Your ultimate guide to writing emails that make people clamor to your ENROLL or BUY NOW button…like fruit flies to an overripe peach.

“Holy mackerel, the opens and clicks are so so much better than in any of my previous launches!” – Mye De Leon

Want to create that
“Shut up and take my money” moment?
From just your emails?

Yeah you do. Launch Hero shows you how. 

Instead of:

– Sending salesy “swipes” that don’t sound like you (and get mostly unsubscribes)…

– Sending one or two emails, which get one or two sales, because you couldn’t deal with writing more (or were too scared to send more)…

– Launching to a deadly, crushing “huh?” and wondering what your emails were missing…

– Putting off launching or selling anything to your list, ever—who, by the way, want stuff from you!…

Why not learn to write emails that:

💥Seed interest
💥Whip up desire
💥Overcome objections
💥Get people so excited, they race to buy the second you open the cart
💥Hook the most resistant, “nope, not gonna buy” readers
💥Sell more than you ever thought possible…
…leaving your initial “big hairy goal” in the dust?

That’s what you’ll do in Launch Hero.
CAUTION: Even if you weren’t planning to launch or sell anything, you might get so inspired, you spontaneously write a launch!

In fact…This email-sequence method might be
the “how am I ever going to scale” solution
you were praying for. 

What it is, in a nutshell:

Mostly PDF-based, It’s the all-launch-sequence version of Inbox Hero®—here to save you from your launch headaches, guide you through your own lucrative “lazy launch,” and give you a simple map from pre-launch, to cart open, to that final, irresistible “last chance”…

To “holy crap, look at the sales coming in, THIS WORKS!”

Launch Hero guides you on:

– The structure, order, and timing of your emails.

– How to create an irresistible story about your product and, more importantly, your reader;

– How to make your sales sequence feel like a can’t-put-down beach novel or netflix series, so even the ones who don’t plan to buy follow along all the way to the very last cart close email. (SPOILER: They buy in the end!)

The main dish: Three of my all-time top-performing email launch sequences, laid out end to end, filleted open like a beautiful Dover sole, and marked up with insider notes…

…So you can steal all the key storytelling and persuasion techniques!

Plus, the priceless “Bare Bones Lucrative Launch Framework” that’s so doable, it’ll inspire you to launch something even if you thought you never would or could…

And more!

All rolled into 300+ gorgeous, printer-friendly pages…
But whether it’s in a binder or on a screen, this baby’s gonna help you print money.


Even if you were smart enough to save all these emails from your inbox and keep them in a “swipe” folder (many Shrimpers do), you won’t have them in this annotated form, with the craft broken down so you can replicate it yourself.

Here’s more on what’s inside…

The Launch Hero Copywriting Course (A gorgeously readable, devour-in-one-sitting series of PDFs)

Over 300 pages of point-by-point, detailed email breakdowns (PDF format, read it on your screen or print it, bind it, laminate it, keep it on your desk for always and give it to your grandchildren. (Who will teleport to you to ask, “What was email, Memaw/ Grandpappy?”)



The Launch Hero™ Bare-Bones, At-A-Glance Lucrative Launch Sequence Framework (For An Affiliate Launch, Or Your Own):

A boiled-down, “here’s what to say in your emails” template series for the whole launch—from pre-launch to open-cart to “bye bye, last chance”—that you can fill in with your own words.

💥🙏This godsend is already proven to massively drive up your clicks and opens. And so doable, it might ease you into launching before you even know you’re doing it!


VIDEO TRAINING: Behind-The-Scenes Secrets To A *True* 6-Figure “Lazy Launch”

This hot little 90-min recorded training is yours to keep so you can go back to it again and again.


The Launch Hero Ultimate Launch Sequence Checklist

Your at-a-glance godsend. So you cover all the emotional bases of a sales-goal-busting launch.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Seed interest
  • Whip up desire
  • Create urgent “I need that NOW” emotion
  • Weave entertaining stories together with compelling sales copy
  • Bust stubborn objections (like “I don’t have time/ money/ what it takes”)
  • Get ’em off the fence
  • Keep people hooked on your emails even if they don’t think they’re interested in the product (that can change!)
  • Use your early buyers as “word of mouth” evangelists to bring more and more eager beavers to the party
  • Create a combo platter of trust and burning FOMO to make buying a no-brainer!


You’ll get the answers to:

  • How direct should I be in my subject lines?
  • How many emails should I send?
  • How long should my emails be?
  • How much detail should I put into each email?
  • How do I keep my whole list from getting pissed and unsubscribing?
  • How do I keep these entertaining and story-based but still persuasive?
  • How do I show a convincing connection between the product and my own brand, if it seems iffy?
  • What mistakes have you (Laura B.) made that you’d tell me to avoid?

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