CF Design School

funnel design made easy.
design a 7-figure webpage in 30 minutes.

– no coding required
– save thousands of $’s & hours with this ‘no-coding’ method of designing.
– no Photoshop required
– no need to learn any crazy and unnecessary softwares.
– no design skills required
– if you’ve never studied design, you’re not even the slightest bit behind.
– no time commitment
– you’re only 30 minutes away from seeing design and sales results.


  • MODULE 1
    6-step design hacking method these 6 steps will help you re-create any webpage.
  • MODULE 2
    upgrade your business’s design
    the method taught in this module will teach you how to create custom web designs.
  • MODULE 3
    intricate design made easy
    use simple tools to create gorgeous designs & credibility.
  • MODULE 4
    brand strategy guides
    create a framework so you don’t start from scratch every time.
  • MODULE 5
    design hacking checklist
    don’t miss a single step when designing your 7-figure funnel.
  • MODULE 6
    advanced design toolbox
    get access to the best design toolbox for design hackers.
  • MODULE 7
    money by the weekend
    this 12-minute challenge will make up the course cost by the weekend.
  • MODULE 8
    automate your sales
    take your business to the next level by automating your design sales.

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