Russell Brunson here, and webinars helped me grow ClickFunnels in a few short years from zero to over $100,000,000+ in revenue.

In my latest book, Expert Secrets, the primary vehicle I teach to become the expert – and to get paid for it handsomely is…

You guessed it…


And has it helped the 140,000+ people who have bought a copy of Expert Secrets? You Bet!

Which is why I’m reaching out to you today.

I am releasing a brand new training program called Webinar Blueprint. And get this…

It’s Better Than Free To You!

First, to get complete access to this brand new training costs you nothing upfront.

Only after you go through it… and only if you feel it was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you or more… Only then we will process your credit card for a measly $100.

If, however, you feel the training was only worth tens of thousands of dollars to you… or it was 4 out of 5 stars, instead of 6 out of 5 stars… then you have 10 days after the training to drop us a line at http://support.clickfunnels.com …

And you’ll be charged nothing.

Wait! It Gets Better STILL…

Jason Fladlien is known as the $100 Million Dollar Webinar Man because that’s the results he has produced from his webinars and webinar trainings!

I’m one half of The Webinar Blueprint product.

The other half is my friend, Jason Fladlien, who has personally taught me more about making money with webinars than anyone else on the planet.

When I combined all the powerful things I’ve discovered about doing webinars that make millions…

With the additional techniques that Jason showed me – techniques that have produced over $100,000,000+ in sales for him –

Well, it’s downright unfair.

That’s why Jason is one of the most-quoted individuals in my Experts Secrets book.

Yet, it’s hard to get advice from Jason without paying the big, big bucks – which puts him out of reach of most people, especially those just getting started online.

However, I know something about Jason.

He loves ClickFunnels. He’s one of our biggest fans, and uses it across all of his many different businesses. He’s in our Two Comma Club…

And even has built a ClickFunnels funnel that did over $10,000,000. He is one of our top ClickFunnels affiliates.

Using this as leverage – plus the enticing fact of helping tens of thousands of people all at once – was how I was able to do the almost impossible and get Jason to share his secrets with you for just $100…

And only allowing you to pay us for it after the training is over and you’re 1000% satisfied with it.

Here’s how it works.

The Webinar Blueprint

A successful webinar has two distinct parts. The webinar itself, and the funnel the webinar lives in.

A good webinar with a great funnel can do well.

A great webinar with a good funnel can do well.

Yet a great funnel with a great webinar isn’t just a small, incremental improvement. It’s exponential. It’s life changing. It’s when you put 1 and 1 together and you don’t get 2… you get 11.

With the right webinar and the right funnel, there probably isn’t anything you can’t accomplish in your business and in your life. True.

Jason has obsessed with becoming the best at the actual webinar itself… and I’m going to pull out every secret of his that I can. He has promised me that he’ll answer completely and fully any question I ask him for up to two hours straight.

I don’t think he realizes what he has gotten himself into!

Then, we flip it. Jason grills me on everything related to webinar funnels. Nothing is off-topic or out of bounds. I’m sworn to the same promise he made to me…

To reveal as much as a possible about profit producing webinars for up to two hours straight.

Here Is Just A Taste Of The Secrets Revealed On The Webinar Blueprint Training:

  • How Jason was able to sell $9.7 million dollars worth of product in 8 days as an affiliate… HINT: he was the only one to use webinars in this particular way…
  • What Russell has discovered analyzing over one hundred thousand funnels (others will have to spend years of trial-and-error to reap these benefits, while you’ll instantly get them handed over to you!)
  • How Jason’s biggest and most embarrassing mistake turned into his best webinar closing rate ever. And how you can ethically replicate it to make insane amounts of money.
  • The shift Russell made in his funnel when promoting ClickFunnels that catapulted his growth and success virtually overnight. (It doesn’t make sense on the surface, which is why nobody does it… but it works sooooo much better!)
  • Why you should NEVER handle objections in your webinar… and what you should do instead. It seems counter-intuitive, but it will make complete sense the second I say it.
  • How to double the sales of a webinar by promoting the same exact webinar to the same exact people twice. This means you can create less webinars, and make more money.
  • The #1 reason most people’s webinar fail (and what you can do to make sure your webinar is a massive success)
  • How to balance selling and teaching in your webinar. There’s a heated debate about how much you should and shouldn’t teach in webinars. But sales tell all – and after 100 Million dollars in webinar sales, Jason developed a simple equation that will show you exactly how much to teach and how much to sell, in order to produce the maximum profit for your offer.
  •   How to create free bonuses that are even more valuable than your core offer… with ZERO extra work on your part! (Hint: this may be the biggest webinar secret of all!)
  •   How to make limited offers on evergreen webinars, even if the offer can’t be evergreen.
  • Why webinars are perfect for the shyest people… (in fact, in this case, not facing your fear will likely make you even more money.)
  • How to sell on a webinar, even if you hate selling and are terrible at it. Maybe for you, selling is hard… scary even… And that’s totally normal. But here’s the good news… if you get this one part of your webinar right, you barely have to sell at all and you can still have massive success!
  • The scarcity compounder – this is the secret to getting people to take action… and no one else is teaching it! The truth is, nothing is better at getting people to buy than urgency and scarcity… But it works even better if you do something called scarcity compounding.
  • A proven psychological stacking technique that supercharges (and speeds up) your audience’s desire to buy from you.
  • How you can easily make an extra $5,000 by staying on the webinar for just 7 more minutes. This strategy alone has made us at least an extra $1,000,000.00
  • How to destroy writer’s block, and get your webinar done in half the time! Writer’s block is by far the biggest reason people fail with webinars… because most people never finish writing it! But I’m going to show you how one simple thought-shift can completely eliminate it, and allow you to effortlessly crank out your entire webinar in a single night.
  •   The “10X Sales Template” for selling more of your products and services through webinars, no matter what industry you’re in.
  • A 4-part formula you can use to easily (and persuasively) sell almost anything. Simply fill-in-the-blanks and selling becomes almost effortless….
  • Jason’s “Webinar Content Roadmap” for creating valuable, engaging, “can’t-look-away” webinar content that gets people excited to do business with you and sets up desire for your offer, products, and service.
  • OFFER MASTERY: A simple formula for crafting compelling offers that 10x your cash flow. Jason reveals everything you need to know about cash-getting offers, and lays it out for you step-by-step in this 3-part formula…
  • The BIGGEST MISTAKE that prevents people from selling high-ticket items (and what YOU should do instead so you can easily sell high priced products and services.)
  • The single greatest proof element you can ever use in your selling, marketing and webinars… AND 4 ways to make your claims and promises more believable and trustworthy.

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