SEO-Friendly Website Migrations & Redesigns

Become Confident in Supporting
Website Migrations as an SEO

So when the next migration project comes, you say: “I’m READY!”

Do you get nervous if someone asks you to help with a website migration?

Every SEO at some point hears this:

“We have a website migration coming. Can you help us?”

It doesn’t matter if you work full-time or you’re a freelancer. A migration project will always find you (and I’m sure you’ve got these requests multiple times already).

But here’s the problem

It seems like you’re just “supposed to know” how to perform one of the most complex SEO tasks – help a website preserve its traffic during and after migration.

The reality is: 

»»» If you’ve never migrated before, you just can’t know what to do

»»» You might have supported a few migrations before.

»»» Or you might be facing one soon and are afraid that you’ll do something wrong and ruin your client’s website.

»»» You don’t know where to start and you have no idea what to look for.

↓ ↓ ↓

As a result, you don’t yet feel confident enough to take on migration projects. So:

  • You had to turn down a potential client because you didn’t know how to help them migrate
  • You haven’t been promoted to a manager position yet
  • You have already made a lot of mistakes so you’re afraid to work with migrations again

 Just reading a post or watching a YouTube video won’t help

You’re an SEO always striving to improve your skills. So you’ve already tried to learn everything about website migrations.

…you’ve watched many YouTube videos…

…read blog posts…

…took some SEO courses…

But then, Googling every question you have doesn’t always give good results. And it takes forever.

The courses you’ve taken were too basic.

And the articles you’ve read were not enough either.

You still have more questions than answers and don’t feel confident in your approach to website migrations.

You are thinking: “Website Migrations are too hard for me.”

»»» Not anymore! »»»

It’s time to become a PRO in website migrations and upgrade your SEO career

If you work full-time

  • You will become a valuable asset to any company
  • You will be promoted to senior SEO
  • You will get a pay raise
  • You will increase your marketability as an SEO

If you freelance/ consult

  • You will get more freelance opportunities
  • You can add website migrations support as a new service to your business and increase your income
  • You’ll be able to sell migrations to potential clients and easily WIN their business!

Having strong knowledge of website migrations will help you feel more confident and secure in your SEO career.

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