Forex trading without technical indicators? That is what is known as “Naked Trading” – an innovative way to remove all of the clutter from the forex trader’s chart. We will apply several Naked trading strategies to live charts. We will anticipate Naked trades, examine current Naked trades and take a look at past Naked trades. In addition, we will look at methods for testing Naked trading strategies and ways the Naked trader can build confidence by developing a custom Naked trading strategy.

Summary (Finding Naked Reversals in the Forex Markets) :
Do you enjoy looking for market reversals? If you are like most traders, you probably are not that interested in riding a trend, and would much rather find a high probability reversal setup.

Walter Peters, a Psychologist and full time forex trader, will show you how to find high probability reversals in the forex markets on any timeframe chart.

You will see live chart examples and we will do into depth on two simple reversal trades in great detail. Additionally, we will take a close look at the characteristics of the optimal trade setups for both strategies.

Summary (Naked Trading Webinars):
Naked Forex trading – trading without indicators – is an often misunderstood trading strategy because it goes against the natural inclination that most traders have.
During this session we will look at the tools that the Naked Trader uses and you’ll learn how the naked trader can decide on market direction without any technical indicators on the chart. You’ll also be shown you how you can get proficient at naked trading, and why naked trading will accelerate your development of “trader intuition.”
We will analyze and forecast the market using this approach.

Summary (What’s going on with the Aussie Webinars):
While most currency pairs have fallen off a cliff since the global financial crisis, there is one major pair –
the Australian Dollar, which is still chugging along. The AUD/USD is making a run at the 2008 high made
before the crisis.

Why is the AUD/USD still in an uptrend? Will it last? What is driving the AUD/USD to make new highs
while other pairs (like the EUR/USD and GBP/USD) are well off the 2008 highs? Join us for this webinar
and take a look at the factors driving the Australian Dollar and see how long these factors are likely to

We will analyze the Aussie and stay on top of the major moves.

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