Igor Ledochowski – Hypnotherapy Business Method

Whether you’re an experienced hypnotherapist / coach or a beginner…
if you have a basic proficiency in your techniques
(and enjoy making a positive difference in people’s lives)… then…

You Are About To Discover How To
Quickly & Easily Receive Multiple
Streams Of Income From Your Existing
Hypnosis / Coaching Skills…

On this webpage you will be shown a simple and proven SYSTEM
that is already quietly generating high 5 and 6 figure annual incomes for hypnotherapists and/or coaches in their first year “in business”. Best part:

You Can Even Be Receiving
$100,000+ Per Year While Taking
Up To 4 Days OFF Each Week…

Dear Reader,

If you would like to be well rewarded from your existing hypnosis/coaching skills with paying clientele and multiple streams of income – providing you with an income of $100,000+ per year while you have up to 4-days off each week – this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s why:

My name is Igor Ledochowski and, as a master hypnotist and co-owner of a worldwide hypnosis training company, I’ve seen and used some of the most advanced client attraction and business building strategies ever invented. Some of them are so powerful they can put multiple-thousands of dollars in your bank account in just a couple days.

But you want to know something interesting?

Just a few short years ago I gave up working for a “magic circle” law firm – (where I was on a career path to become an equity partner and receive a salary of $2 million a year) – to set up as an independent hypnotherapist.

I thought it would all be pretty straightforward but, the truth is…

I Fell Flat On My Face!

I had virtually no clients.

No real business to speak of. And no proper office to operate from (I was using a spare room in a flat I had in London at the time).

All in all, I only ever managed to attract (and work with) about 6 paying clients in that entire hypnotherapy practice.

And no matter how hard I tried… no matter how many new hypnosis (advanced) skills I mastered… or how low I priced my fees… I just couldn’t attract enough quality clients to make money as an independent hypnotherapist.

It was humiliating.

Especially since my ex-colleagues (at the haughty-taughty law firm) were probably laughing their heads off behind my back.

In truth, my financial situation got so bad I was on the verge of giving up on all my ideas and dreams of ever having a lucrative hypnotherapy practice.

Then one day, I happened to meet and go to work for the owner of the largest stop-smoking clinic in Europe. In fact, I believe it was the largest chain of hypnotherapy practices in the world at the time. And although that company no longer exists (it was sold for a considerable sum of money) working for that company gave me an inside view of…

How To Really Attract A Large Number Of
Clients Who Have Money & Will Eagerly
Spend It On Hypnotherapy Sessions.

I almost couldn’t believe all the silly, naïve mistakes I’d made in my own practice.

I used to literally hassle and beg friends and relatives to book in for a hypnotherapy session with me. It hardly ever worked.

And on the rare occasions it did (usually when a friend felt sorry for me) they’d agree to a one-off hypnotherapy session on the condition I didn’t charge them any money for it.

So I ended up doing a lot free (no fee) hypnotherapy work that only ended up putting me more in debt and more disillusioned with the whole hypnotherapy business.

But that all changed when I went to work as a hypnosis trainer for the world’s largest stop smoking hypnotherapy clinic, to train their hypnotherapists.

Because by using just some of the low and no cost client attraction strategies I learnt from the stop smoking organization – I started having complete strangers literally begging me to do a hypnotherapy session with them. Not only that, these people (who I had never met before) didn’t even blink an eye when I mentioned my now elevated fees.

It was almost as if…

The Fee I Was Charging Wasn’t
Even An Issue For Them.

Plus they were demanding I book them in for multiple sessions at a time.

It wasn’t like I was taking advantage of them with my pricing and packaging either. As a matter of fact, I was able to connect with all my clients on a much deeper level than I ever had before – positively transforming all of their surrounding psychological issues around the central (core) issue they came to me for.

The result?

My clients were ecstatic because they were seeing must faster and longer lasting changes unfold in their life. In their eyes I automatically became a much better hypnotherapist.

And my fledgling hypnotherapy business took off in ways I never thought possible.

My money situation changed within a matter of weeks. Clients were practically knocking down my door (many of them were referrals from other clients). And from my ever growing bank account I was quickly able to move my practice into an upscale office in Chancery Lane in London.

I guess you could say I “cracked” the hypnotherapy business.

And guess what?

It didn’t have anything to do with how good a hypnotist I was either… no one ever questioned my credentials (wanting to see certificates or a list of qualifications)… and nobody ever once asked me how many years experience I had.

None of that mattered to my clients.

All they cared about was the positive transformations I was making in their life through the hypnotherapy I was doing.

And, because of the basic client attraction systems I’d put in place, the money kept pouring into the business. I was even having to put some clients “on hold” until an empty slot opened up in my schedule.

Now, do you want to know something else interesting?

If I’d known right from the start what I now know about how to build (from the ground-up) an independent hypnotherapy business – I would have easily made 10 times the money I did.

I really would.

