Lesson Plan

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    Meet your new instructor: fashion icon and branding genius Diane von Furstenberg. Diane explains the goals of her MasterClass and the importance of acting with intention in your life.

  • 02

    Discovering the Industry

    Why do you want to be a designer? Diane challenges you to answer this question and gives advice on how to establish a foothold in the fashion industry.

  • 03

    Developing Your Product – Part 1

    Learn how to find inspiration for your designs. Art, nature, and color can all play a part in how your brand differentiates itself in the marketplace.

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    • 04

      Developing Your Product – Part 2

      Learn how to position your product and brand within the market. Learn why your product needs to “stand” for something, and why your own perspective as a consumer is critical.

    • 05

      Product and Market Research

      Diane explains the importance of market research, how to identify gaps in product offerings, and ways to measure up your competition.

    • 06

      Building Your Brand DNA

      From logos and names to building your brand portfolio, Diane breaks down how to craft your brand DNA.

    • 07

      Taking Your Brand Into The World

      Diane shares how she builds brand loyalty, communicates her brand’s story, and selects models.

    • 08

      Connecting With Your Consumer

      Learn how to identify your consumers and build relationships with them. Brand loyalty depends on how deeply your consumer values your brand.

    • 09

      Using Social Media

      Social media has changed the way fashion brands interact with their consumers. Diane shares the best ways to approach marketing on these platforms.

    • 10

      Brand Extensions

      Careful collaborations can drive your brand’s growth. Diane shares her techniques for selecting brand partnerships, and avoiding pitfalls.

    • 11

      Student Session: Catherine

      Diane and a student discuss inspiration, influences, and career dreams.

    • 12

      Student Session: Danny

      Diane talks to a rising designer about the roles of influences and muses.

    • 13

      Diane’s Journey – Part 1

      Diane didn’t go to fashion school, but she opened the industry’s doors anyway. Find out how she learned about the industry, advertising, and the power of the image in her early career.

    • 14

      Diane’s Journey – Part 2

      Diane discusses how she launched—and re-launched—her iconic wrap dress.

    • 15

      Mental Toughness

      Diane discusses failure and the importance of being true to yourself.

    • 16

      Diane’s Third Act

      In the final lesson, Diane shares her philosophy and encourages you to get started designing your brand—and your life.

  • 17

    Bonus Chapter: Philanthropy and Giving Back

    In this bonus chapter, Diane discusses her philanthropy and why she believes there’s nothing more important than generosity.

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