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Project 24 is our complete program for helping you earn a full-time income online in just 24 months.  Signing up gets you a 12-month membership to Project 24!  Just use the button below to register now, or read on to learn more about Project 24.

Earn a full-time income Passively online

Want to learn how you can earn an income that could replace your job?  You’ve come to the right place.  Whether you’re looking to actually quit your job, or you just want to pay off debt and save for retirement, you can do it by learning to build income-generating websites.

It is fast and easy?  Not really.  It’s going to take some work and a bit of time.  But we have developed a simple and repeatable path to consistent, mostly passive income from websites you can build in only a matter of months.

Whether you’re a techie or a total beginner, we’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to build a website that attracts thousands of people every month and earns you an income.  We’ll show you how to use these websites to replace your full-time income in about 24 months.

It’s time to get started!

We’re Jim and Ricky

We’ve built several sites and it has completely changed our lives.  If you haven’t seen it, I invite you to watch this video to hear how Jim’s Project 24 impacted him and his family.

That’s where Project 24 Comes In

Project 24 is our completely immersive program designed to help you achieve the same success we have.  This isn’t a course.  This is an entire program.

Here’s what you get!

Our 60-step action plan we use on every site we build.

4+ more courses, teaching you exactly how we create great content and market our sites.  New courses are being added all the time, and you get access to all of them.  We’re not holding anything back!

Complete access to the Project 24 Community.  We’re hosting an exclusive community for Project 24 members where all of us, Jim and Ricky included, will be working on our sites and helping each other.  We’ve used this model in the last few months of Niche Site School and it was tremendously helpful.

If that’s all you got, it would be amazing!  You would have all the resources you need to build a successful site.  But we’re not done yet.

Here are a couple more bonuses we’re throwing in.

Bonus #1.  An exclusive Project 24 podcast that will be released in seasons.  Jim and Ricky will use your input and questions from the Project 24 community to record a podcast tailored to your needs.

Bonus #2.  Our regularly updated list of hundreds of ideas for website topics with our scoring system, ranked by score.  In many cases, you’ll even get our comments on what we think of the topic.

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  1. spartak

    Hello Admin, the creators of this course recently announced that they updated the course slightly. Would you be able to check the source and update/re-upload the content here on imwarriortools, please?

    • Hi Spartak,

      As I checked from my source, theres no update yet.


  2. leonangus

    Hi so I am so thankful for you posting the pdf link to join the group for this course. It actually lets you sign up as a newb with no course purchase. However they are now changing the group to a new one. They said to gain access you will have to go onto the course dashboard and click ‘Recent additions’. There is also a link to a plugin there for site building and there is also a new video too. Would you be able to add these files to the link please. Maybe in the first folder so its easy for us to find after. Thanks

    • Hi Leonangus.

      As of now the latest additions is not available in all my resources. I will add it in our site as soon as I get it.


  3. spartak

    Can someone clarify whether all the content from this course is uploaded here? Are all the course materials uploaded or not?

    Thank you

      • spartak

        Dear Admin, since you have a full access to the content, would you be kind and check whether those 60 steps course along with PDF’s are present in the second folder, as it was mentioned by other users as well?
        This is crucial.

        Thank you again.

          • spartak

            Hi Admin. Yes, it seems all the steps are there, more or less. Thank you for your response.

            • spartak

              Hello. I’ve just checked the materials in folder 02, “60 steps to a successful site”.
              These videos are not working. Can you please upload them again?
              01-Action 1—Watch the video on choosing a topic
              06-Yoast SEO Setup
              08-Knocking Out the Competition
              08-Response Post Hit List
              09-Writing and Formatting Posts
              21-Resizing Images
              22-How to Make a Resource Page
              38-Action 38—Learn how to promote your site
              39-Action 39—Record your First YouTube Video – Income School
              39-Your First YouTube Video
              41-Action 41—Record a How To Video – Income School
              44-How to Create a Pillar Post
              58-YouTube Video for Recommended Gear Pages – DUPLICATE with 57
              60-26 Ways to Get Banned from Amazon’s Affiliate Program

              • Hi Spartak,

                Please check our update folder.


                • spartak

                  Thanks Admin. The update folder contains videos that work. If I find something that is missing, I will get back. Cheers.

  4. jrboy

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I was able to view the information in folder 2 for 60 steps. The folder is missing the actual course. The folder has 1 PDF and the video How To Get The Most Out Of This Course, but the actual course for the 60 Steps is missing. Thanks.

    • So far thats all we have. I will add new files as soon as I get it.


  5. jrboy

    Thanks for the course; it is great. There seems to be missing files. There is a 60 steps course listed, but the videos and PDF’s for the 60 steps are not included. Will you be able to add those please?

    • Hi Jrboy,

      We have 1 pdf and 1 video in our folder 2 60 steps. Is that what your looking?


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