And I would have been able to provide an even greater and longer lasting transformational change in people’s lives.

How can I say that?

Because I now understand something virtually no other hypnotherapist in the country (in the world!) understands about the business. And that is…

The “Traditional Way” Of Operating A
Hypnotherapy Business Can Put
You Into A Financial Quagmire.

I mean it.

In fact, continuing to operate a hypnotherapy business the “traditional way” can lead you to frustration… financial lack… a string of “empty slots” in your schedule… personal stress… and… possibly even a full-blown nervous breakdown.

And even if you do have the resilience (and financial “back up”) to build a lucrative hypnotherapy business the traditional way – your income will be severely capped and you’ll be working like a dog just to keep things on an even keel.

So, what can you do to make money from hypnotherapy (or as a coach utilizing aspects of hypnotherapy) today?

Actually, it’s pretty simple:

You Just Do The Exact Opposite Of
What 97% Of Hypnotherapists Are Doing!

Here’s what I mean:

Most (97%) of working hypnotherapists spend all their time working with clients “sitting in a chair”, one-on-one.

That is the traditional business model for hypnotherapists.

But if you follow that model you are almost certain to either starve (through lack of sufficient paying clients)… or… burn yourself out within a couple of years due to the stress of trying to cram in enough clients to maintain a decent standard of living.

The clue is in the numbers:

For example: The average one-on-one hypnotherapy client session has a charge out rate of $100 per hour.

Therefore, if you managed to (somehow!) see 8 clients a day for 5-days a week and you worked 50 weeks per year – your yearly gross income would be $200,000.

That’s a decent income, right?

But is it realistically achievable (without working like a dog and burning yourself out along the way)?

I think you can now see that (assuming it was possible for you to consistently attract those 8 clients a day in the first place – which would normally require a lot of advertising expense) you’d be hard-pushed to reach that income level. And even if you did you’d be a “prisoner” to your business.

That’s why the most successful, most impactful and most lucrative hypnotherapists / coaches have learnt to leverage their time, skills and value to clients.

These “new breed” of practicing hypnotherapists / coaches do not solely rely upon one-on-one client work.

We do not corral friends and family for business.

We do not confine ourselves to a restricted geographic location.

And, we do not ever have to worry about a down economy or people “tightening their belts”.

Instead, we use a NEW PARADIGM of business (completely different from the traditional way) that has “built into it” …

Multiple Revenue Streams That
Feed Off A Global Marketplace!

This NEW PARADIGM of business also provides you with a realistic way (based upon real and conservative numbers) to receive an annual income in excess of $100,000.

And guess what else?

That $100,000+ income level is easily achievable for you – even if you take up to 4 days off each week.

(You should be able to make an absolute minimum of $25,000-$35,000 per year for every day a week that you work)

How is that possible?

Actually it’s all based on having more than one (and preferably 4) different income streams feeding into your hypnotherapy / coaching business. And by simply PACKAGING certain services in a certain way (based on the NEW PARADIGM of business) you could even have multiple revenue streams providing you with an annual income level of as high as $250,000 or MORE (and still have up to 4 days OFF each week).

No joke.

It has nothing to do with unethical pricing either.

It hasn’t got anything to do with “watering down” the quality of your service.

Nor has it got anything to do with stringing people along (like certain other types of therapeutic modalities) before a client see any noticeable changes in their life.

Instead it has everything to do with POSITIONING yourself and your services in such a way that the right kind of people will start initiating contact with you at the point of…

Already Wanting To Book In For And
PAY For An Appointment Because Of The
Unprecedented Value You’ll Be Able To Provide

Or already wanting to pay for one of your other transformational change programs (which I can show you how to put together so you never have to work one-on-one with a client if you don’t wish to).

Either way – it means you can (if it suits you) take up to 4 days off each week, and still make an annual income of $100,000+ from hypnotherapy / coaching IN YOUR FIRST YEAR depending on how much of the system you put to use.

And because (with the right information and strategies) you can set things up in such a way that your income from hypnotherapy / coaching is not totally dependent on you “showing up” in real time for a session with a client… and because you can also set things up in such a way that you can have multiple “pipelines” of income coming into your life from hypnotherapy / coaching… you will be in the unique and enviable position of…

Being Able To Take As Much As
2 To 3 Months Off Each Year For Vacations

You will never burn out or be a “prisoner” to your business.

Another thing:

Because you will now be generating a substantial income from your existing hypnotherapy skills – you will have more money (and more free time on your hands) to invest in continually improving your hypnosis skills (or any other skill you want to master).

And that means:

Your confidence in your hypnosis / coaching ability will sky rocket (as you’ll be getting paid and seeing real transformation in people’s lives)… you’ll never have to suffer the embarrassment of failing to make ends meet from your hypnotherapy work (you’ll always have regular clients and multiple streams of income to support and grow your business)… plus…

You’ll Finally Be Doing Something You Love,
Getting The Recognition & Reward
You Deserve

You’ll be the catalyst for positive transformational change in people’s lives…

You’ll be free of all the usual constraints and burdens most people have to put up with working for someone else…

And you’ll know your life’s work has meaning and purpose to it.

