The (not so) secret Black Friday sale for email copywriters and marketers

If you’ve heard of Samar Owais (that’s me) or Emails Done Right (my newsletter), then you’ve probably heard of  the eCommerce Email Bootcamp.
If you haven’t, here’s what you need to know:
The eCommerce Email Bootcamp is a 3-month program with LIVE training, mentoring, and Q&A sessions.
This Black Friday, you can get the Bootcamp on demand.

Designed for ambitious ecommerce email marketers who want to

  • Shorten their learning curve.
  • Become known for their rock-solid email skills.
  • Learn how to create emails that make people whip out their wallets like the great toilet paper rush of 2020.
By the time you complete the bootcamp, you’d have transformed from just another email copywriter or marketer to an email copywriter and marketer who knows their sh*t.
Just ask Eman Ismail whose emails have made her clients anywhere from $170k – $1.2 million.
Or Matt Snyder, who joined an ecommerce email marketing agency right after graduating from the Bootcamp and swiftly rose through the ranks to become their Lead Email Strategist.
Or Fiza Naseem, who went from charging $15/email to $200/email.
Having trained over 80 email marketers and copywriters, I could keep listing names and their achievements…
And while you’ll read a few more stories below, here’s what all of them have in common.
They all walked away from the Bootcamp with:
  • Radical confidence in their skills as ecommerce email marketers.
  • Complete understanding of an ecommerce email ecosystem.
  • Problem-solving skills that make increasing email conversions easy.
  • Skills that positioned them as an expert – no more order-taking!
  • A strategist’s mindset that isn’t afraid to experiment and fail.

But before we get into the details…

There’s good news and bad news

So far, the Bootcamp’s only been taught live. And it’s only been taught once a year.
Bad news: The eCommerce Email Bootcamp won’t be opening its doors this year. The next live cohort won’t be until June 2024.
Good news: You can get the self-paced version this Black Friday at the 2020 pricing. (Wait… what?!)
The best part? You don’t have to get the entire Bootcamp. This Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you can choose to buy individual workshops.

Workshop 1:

Fundamentals of eCommerce Emails Done Right

In this tactical workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The 10 key principles that’ll give you the confidence to call yourself a “strategist”.
  • How to use these principles to make writing eCommerce emails so much easier.
  • Exactly what to do so you can help your clients get those big wins.

Workshop 2:

The Email Sequences (and Emails) An eCommerce Business Needs

This 60-90 minute workshop will equip you with:

  • The FOUR questions you need to ask before writing a single eCommerce email.
  • 12 email sequences (including a non-traditional abandoned cart sequence!) that an eCommerce brand needs.
  • 7 standalone emails that every eCom brand should have.
  • Samar’s Proprietary eCommerce Email Conversion Funnel.

Workshop 3:

How to Write Copy for eCommerce Emails (and Wireframe Them)

This info-packed workshop teaches you:

  • How to write emails that sell like toilet paper in a pandemic.
  • 12 email sequences (including a non-traditional abandoned cart sequence!) that an eCommerce brand needs.
  • The 7 copy components of EVERY eCommerce email.
  • Samar’s best (and easy!) technique to wireframe emails.

Workshop 4:

How to Audit an Email Sequence

Running an audit will be a walk in the park with this workshop that’ll show you:

  • Why audits are essential and important for eCom brands (and YOU!).
  • How to start with a 15-minute heuristic audit (and how to position this!).
  • A 17-point audit checklist and what to check in each section.
  • How to avoid scope creep AND still sell audits.

Workshop 5:

Ins and Outs of eCommerce Email Strategy

This info-packed workshop will give you skills to map out and present an entire email marketing strategy confidently:

  • 21 tangible questions to ask when starting with a strategy call for instant authority and credibility.
  • Insight into how to create your email strategy guiding philosophy and then make informed decisions.
  • Know-how to distill the info you glean from the calls to create your email strategy.
  • The 3 questions you need to ask when designing the email journey to ensure your strategy has NO holes.

Workshop 6:

A-Z of Running an eCommerce Email Project

This 40-60 minutes workshop will give you the confidence to present your work like a pro with:

  • “Samar-stamped” client-ready templates to help you create eCommerce brand profiles, storyboard your emails, and deliver them.
  • A 12-page Client Project Questionnaire to make onboarding your eCom client both painless and data-rich.
  • Handouts to help you organize your VoC data.

You have the brain of a strategist and the soul of a writer

But right now…
Right now, it doesn’t feel close to this.
Right now, you seem to be winging it on client calls, piecemealing “strategy” as you go, and even though you have a few copywriting courses under your belt, you feel more confused than confident.
Ahhh… the confusion!
Let’s talk about that, shall we?
There’s so much conflicting information out there from experts. Some say “text-only emails” work while others push a set way to do promotions. And none of them give you any leeway for different businesses.
It’s always “this is the way… take it or leave it”.
You struggle with building your copy career. It’s like an unfinished, never-ending puzzle.
You don’t know whether to niche or not and if yes, then how. And is ecommerce the right niche for you?
You feel confident with some parts of the copywriting process but not so much with other elements. Like how do you do an audit or how do you run a strategy call, exactly?
Most of the time…
You feel like you’re flailing and relying waaay too much on crowdsourcing advice from free Facebook groups. Or taking courses like a toddler grabs candy — by the fistful.
But all that course (and content!) consumption only ends up giving you information indigestion and more confusion.

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