Learn The Secrets Of YouTube Success From A Google Insider When it comes to YouTube ads, John has seen it all.

This isn’t some “how to create your first YouTube ad” course for newbs and wantrepreneurs. This is a system, a methodical process for building a massively successful YouTube campaign from beginning to end. It’s thorough enough for the beginner, but it’s really designed for the intermediate or advanced advertiser to take their campaigns to the next level.

Inside You’ll Learn Strategies Like…

  • The two types of YouTube ads (and where you should begin when you’re just getting started)
  • 6 rules for mapping out your YouTube campaigns inside of Adwords How to construct your targeting plan, starting with the super-niche and progressing to fully scaled
  • Exactly which tools to use to create your ads as quickly & easily as possible (along with discounts to save you money on these services)
  • Tips to help you evaluate, optimize, and scale your campaigns using my simple Decision Tree Worksheet
  • ass=”thrv-advanced-inline-text tve_editable tcb-styled-list-icon-text tcb-no-delete tcb-no-save” data-css=”tve-u-16588bc9793″>Access to my YouTube Ad Example Library, which you can use for inspiration from other highly successful ads
  • How to map out your “anti-customer,” and why this is every bit as important as developing your customer avatar
  • Exactly how you should “trim the fat” from your campaigns so you can scale up while maintaining your ROI
  • How to create professional-looking, high-converting ads…even if you’re terrible on video, and even if you don’t even own a camera
  • And much more

Bulletproof Youtube Ads

Companies like Dollar Shaving Club and Poo Pourri hacked their way through Youtube to become an instant success. Now you can have access to the same blueprint.

What you’ll learn in this course:

Sales Page:  https://www.adskills.com/bulletproof-youtube-ads-course/

Download Files Size: 1.26GB

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