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It doesn’t matter if you sell books, e-books, t-shirts, mugs, cups, stickers, digital products, events or masterminds… you NEED traffic.


Without traffic… nothing will ever get sold.

It´s the lifeline to any internet business.

And PPC is the fastest way to get it.

But, most people go about it all wrong.

They look to build up a bunch of fans first… or get a ton of cheap clicks, or build a list… or do this or that.

You may have done the same… I know I did it the same way for quite a long time… and it cost me dearly.
You see… the problem is that…


And when you´re spending money on advertising… if you’re not making sales, you´re losing money. Period.

It´s a tough truth.

But it is the truth.

If you´re spending money to obtain a lead, but that lead never buys anything from you… then you´re gonna lose on that deal.

Now… I know what you´re thinking.

“Once I get the like, I can turn it into a lead or a sale later”

And yeah… you MIGHT be right.

But… it´s quite clear that newsfeed reach is not the same as it used to be.

You´ve probably heard people talk about it…. I’ve noticed it personally on all of my pages…. Massive drops in the reach of my posts on almost every page that I own. Especially posts with links in them off to money sites.
The truth is that

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