Your elite blueprint for wildly successful launches resulting in (repeatable) “Oh.. My.. Gosh” Infusions

The only thing between you and a next-level launch that creates BIG-picture profit in your business, is understanding how to build and execute.

Because you know your expertise is worth way more than you’ve generated in the past. So slip on your CEO socks and get your bank account ready—Live Launch Academy is taking you from mini (or major) meltdown to I never knew this was possible.

Warning: This isn’t a Cash Vacation—we’re not stopping at one cash infusion—welcome to your new normal, where we revolutionize your biz and make $20k base months feel like home.

If your launch mantra sounds a little something like “post & pray,” then this course is for you!

You did it! You took your genius and turned it into a course or digital product (pop the champagne, you’re ready to see $1,000 payment notifications from Stripe while shopping for organic bananas at Whole Foods #bestlife)

But somehow… the purchases never came (and your bananas are browning)

So now you’re having Live Launch PTSD flashbacks, wondering…

❌ Was it my sales page?
❌ Should I have done paid ads?
❌ Was my bonus not good enough?
❌ Did my emails tank? (see also: should I have done email marketing vs trying to launch exclusively using IG)
❌ Did I come across too desperate?

Cue rapid spiral into a jar of peanut butter.

You went into your launch excited, and came out absolutely defeated—I’ve been there. It ain’t pretty.

Let’s stop making it up as you go—what you need is:

✅ A stellar promo plan
✅ Support from me & your fellow Live Launchers
✅ Some ANSWERS, am I right? You know you can do this, you just need the roadmap.

I got you. I’ve pioneered a proprietary framework for six-figure launches, and packaged it into a fool-proof, highly implementable plan—meaning no more wrong turns, midnight launch terrors, or running out of peanut butter.

Not only will it make your next launch a wild success, but your entire business sustainable and scalable. *cha-ching baby*

Because you know I don’t do anything half ass (I’m a whole ass’er), and what’s the point in a one-time cash infusion? You’re ready for consistency, profit-margins, planning out your year and KNOWING that revenue is guaranteed.

“Sounds good Shan, but everyone and their mother says they can help me sell out a launch. Why you?”

Coming with the hard-hitting questions today, huh? Good. You should!
I don’t invest in just any coach or program and neither should you.

Luckily, Live Launch Academy isn’t just another launch course. And I’m not just another launch coach. Circle around, it’s time for a full-fledged heart-to-heart, business style.

Full transparency: There are other launch courses out there. Some might even help you wrangle in a few thousand dollars, but none of them (zip zero) give you the necessary tools, resources, and guides to go beyond a killer launch and continuously bring in $20k+ months.

Imagine if…

• The profits from your next launch knocked the wind out of you and left you wondering did I really do that?

• You had a detailed, fool-proof plan that took you from just an idea to completely sold-out—every time

• While walking through the store on a Sunday, your phone buzzed with $1000 worth of passive income #organicbananas #sideofcash

• You no longer wondered “Am I doing this right?” because the money and the feedback proved you were

• “I EXCEEDED MY GOAL” became part of your “every launch, every time” vocabulary

• $20k base months were your new normal, and you had the funds to create a dreamy life for you and your loved ones

• Those daydreams of scaling your biz to terrifying heights became your reality, and you felt at home—right at the top

If all of that feels big, scary, and out of reach, just picture what the next level of dreams look like once you make these your reality.

Quit ignoring those soul-nudges to play bigger, reach higher, and elevate your business—it’s your time to shine, baby. And I’m here to help you crank up the light.

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