Udemy – Ditch Photoshop Today! Zero to Pro Photo editing in 8 hours with Anton Ngo

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Are you at the right place?
Are you tired of digging through Photoshop’s complex tutorials that take forever to “get the photo done” and you still “can’t get it”?
Do you want a simple way to enhance your photos or more practically, design your social media picture without spending money for ad agency or taking a week-long photo editing course?
Are you a Mac user who loves photography, or an Instagram person and want to learn to edit photos effortlessly?
If you answer Yes then this is the course for you!

Join me to a 8 hour virtual journey in which I hold your hand and take you from a Photoshop-averse photo-editing wannabe to a confident power editor of pictures and a proficient master of graphics. With all the skills set learn, you will be in best place to jump start your creative projects, either as a hobby, or freelancing or even a big career change!

Who is the target audience?

  • Amateur photographers who edit photo albums, portraits, scrapbooks for friend and family events.
Web designers and developers who wants to edit banner, ads, icons, logos quickly without a big learning curve.
Social media manager who creates social media pictures, covers on a regular basis.
Marketing professionals who work in small companies or startups who are tasked with creating brochures, posters, flyers and do not have budget for ad agency.
Small entrepreneurs or startup owners who want to take control of their brand designs, and do not want to pay $50-$200 for professional services to simply get their portraits cropped, straightened, boosted in color, corrected for skin blemishes,.. all of which, and even more, can be done in less than 10 minutes.
Freelancers who just start out and want to improve photo editing skills to get a better rate.

If you are at beginner level or know nothing about Pixelmator or photo editing, this is the ultimate course for you to get into proficiency!
  • If you are at intermediate level, you will pick up certain fine editing techniques (such as layering, masking, tone blending) and quick workflows to achieve a same result that may get you surprised.
  • If you are at advanced level, there should not be too much new techniques that you can get from this course. You may want to check other in-depth courses on Udemy that go deeper into smaller topics of photo editing.

So why me?

Just like you, I started out finding my way through the Photoshop’s jungles. The software is not designed for beginners. It’s for high level people in graphic industry. 
It’s powerful, but its complex interface and non-intuitive functions quickly turned me off. Too many options, too many tools, too many small little boxes!
I like photography, and I want to get the idea of how the picture should be in my head quickly presented on the monitor screen. I like things that is simple.
I want to pay an affordable price to use the software, and not get stuck with Creative Cloud’s subscription forever and fork out $10 per month for features 70% of which I would never use.
I was almost lost for a while researching for another better and easier way, and I found out about Pixelmator. I never look back.

I have played with Pixelmator, tried to understand how it works, and ultimately taken all trial and errors of Pixelmator for you and packaged it into a bite sized, easy to follow course that you can learn to jump start your editing skills from zero to pro level in only 8 hours!

And why Pixelmator?

It is a good alternative to Adobe Photoshop for Mac users. Period. 
It’s a fairly light app to quickly edit graphic images with its robust built in effects, tools, textures to help editors bring their imagination to paper.

Thanks to its design simplicity and clean interface, it cuts the usual Photoshop learning curve down a tons, making it super easy for someone without a lot of Photoshop knowledge to crank out some good looking photos. 
You do not need high end powerhouse with a tons of hidden features to it photos like a pro. At the end of the day, who cares which photo editing apps you use. 
You need to get your photos done and shining that you are proud of, without too much complexity and headache.

What makes this course different?

-You will understand and practice the basics to advances of photo editing with Pixelmator in a matter of 8 hours (a working day), not weeks or months to get around the basics with Photoshop. All technical details that are not needed to get maximum results are left out.

-Unlike other photo editing courses in general or Pixelmator courses in specific, you will not learn concepts and tools separately (one per video). In this course, you get to focus on practical cases where several editing tools are grouped and introduced at the same time, so you can learn those tools quickly and see the differences in terms of the final image immediately.

-Each lessons build up in terms of difficulty, but can be watched separately in any order and at your own pace

-Built-in guide boxes in each lesson show clearly which keyboard shortcuts to hit, which tools or effects are used. You do not need written cheat sheets, as these guide boxes are already added along the way for you.

-This course is taught in an unscripted way, and show you after each step real small problems you may come along when editing and quickly show you the fastest work around

-Support files that include all photos used in the course are included so you can follow along in the hands-on lessons

-Instructor support: I answer to most questions within 24 hours.

What Will You Get?

[*]Avoid steep leaning curve of Photoshop or Illustrator so you can cut down time to learn photo editing to one fifth and achieve the same (or even better) result.

[*]Master basic to advance techniques to enhance digital photos that are used in photography studios and professional workflows.

[*]Absorb photo editing principles naturally from one of the best photo editing apps for Mac so you can apply to your own tasks or projects creatively.

[*]Learn easy photo editing skill sets that make you confident, even if you are forced to use another editing software.

What will you learn then?

-How to jump start your photo editing conquest without getting lost (It’s hard to get lost in Pixelmator): navigate the interface, customize palette, open/create new file, print, save, export, share, turn on ruler, grid, guides

– How to not let layers and masks (they are simple!) scare you: learn dynamics of (clipped) masking and stacked layering and blending modes to create a show-through look, apply color adjustment to a specific part of an image, on a specific layer, correct blown out or overexposed area, create a gallery canvas, create a music event’s poster, create a simple fading text box, fix crooked photos, create a realistic vignette and creamy bokeh look,…

– How to select precisely parts of images you want to edit: understand modes of selection, refine/deselect/reselect/invert selection, selection based on shape and color

– How to use painting tools to create pattern, icon and painting: how to draw with pen, explore cool brushes, create your own brushes, understand settings, use various painting tools,…

– How to use vector shape to create graphics like a pro: get familiar with common shapes and create a chat mobile application icon from shapes

– How to make your text stunning quickly: bring more texture and depth, stylize text

– How to remove unwanted part in your images QUICKLY: remove any parts, not least red eyes area

– How to distort certain parts of your image in a purposeful way: stylize images, generate pattern from images, soften edges, create a wet painting look, quickly sharpen,…

– How to master using colors so you can tweak them effortlessly: tonal and color balance, tonal range, color vibrancy, colorization, masking, adjust saturation, hue,…

– How to draw viewers to the main object of the image: create a focal point, create a miniaturize effect

– How to retouch portrait photos like a pro: reduce wrinkles, smoothen skin, boost colour vibrancy, create a soft focus look, with advanced blending of light effects

– How to create special cool “looks” that you are proud of: selective black & white, blueprint magazine cover, multiple exposure, comic look, authentic vintage, artificial HDR, high vibrancy, blockbuster movie, dreamy retro look, decoupage look, customized sepia look, composite background

What are you waiting for?
Don’t wait any longer. Join me and other fellow students and start your creative journey by exploring the nuggets inside Pixelmator, an amazingly powerful photo editing software

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