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Have you hit a plateau selling on Amazon? Are you worried about investing in wholesale inventory or wondering how to stand out from the crowd? Well, we have a solution for you.

Introducing “The Wholesale Challenge”, a 7-day training program designed to unlock your Amazon selling potential.

This isn’t just any program. It’s a deep dive into the secrets of successful wholesale selling, helping you navigate the complexities and turning perceived obstacles into stepping stones for your Amazon success.

There’s a LOT that goes into successful wholesale selling on Amazon.


Live Replays:

[Day 1] Introduction

Day 1 lays the groundwork for the program. We explain the concept and cover the essential tools required. We’ll guide you through the business structure essentials like obtaining an EIN, setting up a business bank account, creating a professional email, building a website, establishing a CRM system, and securing a shipping address and reseller permit.

[Day 2] Finding Suppliers

The 2nd day is all about finding suppliers. We explain the different types of suppliers – distributors, brands, and wholesalers and then provide you with a brand criteria checklist. We will demonstrate various methods for finding brand leads, including through SmartScout, Amazon, trade shows and competitor storefronts. We cover our distributor criteria checklist and share strategies for finding distributor leads using Google and SpyFu. You’ll also learn how to organize supplier contact information to add to your CRM or Google Sheet.

[Day 3] Contacting Suppliers

The 3rd day is devoted to the art of contacting suppliers. You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts when reaching out to suppliers, how to follow up appropriately, and how to position yourself for success. We’ll introduce you to effective email templates for reaching out to brands and distributors. We’ll share real-life examples of successful outreach from our business.

[Day 4] Sourcing Products

Our 4th day covers sourcing products. You’ll learn what to do once you’ve opened accounts and gained access to pricing. We’ll cover manual sourcing, teach you how to use a UPC scanner with Analyzer.tools, and explain reverse sourcing strategies using Amazon and SmartScout. We’ll guide you through the process of submitting a Request for Quotation (RFQ), deciding on purchase quantities, and provide an example Purchase Order (PO) from our business.

[Day 5] Shipping and Logistics

The 5th day is all about shipping and logistics. We’ll share our experiences with both prep centers and warehouses, helping you to decide which is best for your needs. You’ll learn how to use a prep center or warehouse, when to ship SPD vs. LTL/FTL, how to get suppliers to ship directly to FBA, and how to arrange LTL and FTL shipments. We’ll also introduce you to using 2D barcodes to speed up wholesale prep and suggest a suitable credit card for shipping expenses.

[Day 6] Leveraging Virtual Talent

On the 6th day, we’ll focus on leveraging virtual talent to scale your business. You’ll learn about the organizational structure of a 7-figure wholesale business using virtual assistants, the pros and cons of VAs versus domestic employees, and the ideal timing to hire your first VA. We’ll provide a hierarchy of tasks to outsource, discuss the KPIs you should be tracking, and provide resources for hiring VAs, including job posting templates. You’ll learn from our experience with hiring rockstar VAs, red flags to look for when hiring, and lessons learned from interviewing 70+ VAs and hiring 20+.

[Day 7] Recap

The final day of the challenge will be a “bringing it all together,” day. We will recap all of the lessons and ensure that all questions are answered.

Guest Interviews:

Chris Potter [E-Commerce Accounting Best Practices]

Learn the essentials of smart financial management from a former 8-figure wholesale seller turned bookkeeper and tax accountant.

Patrick Whitten [3PL]

Learn how to work with top-tier prep centers. What to look for, what to stay away from, and what to expect when working with a prep center.

Marlon Peralta [Supplier Outreach and Email Marketing]

Get valuable insights from a Sales Rep at one of the largest electronics distributors in the country. Marlon teaches you exactly what suppliers are looking for, setting you up for maximum success.

Barbara Drazga [Bundling]

Barbara shares the ins and outs of creating effective and profitable bundles.

Criselda Suarez [Virtual Assistant Masterclass]


The rest of the course replays will be made available only AFTER the challenge has been completed. Be sure to join the Facebook group first to attend the live sessions.


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