Of course, you can do hypnotherapy / coaching “on the side” at first, keeping your day job or traditional business, and avoid taking any big risks.

It’s totally up to you.

Either way though – if you want to do hypnotherapy / coaching in such a way that you can make $100,000+ from it (with a large percentage of that income not dependent upon you working one-on-one with a client) you absolutely MUST HAVE the right information, strategies and training to support you.

In fact, it is CRITICAL you have the right information, strategies and training to support you if you want to avoid humiliating failure.

I’m serious.

See as a hypnotherapy trainer who has developed and taught advanced precision hypnosis protocols to in excess of 2,150 budding and experienced hypnotists around the globe – I have been extremely honoured to watch many of my students evolve into exceptionally proficient hypnotists and hypnotherapists.

That has, of course, made me extremely happy. And immensely proud of them.

But more and more I’ve been contacted by students of my hypnosis trainings with stories that have caused me some concern.

What kind of stories?

Well, there was the lady who had taken my hypnotherapy certification training. This lady has a PhD. She’s extremely smart and intelligent. And is a superb hypnotist.

So what was the problem?

The problem was she contacted me for help because she just wasn’t getting anybody who wanted to pay her for the hypnotherapy sessions she was promoting. And she was at a complete loss as to what to do about it.

It’s a classic case of someone who is a great hypnotist – but has no idea how to generate an income from her skills.

Then there was another lady who had been trained by me who I could have cried for.

See what happened is, this lady – another excellent and proficient hypnotherapist who wanted to use her hypnosis skills to positively impact the lives of other people – had a website designed for her so she could connect with and attract paying clients.

Nothing wrong with that. Except…

The Website Designer
Charged Her $10,000 For
The Website.

Was she conned out of her $10,000?

I wouldn’t like to say. But I do know she went into debt paying for the website and, as far as I know at the time of writing this, it has never got her one single paying client.

So that has been my concern.

Namely, while I’ve been developing, refining and then training people in arguably the most effective forms of hypnosis… and while my students (some of whom have no prior hypnosis training) have quickly evolved into being master hypnotists and hypnotherapists… there has been a lack of training around the skills, strategies and systems required that are critical for attracting paying clients and building “from-the-ground-up” a successful and lucrative hypnotherapy / coaching business.

So why have I never provided that client attraction / business building training?

The truth is I have (for many years now) been wanting to put on a training program on how to have a highly profitable hypnotherapy business – in fact, I’ve been wanting to do it since we started teaching the hugely popular Conversation Hypnosis For Professional Hypnotherapy Program some 4 years ago.

But I’ve had two problems that kept delaying it.

The 2 Problems…

1. Was I had no time to prepare and teach a training program (to the standard I demand) on how to have a highly profitable hypnotherapy business. I’d already committed to and had my hands full teaching The Conversational Hypnosis For Professional Hypnotherapy Program and other ground-breaking seminars and trainings. So the hypnotherapy client attraction / business building seminar kept getting put on the back burner.

I apologise for that.

But I’ve now solved that problem. Put simply: in November 2011 I conducted an exclusive Trainer’s Training Seminar to a select group of dedicated hypnotists to teach my hypnotherapy certification program, and this has freed up my time and energy to focus on the how to have a highly profitable hypnotherapy business program.

But that still left problem 2.

2. Is that I refuse to get involved in training people in anything but the very best material. And I wanted to team up with another successful hypnotherapist who had a system.

Somebody who had a system that was similar but even better than the one I used when I built my highly successful hypnotherapy practice.

More specifically, a duplicable system that can be replicated and implemented by anyone with a modicum of common sense and an interest in having their own profitable hypnotherapy / coaching business.

That should have been easy enough to solve, right?

Except it wasn’t. Far from it.

Sure there’s a mish-mash of “hodge-podge” marketing and client attraction information out there for hypnotherapists (as well as various people teaching it) but, after exhaustive research (which I invite you to conduct as well) there was nobody I could find who had both HANDS ON EXPERIENCE as a working hypnotherapist and an easily UNDERSTANDABLE AND DUPLICABLE BUILDING BUSINESS SYSTEM that can provide you with a $100,000+ a year income (your very first year).

Thankfully problem 2 has also now been solved.

Let me explain:

As you might imagine I’m extremely well-connected in the hypnosis / hypnotherapy community. I know virtually all the top hypnotists and hypnotherapy trainers. I’m friends with many. And have the “pick of the bunch” when it comes to working and partnering with them. But the solution to problem 2 was “hiding” right under my nose – his name is Joe Homs.

So why have I chosen to partner with Joe Homs to conduct a training program showing both beginner and experienced hypnotherapists how to build a lucrative hypnotherapy business?

