Brand New Brand is the powerful brand incubation program. It’s designed for ambitious entrepreneurs making less than $100K in annual revenue. I’ll guide you through the exact process I use with my $10K-30K+ 1-on-1 clients, from start to finish. (For a whole lot less!)

Do you know the *only* difference between you and such-and-such ‘big name entrepreneur’?


The most successful entrepreneurs have crystal clarity and confidence about their brand and it propels them forward.
And the best news…your own brand certainty is *already* within you.
You are enough, right now.
You just need the right process to draw it out…

You have the power to shape your reality.

Decide NOW is your time to stand out and get noticed. “Success” isn’t an elusive concept that others get to enjoy. You are ready to share your genius with the people who need it most.

Brand New Brand is a powerful incubation program designed to bring your dream brand to life, step-by-step.



This is *your* time to feel CLEAR and PROUD of your brand.
How can *all of this* be possible for you?

Here’s what I know: you are enough RIGHT NOW.

You have the genius and ambition to be as successful as you want to be. And I’ll be there to remind you of that whenever you forget.
You don’t have to sound like a cheesy Internet marketer to sell online. You also don’t need to change yourself to be more like X, Y, or Z entrepreneur. You find your success when you uncover what’s already inside of you. Through my In Demand Brand process, I’ll help you find that inner (brand) truth.


This isn’t like other brand programs.
Most programs start with a few key words, maybe a spirit animal and move straight into the “sexy” part of branding: logos, colors and fonts. My method turns this model inside out and upside down.

Beyond the incredible program experience (which I’ll detail in a bit), my approach is completely different than 99% of the brand advice out there.
We start with the innate truths that drive you and your brand, and build out from that essential CORE. I’m the psychology-driven brand strategist for a reason. We focus on the TRUTH of your brand first, and then figure out how to best express it through all of your brand choices. We get to the visuals, of course – but it’s towards end of the course, after the crucial groundwork has been completed.
If you’ve rebranded over and over, and nothing seems to stick…
Or if you can’t settle on a visual identity because you want *all the things*…
Or can’t find the words to clearly describe what you do…
It’s because the CORE of your brand isn’t settled yet. Those are symptoms of the larger problem. You don’t need a better design (YET – that will come), you need a crystal clear brand strategy.
I’m also not *just* your teacher. I’m your living, breathing example of how building an In Demand Brand works. I use this exact process in my own business AND with all of my 1-on-1 client brands. You get a proven method that WORKS, in the REAL world. (Right NOW, not 5 years ago!)
This is so much more than design. You’re investing in powerful leverage for your business, with expert guidance at every step.

When I first started out online… I was awkward.
I was obsessed with “modeling” what successful people were doing. I thought that if I followed the “proven” path, I’d see similar success. I *quickly* grew frustrated when none of the tactics worked for me.

One entrepreneur was warm, bubbly, and feminine. So I opened my website copy with a sparkly, “Hey Bombshell!” greeting.
Another entrepreneur challenged people to work hard and hustle. So, I started a weekly video series titled “Monday Morning Kick in the Pants.” #OUCH
Yet another entrepreneur shared her glamorous NYC and jet set life, so I renamed my signature service to focus on finding your “It Factor.”
I tried creating “epic content.” My website had all the “right” elements on it. I took courses from the gurus I admired. I even ran a Facebook ad campaign or two. But nothing worked as promised. I knew something was missing.
My first 6 months of business looked like this: trying to be everything to everyone and failing miserably. I was charging $97 for a page of copywriting, and couldn’t get anyone to buy. I was working my tail off, but things just weren’t aligning for me.
I had the tactical skills. I could put together a website, set up an email list, and post on social. I studied copywriting formulas and spent hours curating design inspiration.

The few clients I did have were amazing – they wrote rave reviews of my work and were a joy to work with. I *adore* those first few clients for taking a chance on me.
I was doing *all the things* EXCEPT… making any money. And honestly, the part that was most frustrating was that I KNEW I could help so many more entrepreneurs, but people just weren’t resonating with my messages.
Then one day, following the endless “rabbit hole” of internet links, I stumbled on a circa-1998 style website that listed the 12 archetypes. It felt like coming home… on the most basic, no design, text-heavy website I’ve ever visited. It was the most significant epiphany I’ve had in my career.
Suddenly, it all made sense.  I could easily identify the primary archetype of EVERY successful entrepreneur I was modeling. Lover. Hero. Royal. I realized that each of them was embodying only one or two of the types, and never more than that. It was their clarity of message and certainty that attracted me (and hundreds of thousands of others) to their brands.


