20 thoughts on “Special Offer: Grammàrly Premium Lifetime, 3 Months Warranty – $59

  1. Freehunk

    Hi, I sent the payment & was trying to send the details on this email id: imwarriortools@gmail.com

    But it got bounced, Address not found!

    How & where do I send details?

    • Hi Freehunk,

      I send you email. Please check if you recieve it.


      • Freehunk

        Replied with details, thanks

  2. mervin89

    Hello is this deal available?

  3. hazera179

    Is this back in stock?

  4. jeezy501

    Hi, is this deal on? Its the last week of August.

    • Hi, Please get back to me on 1st week of September. Still waiting for my supplier confirmation.


      • detroviva

        Anxiously awaiting to find out if this deal is still on… please advise.

  5. hootgadget

    Was another year paid for?

    • Not yet, follow me up on last week of August.


  6. hootgadget

    So if I understand correctly, this offer is valid until August 2019? Should I wait for a confirmation that it will be again available for another year?

    • College is paying a subscription on a yearly basis so College already paid a subscription for September to August. So your Grammarly will stay Premium untill August 2019 and Again if they pay subscription your Grammarly account gets one-year validity. They are paying subscription since Grammarly came into existence. So mostly they will pay :))

  7. mtsheikh

    How long is this for ? is it one year exactly ?

    • Hi Mtsheikh,

      Its more or less one year.


  8. WordyBirdy

    Is this deal still on?

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