I think you’ll understand exactly why once you’ve read more about…

The “Story Behind” Joe Homs And How He
Has Gone On To Build His Own 6-Figure
A Year Hypnotherapy Business.

Listen to this:

Joe Homs has been building and running successful businesses for most of his career. He started his professional career as an IT Consultant working with big businesses. Over time he developed such a good understanding of the “mechanics” of a great business he was recruited as an investor for a Venture Capital firm. Joe would find and evaluate businesses looking for cash injection and, using his acute sense of business, he’d select the “winners” from all the companies clamouring for attention.

That was stage 1 of Joe’s career.

Stage 2 was when he moved into Business Management Consulting. Joe worked “hand-in-glove” with a wide variety of businesses (including small start-ups, solo-entrepreneurs all the way up to Fortune 500 companies) helping them pinpoint where their business systems were failing, and then…

Showing Them How To “Tune Up” The
Business So It Was Making
More Money
From Less Effort
And Expense.

All of that business experience and systems thinking provided an excellent foundation for stage 3 of Joe’s career – setting up his own private hypnotherapy business (after learning hypnosis from me).

It was during this time period that Joe quickly discovered something insightful.

What Joe discovered was this: knowing how to run a successful and lucrative business and implementing that know-how in a systematic and structured way are two completely different things.

See Joe started his hypnotherapy business from nothing (with no prior “toe-hold” into the hypnotherapy business world) and went through the same emotional and financial journey EVERY hypnotherapist goes through (myself included).

He got stumped by the same problems (like how to attract enough clients, what to charge, how to best work with them etc)…

He was sabotaged by the same emotions (with thoughts of “Am I a good enough hypnotherapist?”, “Will people balk at my fees?”, and “What if I don’t get good results with a client?” etc), and…

Was faced with the same day-to-day issues every hypnotherapist must confront and move through (like, where to see clients, how best to work with clients, and how to manage the day-to-day running of the business) before they can step into their success.

Today after starting his hypnotherapy business from scratch Joe has enough regular clients (as well as multiple streams of income – not dependent on face-to-face client work)….

To Provide Him With A High 6 Figure
Per Year Income.

And that’s an income level Joe can now fairly easily maintain for years to come.

So what’s Joe’s secret?

How come Joe gets paid an income that’s roughly 8 times higher than the average earning hypnotherapist?

The “secret” (if you can even call it that) is this simple, proven and SYSTEMATIC 5 step process for building a lucrative hypnotherapy business from scratch.

It’s a structured (and highly focused) system that is easy to “map out”, simple to follow (either on a full-time basis or a part-time basis) and can be mostly self-financed from fees generated from paying clientele.

Not only that…

It Is All Based On The

It is designed to connect you with the people that are already searching and readyfor someone who can make a transformative difference in their life.

This system does not require any typical selling.

Nor does it require you to be sleazy or manipulative in your approach (like some hypnotherapists are).

Instead it “reverses” the whole typical selling dynamic.

As Joe says: “My philosophy and practice is all about articulating and communicating your true value via leveraged systems and then delivering that value by solving the real needs of the people who step-forward for the help you can provide.”

“There’s nothing particularly special about me as a hypnotherapist. Sure I’m effective at getting good results with my clients. And that is very important. But, what has allowed me to generate a 6 figure income each year from my practice is the cohesive business systems I have in place. And I can show anyone how to create those systems for themselves.”

In fact, Joe has already coached many hypnotherapists (with varying degrees of experience and proficiency – including rank beginners) to “plug into” this systematic 5 step process. He’s even helped many double (and as much as triple) their income in just a few weeks.

And get this:

All you need to do is contact customer support with their name and details after you enroll and everything will be taken care of.

Already Generating Fees In
The High 5-Figures & Well On Their Way
To Hitting The 6-Figure Mark

The point?

This 5 step process is already proven and now working for a variety of people.

More importantly though — is it really possible (realistic even) for you to have your own profitable hypnotherapy business?

Joe’s private coaching clients (who pay him a monthly retainer) would certainly say so.

But I would prefer you make up your own mind.

Therefore in the interest of helping you decide whether or not this systematic 5 step process for building a profitable hypnotherapy / coaching business makes sense to you – below are the 5 systematic business building steps Joe and I will be teaching you during our upcoming training program called…

How To Have Your Own
Profitable Hypnotherapy Business

This training program is a 5 day seminar (between 28th March – 1st April) and each day of the seminar focuses in on training you in one of the 5 systematic steps to this proven business building process.

Plus (and this is the real brilliance behind the system) each day of training at the seminar correspondence to each “week” of starting up your own hypnotherapy business.

So for example: Day 1 of the seminar covers everything you’ll be able to go out and do in week 1 of your business start-up; day 2 of the seminar covers everything you’ll be able to do in week 2; day 3 of the seminar covers everything you’ll be able to do in week 3; of your business start-up of your business start-up, and so on.

