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Follow our NO B.S. step-by-step course and you will go from inexperienced newbie to an absolute CPA genius getting these kinds of results in your first month…

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…And then in your 2nd and 3rd month, you’re still making this kind of money…

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From the desk of: Hooda Kismet, Stephen Gilbert & Mehdi Tihani

RE: Making $900 in 30 Days With CPA Marketing Using FREE Traffic

Dear struggling marketer,

Hooda Kismet here…

…and as you probably know by now, traffic is the name of the game when it comes to making money online. You could have the greatest product in the world, the best converting CPA offer, but if nobody sees your product or offer, then guess what? You’ll remain broke

But you are not alone…

I was also a broke newbie not too long ago…

I was a naive, and believed everything these so-called “gurus” would tell me…

Because I was continuing to be misled, I started believing that the possibility of making money online was a big fat lie, because the idiot that I was, I continued to buy scammy products that never got me anywhere…

I began to blame myself for being so broke and gullible… but the truth is, it WASN’T my fault…

And it’s not your fault either…

Just like you, I have been lied to, I have been sold dreams that never came true…

Instead of making me money, these “gurus” got me in so much debt that I couldn’t afford to pay. I still had a day job at the time and in 2009 when the financial crisis hit all businesses, my company couldn’t afford to my salary so I lost my job.

I was practically almost homeless if it weren’t for some good friends helping me during my time of need.

It was a tough time… with banks practically calling me everyday for their money!

Soon after, I came across CPA marketing… almost by accident while surfing the internet.

Just like you, as soon as I discovered CPA marketing, I fell in love with it and wanted to make money with it. However, it wasn’t easy at the beginning…

I was buying information products left and right, but almost none of them worked…

Not too long ago, I was just like you… lost, confused and frustrated with all the conflicting advice I was getting from these so-called “gurus”…

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This is just some of the ludicrous advice we were getting from these “experts”:

“Want To Make Money With CPA Using FREE Traffic?”

Create a niche site, learn SEO, get your website ranked on Google, and then pray that a) people will visit your site, b) that people will click on your CPA offer when they visit your site and c) that your CPA offer converts. Don’t you think that’s a lot of hoping and wishing? (VERY TIME-CONSUMING, NOT SCALABLE, A LOT OF WORK WITHOUT KNOWING YOU WILL GET RESULTS!)

“Want Quick Results With CPA? Invest In Paid Traffic!”

Throw up some ads with Google Adwords or Facebook, spend a lot of money testing without knowing if you will ever make your money back. (CAN TAKE YEARS TO LEARN, NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD TO SPEND MONEY ON ADS, VERY RISKY WITHOUT A LOT OF EXPERIENCE)

But although I was getting conflicting advice from different people doing CPA, I was determined to make it work, to make money online with CPA… so I didn’t give up!

Even though I failed so many times trying to make money with CPA, I knew I wanted it. I saw how some marketers were making a killing with it and I wanted a piece of that pie.

It took me a lot of trial and error, a lot of sleepless nights to finally discover a creative way to convert those damn CPA offers. And now, finally, I have cracked the CPA code and I can say that I can finally use a method that is working now and has withstood the test of time.

It has been a long and bumpy ride, but I couldn’t allow myself to give up. Now I finally believe that making money online is real and that CPA marketing just got easier.

And it can be much easier for you too…

All you would need is…

A proven step-by-step case study that shows you EXACTLY how you can have similar results with CPA marketing using this secret FREE traffic source!

Fortunately, that is exactly what I have for you today.

I am going to let you copy my step-by-step system, and start generating massive commissions with CPA marketing on a daily basis!

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If that wasn’t enough, you will also get this awesome FREE bonus with your purchase today…

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Check out what people have to say about my course:

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This CPA method is fresh, unique, creative and can make you a lot of money without spending a single penny on traffic!

I want you to understand why you need this and why it can change your life…

  • It uses FREE traffic and is proven to work!
  • Anyone can do this
  • Nobody teaches this method because they want to keep it to themselves
  • Takes 15-20 minutes per day max
  • ZERO technical skills required
  • Unlimited income potential (you’ll see why when you go through the PDF)
  • Can easily be outsourced to make more money and save you time

How much are you charging me?

To be totally honest, the information you’ll learn in CPA Giveaway Frenzy is easily worth thousands of dollars

But I want you to ask yourself…

“How much would I pay to learn how to make $900 in a month without spending any money, without any risk?”

“How much would I pay to learn how to finally make money with CPA… once and for all?”

Think about that for a moment…

If you think that paying only the price of a Starbucks coffee to learn the tricks from someone who actually uses the methods she teaches is worth the investment, then I look forward to working with you and helping reach your online income goals with CPA marketing!

Why are you making this so affordable, Hooda?

You’re right… I should be charging a lot of money for this course. I mean, after all, I did spend months and months researching, testing and systemizing this method.

However, I was once a newbie in your shoes, looking for help with CPA marketing.

And without someone’s creative help, I wouldn’t have been able to breakthrough and make $900 in 30 days with CPA.

For that reason, I am going to make my course RIDICULOUSLY AFFORDABLE so that I can help as many people as possible get started with CPA and finally make money online.

Because the more affordable I make my course, the more customers will buy and the more testimonials I get from people having success using this method!

I believe in good karma!

I will however reward those who take action and buy the course today! I will continue to increase the price throughout the launch period, so you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this while it’s super affordable!

The price will increase very soon without any warning (consider this your warning), so grab a copy of my course and get started today!


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  1. Hi Nick,

    Did you actually try to download a file? Because it’s still not working for me.

    When I try to download a file or files I get “You’ve found a page that doesn’t exist!”


    • Hi,

      As I check the download link is working. Please check the attached snapshot.

      IF download button is not working on you. Please login your copy.com account and save the files in your account. Then you can download the files from your copy account or use the copy application to sync the files in your pc.

      PS: If you receive error while copying the files. Please disregard it and check your copy account after a couples of hours (6-24hrs) The files should be there.


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