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Mind Reality Secrets

My friend…You’re about to embark on a journey to discover you’re inner riches…

A journey that will lead to….

  • The creation of your ideal reality by manifesting your perfect dream.
  • Wealth and riches beyond what you ever imagined possible.
  • Power and influence over people you never thought existed.
  • Vibrant health and freedom from disease and sickness.
  • The inner joy and contentment that comes effortlessly when you live your life purpose.
  • Magnetic attraction and potent desirability to members of the opposite sex.
  • Knowing how to transcend what most people think is impossible so you can start living your dream today.
  • The secret knowledge that only a few people possess about how the universe works and the true nature of life and spirituality.

Dear Friend (from Enoch Tan, Author, speaker and law of attraction Master)

I’m so glad you’ve joined me on this page because I want you to know you can easily attract and manifest anything you desire in life by spending just a few minutes here.

For a limited time only I’ll be sharing with you secrets of attraction and manifestation that you won’t find anywhere else.

Seeing people just like you discover the secrets to health, wealth, success and everlasting peace is what drives me forward in life.

First of all though…let me ask you a quick question??

Are you achieving the goals you desire in life?

Maybe you don’t have the relationship you desire or maybe you don’t make the amount of money you feel you deserve?

Look, if you’re not experiencing the kind of life you desire right now then you’re probably feeling the exact same way I did for years.

For many years I experienced failure in all areas of my life.

Relationships were difficult. There was no love in my life and my finances were all over the place.

The worst thing of all though is not really living your life purpose and not experiencing all the joy that goes along with this.

There were many joyless, difficult years but they came to an abrupt end when I discovered that one thing was causing all this pain and meaninglessness to happen in my life.

After years of struggling to achieve any kind of goal in life… one day everything became clear

It was like the clouds were lifting and the Universe had provided the key to experiencing all the happiness any man or woman could ever want in life.

The answers to the greatest problems in life often have the most simple answers and this is what I found one day when everything all of sudden became clear.

The answer came in the form of one word…Awareness!!

My previous lack of awareness had been holding me back before.

I discovered that gaining awareness is the starting point for achieving anything you desire in life.

As Carl Jung said once…

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”– Carl Jung

Now you may ask…why having this “awareness” is so important in your life?

Well…have you ever tried to achieve something in life like, making more money or finding your soul mate, only to fail completely?

You may have thought long and hard about why you didn’t achieve what you desired or why you’re still stuck but the answer is simple.

There was more than likely a part of your mind that was working against you achieving your goal.

We all have these parts of our minds that we are unaware of…they work away in the background going the opposite way to which we want to go and sabotaging all our efforts to get what we want.

For example…you may deeply desire to make more money but there may be a part of you that feels money is bad or that you don’t deserve it.

And Guess What?

That part of you will wreck your plans at every turn and make sure you don’t achieve your desired outcome.

You may want to fall in love and get married… but if there is a part of you afraid of commitment for some reason… then this part will work those little controls behind the scenes in your mind and make sure you never meet that love of your life.

All Is Not Lost Though…

Having awareness is the key to achieving whatever you want in life because awareness is the fire in which all the parts of your mind working against you will perish.

In NLP there is a saying.

“A pattern shown is a pattern blown.”

In other words…once you become aware of what’s stopping you achieve your goals it stops wielding power over you.

Having awareness will enable you to make powerful conscious choices about your life that will bring you closer to what truly makes you happy.

This is because…

Consciousness (Or Awareness) Creates and Directs Everything.

There are many ways to look at how you can use consciousness to attract and manifest everything you want in life.

I’ve used just about all of them in my time.

Maybe some of the following ring a bell with you…?

  • Quantum Physics?
  • Psychology?
  • Philosophy?
  • NLP?
  • Law of Attraction?
  • Reality Creation?

Now consider this…

Have you ever studied any one of the above only to realise that none of them provided the complete answer you were after?

The answer that would lead you to achieving all the things in life you desire?

I know I did.

For years I studied psychology, philosophy, NLP and law of attraction etc…. only to end up with nothing to show for it.

It was only after many years of combining all these methods and a lot more besides that I started to see real results in my life.

And Now You Can Start to See Amazing Results Too.

I have created a fully integrated approach for harnessing the power of consciousness so you can create a magnificent life for yourself…starting today.

I call it “Mind Reality” and it comes in the form of special website where…

You will get a sensational shortcut to creating the reality of your dreams

I harness the best parts of metaphysics, quantum physics, psychology and philosophy plus many other methods and techniques you may never have heard of for creating the reality of your dreams.