The idea being that in the 5 weeks after the seminar you’ll be able to have each separate system up and running (if you want to progress that quickly – although you can progress at whatever pace best suits you) and, most importantly, each system will be “interlinked” with every other system.

Bottom line:

The system you will get through the training program…

Is Easily Manageable For One
Person (With No Previous Business
Experience) To Set Up

You don’t need any fancy (expensive) office, either.

Nor do you need to be a “world-class” hypnotherapist.

In fact, all you need (if you have a basic proficiency in hypnosis) is the 5 systematic steps of proven the client attraction / business building process (detailed below), and — with no contacts, no “name recognition” and virtually no out-of-pocket business investment — you’ll be able to:

  • Create a steady stream of high-quality paying clients – eager to book up hypnotherapy / coaching session(s) with you…
  • Immediately get paid higher than average fees for your hypnotherapy / coaching services – even if you’ve never so much as put the word out for clients or charged anyone a single penny for your work…
  • Strategically (and ethically) position yourself as “THE” hypnotherapist / coach everyone will want to work with in your area – and do so even if you are up against a number of very experienced hypnotherapists who have years of experience and expensive ads smeared across the pages of local magazines.
  • Book people in for your hypnotherapy / coaching services without ever having to talk to them on the phone prior to them becoming a client – this takes all the scary-selling out of the dynamic so you never have to suffer personal rejection.
  • Present your prices (fees) in such a way that you don’t meet with any price resistance (like most hypnotherapist / coaches do) – you’ll even be able to charge and get higher fees than all your competition because you’ll be packaging your services / skills in a way that’s far more valuable to the client.
  • Set up a simple (systematic) referral network that makes it almost a “given” that plenty of people will eagerly send you high-quality referral clients – by the way, this has nothing whatsoever to do with “mingling” at those business networking meetings.
  • Advertise your hypnotherapy / coaching services in publications at substantially less – (as much as 50% off) – than what others in your area have to pay – this enables you to “pay for the ad” from the revenue generated from less clients than all your competition is able to.
  • “Expand your value” (and therefore your fee generation sources) far and beyond what most every other hypnotherapist / coach is able to provide – this has nothing whatsoever with being a “better” hypnotherapist or “stringing clients along”, you will actually be transforming more peoples lives and having more of a lasting impact than you could otherwise.
  • Create a balanced “lifestyle business” that is perfectly suited to your unique characteristics, your unique values and the values of the people you would ideally like to work with – you don’t have to fit into a business; the business will fit around you (where you can work full-time, part-time or any hours you choose).

If all that is beginning to sound like a life / business scenario you’d like to have, here are the 5 business system steps covered in the 5 day training that’ll make it all possible for you in 2012:


Joe and I will spend the first day of the 5-day seminar covering exactly what you need to have in place to ensure you have a rock-solid infrastructure (foundational framework) upon which to build and support a hypnotherapy / coaching business that can provide you with a yearly income of $100,000+.

Now, although the critical elements of a rock-solid infrastructure will be the same for everyone – the great thing is we’ll teach you how to “construct” your infrastructure around your unique characteristics as well as the unique characteristics of the type of clientele you want to connect with.

In other words, you are not going to be forced into a “business straightjacket”.

You’ll Be Able To Mold The Business
Around You… Not The Other
Way Round.

That by the way is one of the BIG “secrets” to business success.

Infrastructure is the rock upon which you build your business.

That’s why we cover it – even if hardly any other trainer does.

Anyway, once you have your business infrastructure (“launch pad”) set up the next step you will need to move your hypnotherapy business thorough is:


As you probably know – a hypnotherapy business is a business based on trust.

There are, of course, many ways to convey that trust to potential clients (the most effective of which will be covered at the seminar) — although the fastest, cheapest and most natural way for the necessary level of trust to exist in someone is if they have been referred to you by another person who they already know.

I’m guessing that’s not a revolution to you, right?

But here’s the thing:

Joe and I both know only too well it’s not enough just to expect people to send you referrals because you do a “good job”.

Another thing:

Most hypnotherapists who politely ask their clients, friends and family members for referrals still don’t get any referral clients.

Is that because the hypnotherapist didn’t do a good job? Is it because the client was less than happy with the results (positive changes) they received from their hypnotherapy session(s)? Or was it because the hypnotherapist didn’t attend and “mingle” enough at one of those business networking events?

Actually it’s got little (and in most cases nothing) to do with any of those things.

In fact, when I was discussing the topic of referrals with Joe, he said something very insightful:

“Most hypnotherapists who attempt to generate referral clients do so in a very haphazard way. That’s nowhere near good enough. What they absolutely must have – if they want consistent and predictable results – is a systematic referral process in place.

“And that systematic referral process must be designed and implemented in such a way that not only do people refer people to you, they also refer the type of people who meet your criteria for a high-quality client”.

That, in a nutshell, is exactly what we’ll be training you and showing you how to do on day 2 of the seminar.

This way you’ll know how to consistently and predictably get an influx of referral generated clients.

