As a serial entrepreneur, I went from selling electronics in high school, to selling various different fitness programs on the Internet. Shortly after my time in grade school, I went right into teaching. I had developed strategies that were highly profitable in the ecommerce arbitrage space, in which I was able to teach by way of online videos, as well as live webinars. These teachings reached nearly 100,000 members from all over the world, through two well respected ecommerce companies. Revenues from online sales, generated by the collective members have gone on to exceed $2 billion in just a few short years. With a keen eye for winning ideas and team building synergy, I took a failing shoe cleaning product sourced from a local market place, and have gone on to sell over a million of dollars worth, with just one ecommerce platform shortly after. In the most recent years, I’ve put focus on traveling throughout the world. Living near the beach in beautiful Southern California and splitting my time between Las Vegas NV most of my later life, has provided me a comfortable place, in which I rarely ever traveled away from. I however, co founded two other companies, Top View Films and Top View Media, in 2015, which has been a driving factor for my team and I to capture greatness with drones, all over the world. It has been my great pleasure in connecting amazing minds with equally amazing ventures, to bring new light in emerging fields. Through my unique abilities to network in very exclusive places, I’ve been able to connect everyone from the celebrity types, to the small town family man, enabling the seed of new promising opportunities. I thrive off of creating success stories and I’m on a mission to cultivate many more.

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