Here’s the “bad” news: it doesn’t matter how many webinars you attend, color palettes you save, marketing tactics you implement, or hours you hustle. If your brand isn’t in alignment, you stunt your growth and limit your possibilities. 

But thankfully, I also come with GREAT news. It’s very simple to fix: Building a strong brand is one of the highest leverage activities you can do. You’re busy (me too), but this is the BEST NEXT STEP for getting to the next level. All of the busy-ness in your business will be easier with Crystal Brand Clarity.
Your brand is at the core of EVERYTHING you do for your business – your social media posts, webinars, Facebook ads, sales pages, content creation, sales… literally EVERYTHING.
Push over the first domino, and you’ll see for yourself. Your brand touches everything.
When you take the time and money to invest in your brand – it makes EVERYTHING else work so much better. Instead of swimming upstream, once your brand is in alignment, all that busy work feels like turning around and swimming WITH the current for a change. Creation gets easier. Visibility is inspired by your renewed confidence. You have fewer decisions to make.
You know the old story about stopping to sharpen your axe when you’re cutting down trees, right? Working on the your brand works the same way. By intentionally making space for this work, you’ll be rewarded at the end with new clarity, energy, and intention behind everything you do.

Like Neo on the Matrix, once you take the brand pill, you’ll open up a whole new set of possibilities for your life. And best yet, you get to decide exactly what that looks like for you.

I’m not here to force my desires or brand choices on you – I’m here to help you bring YOUR dream brand to life. 

Whenever I double down on my brand, I get incredible ROI.

Of course, I can’t tell you this happens overnight or with some magic pill. It takes getting really clear on how I show up, what I stand for, and the kinds of people I want to attract. It’s an ever-evolving process.

I CAN say I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I work with clients that genuinely light me up and invest good money to work with me. I go to the gym in the middle of the morning. We’re able to take advantage of living in Europe and travel a LOT (two toddlers in tow!) I have an *incredible* core team of crazy-talented people, and many other contractors I work with. This is all to say – I am incredibly grateful to have a fulfilling career, even though my hubby’s job requires us to move every 2-3 years. And ALL of this I credit to my brand. (I love you, brand-o-mine! )
Your brand deserves more than a hodge-podge of ideas, scotch-taped together. And it shouldn’t be outsourced to someone else. The CORE of your brand strategy needs to come from Y-O-U. (It’s even a co-creation process when I do it with my 1-on-1 clients. But you get my guidance here for much less!)
This could be you: 
“In my first year as a coach, coming from a completely different field, I earned a net 6-figure income.” – Sean McCool
“After BNB, I launched a website, 2 opt-ins and 2 landing pages, an email marketing campaign, a Facebook page with 80+followers, and a 5 day challenge (with landing page) in 3 months of being a company.” – Shari Miller
“When I launched my website, I got two clients in the first week. Since then, I’ve had a steady flow of clients.” – Vicky Tillman
“Since taking the Brand New Brand course, my revenue is up 268%.” – Elizabeth Barber
And even more importantly, I’m blown away by the students who report the course has LIFE-CHANGING effects. They feel at ease and accept who they are, and are proud to share their genius with the world.
And that, my friends, is priceless.  
It doesn’t matter where you are in your branding journey. You might be just getting started. Or, you might be a seasoned veteran. This process will work for YOU. This doesn’t take any special know-how or skills. It only takes committing to the experience, and getting ready to dig deep.

Are you ready to transform YOUR brand? 

Brand New Brand will show you how to build an In Demand Brand, step-by-step, that attracts your ideal clients, represents your authentic strengths and personality, and stands out in the market.