And those referral generated clients will cost you nothing (or as close to nothing as you can get) to attract into your hypnotherapy / coaching business.

Plus those referrals can put you into positive cash flow (and profit) as soon as the end of the second week of you starting up your hypnotherapy business.

The point:

By simply following the “recipe” you’ll be self-financing your business (growing your capital right off the bat) and have the required funds to invest in:


Why spend a whole day on advertising?

It’s not rocket-science is it?

No, it’s not. Far from it.

But here’s the thing:

There’s a world of difference between advertising and EFFECTIVE advertising.

What’s the definition of an effective advertising?

Simple: An effective advertisement (as defined by me) is an advertisement that generates enough clients to more than pay for the expenditure of placing the ad.

However, if you look at the advertising in local magazines, newspapers and the Yellow Pages from most hypnotherapists (including the “high brow” clinical hypnotherapists) — you will be looking at advertising that does little or nothing in the way of generating fee paying clients for their business.

Remember how I told you about the lady who had a website built (to advertise her hypnotherapy services) and paid $10,000 for it? And remember how I said to the best of my knowledge not one single client had booked in for a hypnotherapy session because of her website?

Do you know why she’s not getting any clients from her website (and why 95% of hypnotherapists never do)?

Well, one of the BIG reasons is most hypnotherapists’ pay-through-the-nose for advertising… that…

Doesn’t “Speak” To The Heart Of
The Emotional Problems Their Potential
Clients Are Experiencing &
Want To Escape.

You absolutely must be able to do that if you want your advertising to deliver clients to you.

And by the way:

We’re not suggesting your advertising has to be “tacky” or filled with the type of over-the-top hype you’d be embarrassed to be associated with.

Not at all.

In fact, at the seminar (on day 3) Joe and I will show you how to put together your own professional, reputation enhancing, integrity-based advertising that effectively communicates your real value to the people who could most benefit from your hypnotherapy services. Joe and I call this…


It is highly ethical.

Extremely simple to put together (you don’t have to hire any expensive advertising consultant).

And most importantly it is very effective at generating high-quality clientele for a professional service business (such as your hypnotherapy / coaching services).

Bottom line:

It Will Cause People To Feel Good About
Contacting You To Either Learn More About Your
Services… Or… Book Up A Session With
You On The Spot.

You don’t need to be a professional ad writer either.

You don’t even need to be very good at writing.

In fact, I will show you real examples of ads (and promotions) that you will be free to “copy and paste” (with some very minor modifications) for your own use.

Plus, Joe and I will show you…

  • How to negotiate the lowest advertising rates with newspapers and magazines.
  • How to position yourself in your advertising as THE ONLY hypnotherapist / coach a potential client will contact (even if your area is flooded with well-established competing hypnotherapists who regularly splash out on expensive ads and are used “ruling the roost”).
  • How to make your advertising pay for itself before you get invoiced by a publication your advertisement is appearing in.
  • And even how to get other businesses in your area to gladly pay for the privilege of sending your advertisement (promoting you) to their own customers/clients.

Now, if that’s all Joe and I taught you about effective advertising you’d be miles ahead of any other hypnotherapist competing in your area.

But we will teach you about (and demonstrate examples of) effective advertising that even most advertising professionals remain unaware of.

For example:

  • We’ll show you how to legally and ethically advertise your hypnotherapy / coaching business for free – no expense whatsoever.
  • We’ll show you how to generate fee paying clients by not advertising your hypnotherapy services. Seriously.
  • And we’ll show you how to combine different forms of advertising as well as different advertising media…

To Exponentially
Increase The Number Of Paying
Clients Your Advertising

Again, there’s nothing tacky or underhand about any of the advertising strategies we’ll be teaching and demonstrating to you.

To be clear: everything that Joe and I teach, everything Joe and I stand for, and everything Joe and I strive to do when conducting business can be summed up in…


An important point (which hopefully resonates with you):

The purpose of the seminar is not just about making money from hypnotherapy / coaching (although we’ll show you how to do that in the most expedient and realistic way possible) – it’s really about connecting with people who need help and then you making a meaningful difference in their life.

That’s the biggest “payoff”.

After all, the most valuable thing you can ever do in life (and the thing that makes you feel best) is when you are able to make an impactful and transformational difference in the life of another person.

It therefore stands to reason that the more people you can connect with and the greater (or more lasting) the transformational change you can facilitate in their life…

The More Valuable You
Become As A Force For
Good In The World.

So on day 4 of the seminar Joe and I will teach you (and demonstrate to you) various ways to “expand your value” as a hypnotherapist / coach.

    • We will show you how to connect with more people who are in need and are deserving of your services…
    • We will show you how to reach out to make an impact in the lives of people all over the country (and even outside your country of residence)…
    • We will show you what the best ways are to “package” your services… and...
    • We will even reveal to you a never-before-seen “value-added invention” that will make groups of people want to flock back to you week after week because of the wonderful therapeutic benefits they will continue to receive.

