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The Opportunity to Make Money with Content Marketing Is Huge…Or Is It?

Bloggers, content marketing gurus and the statistics they share might lead you to believe that all it takes is an idea, a blog and a few social media channels and you’ll be enjoying a list of 20,000 buyers with cash rolling in weekly.

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Guess what? We humans have dipped BELOW the goldfish with an average attention span of 8 SECONDS.

Given those statistics, I have just a few more seconds to say something meaningful :)— so let me lead with this:

Now, more than ever, content is the secret to attracting the right customers and converting sales…but it’s got to be the right content, delivered the right way, at the right time to the right people.

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I’ve spent the last 25 years creating, packaging and delivering content that converts for my clients. I served as the executive VP of Content Development at the Anthony Robbins Companies for 18 years, and since I formed my own company, I’ve consulted with major brands, CEOs, celebrities and entrepreneurs and business owners just like you.

In all that time—and with all those clients—I’ve discovered what works, and what doesn’t. In other words, I’ve made all the mistakes and done all the trial-and-error testing so you don’t have to.

And now, I’ve taken everything I know about creating and distributing high-quality content that’s easy to consume and gets you more customers and put it into a simple, 5-step training course.


In my Content Crash Course, I’ll show you how to make content marketing work for your business by helping you 1) attract an audience and 2) convert that audience to paying customers. No hype, no overblown promises. Just real strategies that I’ve tried and tested in the field to get you the results you deserve.

All YOU have to do is bring yourself: your passion, your message and your drive to help other people get results. I’ll take care of the rest.

When you invest in my Content Crash Course, here’s what you’ll receive:

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In addition to my online training course, access to the Content Crash Course also comes with access to my online Content Masters community. Many people consider access to my online community to be one of the most valuable parts of their investment. As soon as we confirm your investment, we’ll approve your entrance to the group. Content Crash Course - Pam Hendrickson9 Content Crash Course - Pam Hendrickson10 Content Crash Course - Pam Hendrickson11 Content Crash Course - Pam Hendrickson12

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