people have to hire an expert for scaling. I’ll share my unique ROI Scaling Method for low tickets funnels that breaks down the scaling process into bite size, easy to understand steps any smart person can do.

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