What is Brand New Brand?
It’s an incubation program for brands to define, elevate, and thrive. Over a period of 7 weeks, you’ll discover your best brand and bring it to life.
Hold the phone — let that process for a moment — in less than 2 months, you’ll be living and LOVING your own BRAND NEW BRAND. (Look out world!)
You’ll get instant access to on-demand digital lessons, and an invitation to the private community where you’ll get on-demand support whenever you need it. This is NOT another course to collect dust on your digital bookshelf. This is an interactive and transformational experience designed to get you moving and get you RESULTS.
What makes this program special?
  • Road-tested and market-validated:​I developed the In Demand Brand method from working with more than 500 brands in different capacities. This has included helping launch a 7-figure agency, bringing a national nonprofit’s signature program online, working in traditional media, and now guiding hundreds of entrepreneurs like you toward brand clarity.
  • Psychology FIRST: When you hear the word ‘brand’, your eyes probably gloss over and visions of logos and color palettes dance through your brain. While that’s part of it (and part of the plan), it is sooo far from the total picture. This is NOT a design course. This is a step-by-step brand strategy plan that will bring clarity to your message, purpose, and personality. We start with psychology FIRST and build the tangible elements of your brand from the foundation of those invisible demand triggers.
  • I didn’t throw this together in a weekend: Beyond my 15 years of business and the 500+ brands I’ve worked with over the years, I’ve spent well over 100 hours planning, creating, and designing the content. This isn’t a sloppy stab at “passive income.” This is my life’s best work.
Here’s What You’ll Learn
Learn how to claim your genius, stand out in the market, package your services, and communicate your brand.

When you complete the incubation program, you’ll:
  • Take your brand from an idea to a fully-formed strategy
  • ​Create a Brand Book to inform all future decisions, content, and marketing
  • ​Feel confident putting your brand out there
  • ​Bring FOCUS to your business
Not sure where to start? Or what step to take next?

I lay it out for you, step-by-step.
Create your dream business now.
Access my method and step-by-step guidance to build your psychology-driven brand that attracts the best clients to you.



Part 1 / Brand Character & Credibility
  • Personality: Leverage your brand archetype to stand out from the competition and to create a brand that’s true to you.
  •  Point of View: A distinctive brand requires a distinctive point of view. We’ll define yours so you can pinpoint your most impactful message and movement.
  •  Brand Enemies: I’ll teach you my method to decide what is on your “Not To Do” list so that your brand doesn’t go off-track.
  •  Credibility: Gather your proof points that’ll have your clients opening up their wallets without hesitation.
Part 2 / Brand Commitment & Context
  • Brand Fundamentals: Define exactly what you are selling with certainty.
  •  Tactical Goals: Determine how you’ll recoup your investment (time and money) in your brand.
  •  Ideal Clients: This isn’t your grandma’s customer avatar exercise. We’ll get deep inside the minds of your perfect clients/customers.
  •  Different, Not Better: Survey the market to figure out exactly where your brand fits in and stands out.
Part 3 / Voice
  • Tone & Voice: Learn to craft and communicate your distinctive brand voice using words that compel your ideal clients to buy.
  • Tagline & Bios: Once we understand how to communicate as your brand, we’ll create “client-facing” blurbs – like your tagline and bio.
Part 4 / Voice
  • Naming: We’ll create memorable and need-to-have-it names for your business, products, and more.
  •  Stories & Content: Your brand’s stories help sell your brand, your message, and your point of view. We’ll work on creating your unique stories that you’ll tell over and over.
Part 5 / Visuals
  • Moodboard: Create a moodboard for your Brand Book that captures the visual theme and feeling of your brand
  •  Typography: Choose a pairing of fonts to communicate your brand personality.
  • Colors: We’ll cover several techniques to (finally!) decide on your signature color scheme using psychology and meaning.
Part 6 / Visuals
  • Logo: Your logo is a first impression and a mark of consistency. I’ll teach you easy ways to do it yourself, or guidelines for hiring out the work.
  •  Patterns & Shape: To build more texture and visual meaning into your brand, patterns and shapes provide meaning and context.
  •  Images: We’ll talk about personal brand portraits and choosing stock images to represent your brand.
Part 7 / Live Your Brand
  • Presence: Define exactly how you’ll look and sound on each of your brand platforms.
  •  Branded Website: I’ll give you my best tips for translating your brand on your website so you’ll be ready to transition from strategy to implementation seamlessly.
  •  Visibility: Create your unique brand visibility plan for content creation and social media marketing.
  •  Action Plan: We’ll outline your exact next steps so you aren’t left guessing at what to do next.

Here’s everything you get…

All in all, the value of this program is over $4,138.00

Transform your brand for only $997.

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