• Create powerful lead generation videos that your prospects will flock to
  • Create compelling sales videos that rack up serious conversion numbers to fatten up your bottom line
  • Create magnetic video products, from scratch, that will make your prospects BEG you to take their money
  • Find out how to get your videos ranked high by search engines for your target keywords WITHIN HOURS
  • Build trust and establish your authority among your prospects by “moving the free line
  • Unlock the secrets of killer video script writing that will have people in your niche scrambling to follow your every call to action
  • Design slick video sales funnels that move prospects smoothly down your conversion path
  • Put together killer product launches – like a boss!
  • Use powerful, inexpensive and easy-to-use hardware and software tools for pro-level video creation
  • Optimize your videos for search engines and social media WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY
  • Create awesome videos with or without a video camera
  • Drive home powerful promotional and sales messages, even if you don’t want to be in front of the camera
  • Unlock the power of social media to give your videos maximum reach
  • Create your own video courses!
  • Oh, and we’ve barely just scratched the surface!

That’s EXACTLY what the Video Boss does: It takes any marketer, of any skill level, from any background, and turns them into Video Bosses who can DOMINATE NICHES AT WILL, leaving competitors dazed and confused.

And now, The Video Boss Training Course is available to YOU!

Half a year ago, I launched the ultra-popular Video Boss: Now Even Bossier private coaching program.

In just one week, thousands of Internet marketers signed up for it, allowing them to discover how to create, use, and leverage videos to take their online businesses several levels above where they started.

The launch generated multi-million dollar sales figures and shattered all the records set by the very first Video Boss launch.

Unfortunately, I could only coach so many people at once. I had to close down admission to the program so I could focus on mentoring the group that signed up for it.

Today, most of my Video Boss: Now Even Bossier students have completed the program, allowing me to take in a few more Jedi apprentices who are serious about becoming their own Internet Marketing bosses.

There’s a reason why The Video Boss is THE GOLD STANDARD for Video Marketing Training.

Walk with me through everything that makes The Video Boss your Master Tool for the Highest Quality in Video Marketing Success:

Module 1 – The Video Universe – Learn how to make crushingly awesome videos.
Module 2 – The Video Lab – Look Over My Shoulder as I do my thing.
Module 3 – Live Video Production – Lights, Camera, Sets
Module 4 – Traffic Boss – SEO For Video, Link Building for Video, Social Media Traffic with Video
Module 5 – Andy Reviews Your Video and makes a video review of it.
Module 6 – Create your OWN Video Information Product Empire
Module 7 – Step-By-Step – How I created and marketed The Video Boss, and secrets from Product Launch Manager, Magic Bullet, Formula Five, StomperNet, etc.
Module 8 – Advanced Video Secrets – Green Screen, Animation, Music Composing, etc.

Sales Page:  http://andyjenkinsblog.com/training/fe/vb/

Download Files Size: 14.7GB

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