Dear Marketing Professional:
I’m a huge fan of live seminars. The sizzling “brain energy” in the room…the unlimited networking opportunities…the behind the scenes, bottom of the swamp convos that happen at lunch or in the pub after the meeting…
There is no way to put a value on that kind of immersive experience. And I’ve hosted a bunch of ‘em.
But this time, we couldn’t do the live event. COVID smashed our plans into shards of broken glass.
So instead of just doing a Zoom version of the live event…which probably would have bored everyone to tears…we pivoted.
We completely re-organized the content, the delivery and the format. We worked intensively with our presenters to make it interactive.
Instead of three days of firehosing information, we stretched the information across seven weeks, in bite-sized morsels.
And that means that THIS time, the recording of the event is more than just a good…not great…substitute for the live event…it’s a VERY close approximation. You can quickly, easily, and at your leisure, execute the outstanding advice from some of the sharpest minds in 21st century PPC.
This is the most comprehensive A to Z treatment of digital advertising in internet history…
Each session places you in hyper-focused sessions with experts solving hard problems in real time, idea-sparking Q&A, group screen sharing and in-the-moment problem solving.
Instantly upgrade your mastery of…
Search Display Network Ads Audience Network Instagram YouTube Amazon LinkedIn Bing Reddit Podcasts Programmatic Advertising and More
Even if you outsource your traffic to an agency, you’ll be 1000% more equipped to ask questions and extract the most performance from your ad dollars.
You Get:
20+ cutting edge presentations from world-class traffic experts on Google, Facebook, YouTube plus a dozen smaller platforms
Videos & MP3s of all sessions available in the member’s area now
A LIVE in-person Planet Perry celebration seminar when it becomes available, no extra charge
6 Months Membership to “New Renaissance 12” which includes our 24/7 private member’s forum, office hours call-in days, special member-only events, my famous print newsletter and steep discounts on most Planet Perry offerings (automatically renews at $999/yr after 6-month introductory period; cancel any time)
Here’s the list of the presentations you’ll receive:
*3* Traffic BOMBSHELLS: In the Definitive Traffic Intensive keynote session, I’m dropping three bombshells. Bombshell #1: A Machete for slicing through the miasma of 20+ PPC platforms and 60+ targeting methods. By the end of the first hour of this session, you will have the means to isolate the very best choices FAST. For you – and for your clients. Bombshell #2: The New Future of Agencies. PPC management is a business that is about to change DRASTICALLY in the next five years. I’m going to show you the future – and how to dodge an armageddon that’s gonna catch a lot of unfortunate people by surprise. Bombshell #3: What the NEXT Pandemic is gonna be. (Hint: Has nothing to do with biology or medicine.) Imagine if you knew Coronavirus was coming in November… what would you have done? I’m informing you in advance what the next one will be and how to position yourself for it.
MASSIVELY Scale Your Leads on GDN: The kickoff with Justin Brooke is an actual, factual case study on “How to generate 10,000 leads per day on Google Ads.” His “nuclear bomb” secret: How to “trick” Google into letting you pay per lead instead of per click. It actually unlocks a bidding method that isn’t in your current interface. If you want “best practices” advice about how to scale your leads fast, don’t miss this one.
The Linchpin of YOUR Sales Funnel: Your opt-in offer is the most important element of your sales funnel. Why? Because if nobody opts in you don’t have a funnel. Period. Selecting, crafting, and positioning your opt in offer is $1,000….$10,000….perhaps even $100,000 per hour work. Don Crowther shows you how in this session
15 mins to Lower CPC: How Load Time Chokes Your Traffic: Most advertisers know that website load time can have a dramatic effect on their ad cost and conversion rates. But they don’t know HOW MUCH it’s affecting them. And they don’t know where to start to find out. Dan Wilkinson will change all that for you in this module, so you can stop sacrificing big dollars to the Google and Facebook machines.
A Direct Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the world’s largest virtual networking event…running 24/7. And LinkedIn activity is BOOMING, with traffic is up 44% since the shelter in place orders started in mid-March. If you do it right, it’s never been easier to get leads, customers, and clients from LinkedIn. And Ted Prodromou knows how to do it right. If you need clients, customers, or students fast…LinkedIn should be on your traffic “to do” list.