Put simply:

Day 4 is all about opening your eyes and your vision to the multitude of possibilities available to you — (when you go beyond thinking like a traditional hypnotherapist) — for quadrupling your value and in turn quadrupling the impact you have on the lives of other people.

This way you are able to solve more problems in people’s lives… have more of a lasting impact… and… expand your network of people who have the capacity to refer other people to you. And, of course, the natural extension of all that is…

Your Commercial Value… As Well As
The Revenue You Are Able To Generate…
Will Increase As Well.

Altogether, day 4 of the seminar will really open up your eyes to the multitude of “extra” commercial avenues available to you as a hypnotherapist / coach.

Then, on day 5 we’ll cover:


This is an area both Joe and I have a lot of experience in, and if you get this component right (which you will do with our step-by-step training) you will no longer “see yourself” as just a hypnotherapist / coach providing hypnotherapy services.

Of course you will be a hypnotherapist providing hypnotherapy services to clientele who will financially remunerate you – BUT, you will also become a business strategist.

Now, don’t let the term business strategist scare you off. Really it’s just a fancy way of saying…

You’ll Be Able To See & Navigate The
“Landscape” From 30,000ft Instead Of Trying
To Work It Out From The Bottom
Of A Ditch.

Figuratively speaking of course.

Anyway, here’s the point:

A HUGE “secret” of business success is to spend just as much time (if not more time) working ON your business, as you do IN your business.

Working IN your business is doing all the day-to-day operational stuff that you need to get done (like taking phone calls, responding to email and seeing clients, etc). All that is, of course, necessary.

However, what is also necessary (but which most often gets overlooked or neglected entirely) is to work ON your business. And working ON your business is all about “mentally stepping away” from the day-to-day operations in order to “see” how well your business systems – including infrastructure, referral systems, advertising, and value creation – are working for you.

That is something Joe and I will show you how to do.

We will show you how to break out of the thought patterns of an employee (which will not serve you well when setting up a business model) and transition you into the more expansive mindset of a business owner / entrepreneur.

Then (from the vantage point of a business owner looking “over” your business) we will show you…

How To Smoothly Leverage ALL Your
Business Systems So They Are Each
Firing On All Cylinders.

That’s when business becomes FUN. Streamlined. And highly lucrative.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, either.

In fact, it’s all rather straightforward.

You don’t have to compromise your integrity in any way. Nor do you have to become “someone else” just to get business.

You just need certain business success formulas (which I will give you – including the powerful LOCUS Formula) to “run your business through” and see where areas (systems) could be improved an optimised.


You will also get something I’m most proud of called The Master Plan.


What’s The Master Plan?

Put simply: It’s a step-by-step plan that you can follow to create and implement all the components you will have learned throughout the 5 day seminar.

You don’t walk away from the seminar with your “mental shelving space” filled with information but unsure what to do first when you’re back home or at your office.

See The Master Plan lays out each step you need to follow and in what order. It will even show you how to slot in your business building tasks into specific “pockets” of time. For example, you will be able to say, “Right, on Monday 7th at 10am to 11am I’ll be doing this” and on “Tuesday 8th at 2pm to 4pm I’ll be doing that.” And so on.

In short, The Master Plan

Takes All The Overwhelm, Confusion
& Uncertainty Out Of Setting Up Your
Own Profitable Hypnotherapy / Coaching

It keeps everything very grounded and keeps you laser focussed and on track from day one.

And get this…

The How To Have Your Own Profitable Hypnotherapy Business training program doesn’t stop at the end of the 5 day seminar.

The 5 day seminar is also backed up with 6 months of follow up group coaching!


Here’s how it will work:

Each month for 6 months after the initial 5 day seminar there will be a “booster training” teleconference call hosted by Joe and myself.

On these calls (where we invite participation from you) we’ll cover any issues that may have arisen, challenges you’re facing or any questions you have as your business continues to grow and your client bookings expand.

Therefore, although you will be in business for yourself, you will not be in business by yourself.

Both Joe and I want to be there for you personally doing whatever we can to help you evolve into and succeed as a lucrative private hypnotherapist and/or coach.

Our goal for you is that within 6 months of leaving the 5 day seminar you will have a hypnotherapy / coaching business that is sustainable with a consistent influx of paying clientele that will provide you with a pro-rata $100,000+ income at year end.

With that said, it’s only right I point out that…

The How To Have Your Own Profitable
Hypnotherapy Business Training Program
Might NOT Be Right For You.

I don’t want to mislead anyone here.

And I certainly don’t want to make promises that are beyond our capacity to fulfil on.

So, with that said, despite our best efforts to deliver and coach the best hypnotherapy business building/client attraction system out there — the program is not right for everyone.

Fact is, there will be work involved on your part if you desire a sustainable and lucrative hypnotherapy / coaching business. Granted, it’s not back-breaking work. Nor is it work that only a few super smart people could complete.

