Hi. Gonna do a new training next Thursday at 2PM Eastern. It’s about how I do my group-centric live training launches these days.

I figure it is ideal for people who have groups, like me. Or people who should be using groups, like everyone. But it is easily portable to any and all platforms and even can be done as an email campaign, provided you are tight and casual with your subbies.

What we will cover:

– what sells in groups

– mini-FIDIL recap on how to make products like I do – how to launch

– promo sequence before release – promo sequence after release – next steps afterwards – post-wrap add on promo

How well does it work? Well, I just did one following this model and it made a bit over $7000, for what amounted to a couple of hours of work spread over 2 weeks.

Now, as you can see, I AM DOING IT AGAIN.

You can watch closely and take notes… or you can purchase a seat, hop on the training (delivered via secret FB group) and just get it straight from the horse’s ass. Mouth. Whatever.

Note: this training is $100 because it’s not newbie hand holding. It’s going to presume you know shit like “what is a headline” and “who will pay me to do this for them” and “what is the best webinar platform to use” etc.

It’s not the “super well tested best way of all possible ways to sell things forever and ever”.

It’s the “How Colin is selling shit and making money easy/peasy, lazy/pazy, and simple/pimple in this summer of our lord two thousand and nineteen AD.”

And that’s worth way more than $100 if you do what I tell you, when I tell you. Which is now.

That’s it. Love you!

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