Your Playbook for Bing Ad (and GOOGLE Ads!) Success: Microsoft has been working hard on their ad platform over the last year. They brought more traffic onto their network and enabled new targeting options and ad types. Yet most people can’t get Bing Ads to work. The reason? They just import their campaigns from Google Ads and let them run on the defaults. If they only took 10 minutes to follow a simple post-import checklist, it would make a huge difference to their results. Alex Makarski will give you the checklist and playbooks you need to make Bing Ads work for you. (BIG BONUS: Alex will show you how to use Microsoft Advertising data to improve your Google Ads campaigns.)
Your Guide to Winning During the Crisis: Agility trumps survival. In the news, you hear about businesses closing and how many are hoping to merely survive. What you don’t hear about are businesses that are not only surviving; they are thriving via fast, smart moves. Learn from Rob Sieracki and Nick Morgan of Ox Optimal what it takes to win and win big during a pandemic. They’ve got dozens of cases, small to large, of companies that beat the pandemic. You’ll get: First-hand insights on moves that actually work; Tangible strategies to guide you through the pandemic; The data behind what’s working and what’s clearly not
Profitable YouTube Ad Campaigns…from the Start: YouTube advertising has been around for quite a while now, but there are still online advertisers who wonder: How do I get started the right way on YouTube? That’s why I asked Tom Breeze to do a special “How to Go from 0 to 1 on YouTube” tutorial. Tom’s going to show you what you need to do to give yourself the BEST chance to be profitable from the start on YouTube. AND he’ll show you all the tools he uses day in, day out to create profitable “start-up” campaigns in his agency.
The PERFECT Conversion Funnel: Funnel expert David Nadler shares his 5-step process to choose your next funnel with certainty. Too many business owners pick a funnel strategy based on what someone in a mastermind says “is working now”, what they saw another business owner (with a completely different product and market) succeed with or some other humblebrag they saw online. If you don’t have a good funnel in place–or better yet, a system to help you pick the right funnel every time–it doesn’t matter how good your traffic strategies are. Pay attention here, because David is the only DTI expert addressing what to do with the clicks once you get ’em
Podcasts That Make You Money: Few people know more about entrepreneurial podcasting success than Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe. Joe and Matt earn over 7 figures as affiliates from their podcast…they have an email list of over 100,000…they have appeared on over 200 other podcasts…and they are the go-to guys when it comes to monetizing podcasts. If you want to monetize your current podcast or develop a new one, you need what they present in this session.
Three Pillars of Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns: Facebook advertising success is about doing the RIGHT thing… The right content at the right time to the right audience. Bob Regnerus at Feedstories has perfected a method that does exactly that. It’s called Deep Funnel marketing and it makes your ads appear magically RIGHT when your prospect needs to see them. (Bob’s method works for any kind of products or service, but it’s ESSENTIAL if, like me, you sell high ticket items.) My business relies heavily on Facebook advertising and there’s nobody I trust more than Bob to run it.
Amazon Profitability…Even if You Don’t Think You Can: Does navigating Amazon feel like hacking through the ACTUAL Amazon with a dull machete? Jaguars and anacondas ready to pounce, bleed, and squeeze you dry? It takes most advertisers YEARS to slice and slash their way to monetizing Amazon profitably. If you go the hard way…without a map…and a without a guide. But Nick Morgan of Ox Optimal can show you how to bulldoze your way to success faster…and start building and growing your Amazon business.
Scaling & Putting It All Together: Mark Ingles is my “Mr. Fix It” when it comes to Google Advertising…and, frankly, most other stuff too. When it comes to analyzing a marketing funnel and figuring out what’s wrong…what you need to tweak, how you need to massage your offer, and what’s keeping you from SCALING…Mark’s the guy. Mark is going to show you: How to spy on your competitors and “steal” audiences based on their traffic; How to know when throwing more money at your advertising will NOT help you scale…and 2 levers to pull when the “money lever” snaps… And more!
6 New (Really!) Ways to Improve Your Google Ads: In this module, Google Ads master Mike Rhodes will show you: A new way of diagnosing your Google Ads account (something Mike’s NEVER shared before); How to wrangle an edge over the bots by synthesizing multiple data points (“Until now this has been hard if not impossible”); A tool that will help you apply these insights to your account immediately, in a matter of minutes…Mike will show you how.
How to Battle the Bots and Win (PPC in the Automation Age): Frederick Vallaeys shows you how it’s possible to win at PPC in the age of Bot Supremacy. He dives into the current “State of the Union” of PPC automation, why “Humans + Computers” are better than computers alone…and why you should not cede control, how to wrest control back from the bots with automation layering and how to use Ads scripts to maintain control – Frederick will even show you some free ones you can just copy-and-paste to use in your accounts right away!

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