“Let Me Teach You How This Simple
IM Foundation Method
Will Drive Laser Targeted
ACTIVE Subscribers & Buyers
Onto Your Email Marketing Lists”

Dear Warriors,

My name is Shane Farrell – and I’m here today to BLOW your mind!

For the last 4 years I’ve been in the online marketing arena, but I never really made any ‘solid’ income…

• I’d jump from product to product.

• I’d spent thousands of dollars trying to find the ‘magic bullet’.

• I struggled.

Trust me when I say,


I KNOW what it’s like!

I know what it feels like to feel like you’re ‘failing’… but I also know how to overcome it!

After a couple of years of struggling, one day, I finally sat down and decided that I would start over and focus only on tried and TRUE foundation strategies that would work..

• No ‘Fads’
• No ‘Trends’
• No ‘Gimmicks’
• No ‘Loopholes’

I’d find a PROFITABLE method and focus 100% on it rather then jumping from shiny object to shiny object…

… And BOY did it help!

Within a few months of narrow focus, my profits increased, my frustration at my failure subsided and I was working harder then I ever though I could because I was actually ENJOYING my work, rather then ‘getting by’.

All thanks to a simple method I use to find high quality ACTIVE subscribers in my niche. These are subscribers that are ready to take action and looking for results. NO SEO, PPC, SOLO ADS. Just 20 minutes a day to drive new subscribers and profits that scales over time.



For the last year I’ve been using highly targeted niche website forums to attract high quality subscribers to my email lists. Then using a simple email marketing funnel, I turn them into buyers. This method uses that little signature line we all have access too across forums of all niches.

The best thing is… I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I do it!

Check out what you’re going to learn INSIDE this awesome guide:

Module 1: Forum Sig Profits Overview

Whether you have heard of ‘forum signatures’ or not – I’m going to walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know to start or to take it to the next level!

• I add subscribers and profits each month in multiple niches using the exact methods I am going to layout from A-Z.

Module 2: Where To Find Forums

In this module – I’m going to show you EXACTLY where you can find high quality forums – and what to avoid when searching for a new online community… because the main investment is your time, we don’t want to waste any of it.

Module 3: Creating Your Forum Signature

I walk through optimizing your signature for maximum views, traffic and subscribers.

Module 4: Forum Posting Best Practices

In this module I’m going to show you how to do things the ‘right’ way in order to benefit to the maximum so you’re not ‘wasting’ any posts!

• This is where most people screw up and I used to also before I studied how the succesful forum users were using these sites for their own personal honey pots.

Module 5: Tracking, Tracking, Tracking

In this module I’m going to show you the tools I PERSONALLY use in my business in order to make things as easy as possible – these are the EXACT tools I use so you know they WORK!

• WARNING: This section is bone dry boring. But..get it right and you maximize your time and profits. I make it easy to get this set up even if you though tracking was only for the big gun marketers.

Module 6: Optin Page and AR

Don’t have an opt-in page or auto-responder series set up yet?

Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. In this module I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know when it comes to setting up them. You’ll be left ready to take action instead of scratching your head, when you hear what I have to say!

Module 7: Common Costly Mistakes

Commit one of these mistakes and watch subscribers and profits grind to a halt.

Module 8: Email Marketing

See how I use my auto-responder to put the back-end profit strategy on auto-pilot.

Module 10 Forum Posting Instant Profit Strategies

In this module I explain the monetization (The best piece) – I’ll show you how you can turn your fellow forum members into money makers and hungry subscribers.

• I give you my 3 methods to make money and use your forum signature link for maximum profits.

This module is where the magic happens. Choose the monetization or list building strategy that aligns with your goals and you are off to the races.

Plus MUCH, MUCH more!

As you can see – the value I’m including in this report is HUGE…

… I’ve gone into GREAT detail in order to ensure that

EVERYTHING you need is inside… from the method I follow all the way to the exact tools I personally use!


… Because of the value of this offer – I could probably charge $100+ like my coaching students pay and I’d get a ton of raving customers… but I’m not going to do that…

… I want this to be a truly amazing offer which is why I want to do something AMAZING, ON TOP of the amazing product…

That’s why I’m offering this starting at JUST $4.00!

That’s right – you can get your hands on the exact information that’s banking me huge email subscriber lists and profits for less then your morning coffee…

… But don’t delay! Because this is a dime-sale the price will increase each and every sale! So, if you’re serious about your online business and making money – click the buy button below NOW to jump in before the price raises!

To YOUR success,

Shane Farrell

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