How I Make Tens of Thousands of Dollars For Just a Few Hours of “Work”

(And how you can do the same thing…even if you’re a total beginner.)

The first time I did this I got paid $40,000 up front…plus an extra $100,000 on the back end for less than 10 hours of work.
I got paid $1,500 per email plus $5,000 if it beat the control.
Then I made $22,000 for changing one sentence on a sales page.
For my own business, I doubled the AOV of my book funnel by implementing a new upsell flow.
If you’re a business owner this skill is worth hundreds of thousands…realistically millions.
Because the best copywriters lose to the most diligent split testers.
If you’re a copywriter or consultant you can make tens of thousands of dollars from tiny amounts of work.
All you have to do is learn how to “beat controls.” If you don’t know what a “control” is, it’s basically the sales funnel, page, email, or whatever piece of marketing material a company is currently using to make money.
They tend to have one core “control” that makes them most of their money. If you can improve that control, you can have huge pay days from a tiny bit of work because it’s worth so much money to them.
In this workshop I’m gonna show you exactly how to beat controls MY way.
My way is the Lazy Man’s Way.
I will show you how to use index cards and some markers to literally make tens of thousands or more.
The trick isn’t getting the clients…it’s actually knowing how to win.
If you know how to win, you will get all the clients you’ve ever wanted.
If you’re a business owner, you’ll never need to hire an expensive mother fucker like me…unless you just want fresh eyes on a funnel.
This is THE skill that builds monster businesses.
I’ll show you:
-How to beat sales page controls…sometimes without writing any new copy.
-The difference between the “perfect” test and the “right now” test so you can get paid quickly.
-How to beat email sequences with little tweaks to have big pay days.
-Why you should write less than 500 words for your test.
-How to identify clients if you want to get paid to do this.
-The deal structure you need to use to get the most money from the least amount of work.
-My $59,000 mistake that you can avoid if you take my advice.
-How adding some music to a VSL increased conversions by 84%.
-Why you should just use simple text files instead of fancy bullshit.
-A bunch more shit on how to win at split testing.
This will be taught in 3 separate workshops…
  1. How to win at funnels.
  2. How to win at email.
  3. How to win at deal structure and clients.
Even if you’re a noob you can do this…just don’t charge up front.
Just one client or split test will pay for this course.
I have one client that pays me $25,000 a month to talk to them once a week and tell them what to test.
This is the same methodology that’s made me close to a million dollars over the past few years (in profit) on the side…while running multiple 7 figure companies.
And it’s the skill that’s allowed me to build multiple 7 figure companies in a short period of time.
I could do this as an in-person workshop for $10,000 per person or more.
Instead I’m gonna teach it for the first time ever for $1,000. It’ll probably cost a lot more later.

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