However it does require conscious and focused effort on your part nonetheless.

Another thing:

You Will Be Best Served If The Program/Training
You Are Assessing Meets The Following Criteria:

CRITERIA 1:  Is the training program conducted by person(s) who are examples of the materials they teach? Have they used the material, strategies, systems in their own life to create a successful hypnotherapy business?
CRITERIA 2:   Is the training program structured upon and within a framework of core (yet interlinked) systems? Does the training cover and progress you through the 5 systematic steps every hypnotherapist needs to progress through in order to hit $100,000+ per year?
CRITERIA 3:  Does the training provide you with a “take home” plan of action you can follow and implement in a very do-able and realistic way when you are on your own, back in day-to-day life?
CRITERIA 4:  Does the training program incorporate a built-in follow-up training system to deal with any questions you might have, issues that may arise or any challenges you’ve never faced before?

When you are able to confidentially answer “Yes” to all those criteria questions, you
know you’re onto something good. Something valuable. Something that can completely change the quality of your life.

What I must tell you is the stunning venue we are holding this one-time training at is the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort & Casino in the Bahamas!



The resort is right on the world famous white sands of Cable beach.

The great news is I have secured a special group rate at the resort which is a full $80 off a night on the published rates if you decide to stay onsite with me (most attendees will).

The hotel resort charges $249 per room but our group rate is only $169!

Which is AMAZING value considering the hotel and location. Of course if you’re on a very tight budget there are other options available to you.

Plus it’s only a 45 minute hop over from Florida and less than 3 hours even from New York. It will be a balmy 80F or more as well, when much of the rest of the USA and Europe will still be decidedly chilly!

Now if you have already come to your own conclusion that the How To Have Your Own Profitable Hypnotherapy Business training program Joe and I are holding (starting on 28th March 2012) is right for you, then you are probably wondering how much of an investment it will be.

That’s only natural.

So first of all I want to make clear what Joe and I are making available How To Have Your Own Profitable Hypnotherapy Business training program

  • Does not require any expensive franchise fees.
  • There are no on-going licensing fees you have to pay.
  • There are no long-term or restrictive contracts you are penned in by.
  • There are no territorial restrictions imposed upon you (you can operate your business solely in your “own backyard” or anywhere you choose globally).
  • There is no “stock” or ongoing training material you have to purchase from us.
  • You are not tied-in to Joe or I in any way like you are in MLM type opportunities.
  • You can build your business as fast or as slow as you want, to whatever size you want.
  • You can set the hours you want (operating either full-time or part-time around employment or other commitments).
  • You are free to build your own “name brand” with no attachments to or infringements upon anyone else.
  • Nor do you have to pay out a percentage of your business profits to us (like you do in many business training programs)

In short, when you enroll on the How To Have Your Own Profitable Hypnotherapy Business training program all you ever invest is a “capped” tuition fee.

And Joe and I have specifically designed the training program so you are able to…

Recoup Your Tuition Fee From
Just One Or Two Programs We Will
Show You How To Put Together

That is our initial overriding goal for you.

So how much?

Actually, not nearly as much as you might imagine. Especially when we could easily charge $10,000 for the training program and it would still be great value.

But you don’t have to invest $10,000. You don’t have to invest $5,000. And you don’t even have to invest $3,000.

The investment for this unique training is just $2495.

However you can get a $1005 early-bird discount off the training tuition AND split it over 10 easy monthly installments of only $149 if you enroll by the 9th February (and if there are seats left).

Without doing anything other than thinking about all the value you are going to get from the program – you’ll realize you are investing in a lifetime asset here.

You’re investing in something that can generate for you a $100,000+ income in the very first year and you’ll be able to make that (or much more) for the rest of your “working life”, even if you’re taking up to 4 days OFF each week.

So when you think of it like that – your investment in the program is more like money held in a bank account that accrues interest for you that you’d never be able to get (realistically) by holding onto your money elsewhere.

Aside from that, think about this:

If you get booked for just 4 BASIC ($500) packages of hypnotherapy coaching (which we’ll show you exactly how to structure and successfully offer at the seminar) you will be getting paid $500 x 4 = $2,000.

Or, if you get booked for just ONE ($2,000) deluxe package of hypnotherapy coaching (which we’ll show you exactly how to structure and successfully offer at the seminar) you will be getting paid $2,000 from just that ONE package.

Either way – you’d have paid for the entire training program… and still have enough money left over for a large victory dinner with friends and family at the end.

Now, if you get booked for just TWO ($2,000) deluxe packages of hypnotherapy coaching (which we’ll show you exactly how to structure and successfully offer at the seminar) you will be getting paid $4,000.

And that means – you’ll have already made back more that the investment in the entire program and trip… plus…

You Will Have Got A FREE Working Vacation
To The Bahamas To Boot!

So this training (and the 6 months of furthur followup business coaching) and trip to the beautiful Bahamas more than pays for itself very easily (and extremely quickly).

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