Using this easy to follow information inside “Mind Reality” you will be able to manifest your heart’s desire by using the power of consciousness.

The power of consciousness can be used to attract anything you like in life.

Like perfect health…Your ideal mate…more wealth than you know what to do with.

All of this is possible when you use my “mind reality” integrated approach.

I have put all this information together on a special website that few people have had access to until now.

Here is just some of what you will experience when you have access to this powerful website.

  • The ability to become whatever you want in life effortlessly. You could easily become a groundbreaking author, speaker, visionary or advisor using the knowledge you will get from “mind reality.” Your opportunities will be limitless and will be far ahead of the vast majority of people out there.
  • Boost your chances of success far beyond what most people think is possible…let alone achieve in life.
  • Get instant access to knowledge that practically nobody knows about today that will make a massive difference to your future.
  • The little known secrets of harnessing the power of Quantum Physics to Create Your PERFECT Reality.
  • The fastest known way to Telekinetically Attract MONEY to you and become Very RICH very quickly!
  • A sneaky psychological tactic for influencing others to make them DO what you wish.
  • A brand new discovery to miraculously cure ALL SICKNESS and Diseases without Drugs.
  • A no sweat, no brainer way to find your LIFE PURPOSE and live it to the fullest and greatest potential.
  • The demystifying truth about Attracting Desirable members of the opposite sex.
  • The surprising reason why most people never fulfil their dreams and how you can instantly go after ANY DREAM you have and fulfil it to the FULLEST EXTENT.
  • Discover what the Matrix of Reality is and how you can transcend the Rules and DO things that are Impossible for Most People!
  • How to achieve true mastery over your perfect reality by using the magic keys of the universe, and be all that you truly desire to be right now.
  • The truth behind using your Mind Powers to influence the physical world and greatly attract abundance, love and freedom to you!
  • The Secret Knowledge of the universe that enables you to understand everything in reality and to live a very fulfilling life.
  • The Revelation of the Paranormal Mysteries of the universe and of Spiritual things to awaken you to what’s going on behind everything. This knowledge is power in the palm of your hand.

Imagine The Wonderful Things You Could Do With The Secret Knowledge of the Universe

Inside “Mind Reality” you will get access to cutting edge knowledge that only a fraction of people are aware of.

This tiny minority of people use this knowledge to achieve anything they desire in life and now it’s your turn to do the same.

  • You could achieve your most desired dreams that have been burning in your heart for years.
  • You could create all the money you want to have and enjoy it fully.
  • You could manifest perfect health every day of your life and never live in pain again.
  • You could experience total happiness and cause the ones you love to experience it too.
  • You could be free from the crushing and controlling systems of the world and never be bound by them again.
  • You could be all you want to be in this life and have Total Self Actualization!
  • And the list goes on and on…

How about manifesting your Dream Vocation…your Dream House…your Dream Car… your Dream life…your Dream Lover?

Possessing the Powers of Reality Creation, you could create something NEW or you could transform what you have into something perfect!

Much of this knowledge is unheard of by the masses…until now…

For years I’ve sought to learn all I could about the secrets of the universe and about life itself.

My life’s calling has driven me to uncover many mysteries that are found in ancient writings in combination with the most advanced cutting edge science of the present day.

This is highly potent life changing information which probably surpasses and transcends all other levels of self help you’ve encountered, because it’s about understanding and changing reality from the highest place of all…your pure consciousness.

“Mind Reality Secrets” is worth its weight in gold…here’s why….

Many people are willing to pay millions of dollars to discover the answers to life’s greatest mysteries.

Countless souls wonder through this world all their lives and never come to know what reality is all about.

Many of them suffer needlessly and spend their lives dealing with things like poverty, sickness and broken relationships.

Maybe you’re dealing with issues like this at the moment?

Your being here is not a totally random or chance event my friend. You are here because you intended to be here on some level. You created this.

The True value of what you’re about to receive by gaining access to “Mind Reality” is INFINITE.

Some experts in the world of manifestation and people who have had access to the knowledge in “Mind Reality Secrets” have advised me to price membership to the website at over $1000

After all there is no limit to the amount of abundance, riches and wealth of all kinds that you manifest with the information on the site.

They say they have paid a lot more for seminars and personal coaching in this field before.

I decided to do something different though…

I want to spread the word about the infinite possibilities about what can be achieved in life to as many people as possible through this exclusive website and I don’t want price to be an issue for anyone.

You can receive full access to the “Mind reality” website right now for $29.95

You will then be re-billed $29.95 monthly.

Sales Page:  http://www.mindreality.com/discover-incredible-secrets.html

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