I recently held a closed-door “invitation only” workshop. The only people that were allowed to attend were the current members of my completely sold-out $25,000.00 coaching club and mastermind group. We started at 9am each morning, took a minimum of breaks, a short lunch, and the 23 people in the room voted to skip dinner altogether both nights and listen to me “spill my guts” until almost 9pm on Thursday… and almost 10pm on Friday night.

I finally called it quits just before 10pm Friday so we could head down to the hotel lobby and eat dinner before they closed food service at 11pm… the workshop attendees did not want me to stop “rolling”…. and anyone that has seen me speak at John Reese’s Traffic Secrets event, or at Yanik’s Underground Marketing event knows what I mean when I say “I was rolling”…. stuff was just spilling out of my brain at a thousand miles an hour!

There were several other presenters including…

Stephen Pierce: Project and Process Engineering… how to make your business and your marketing strategies run like a well oiled machine. I have personally paid Stephen thousands for his business building coaching and now you get to see him cover what I consider to be some of the most important “keys” to business success.

Jason Potash: How to effectively create, optimize, and promote your business, sales, incoming links and clicks using the power of Article Submissions… this wasn’t just article submission … this was a complete SEO based article submission strategy that Jason has perfected over the years.

Bob Silber: My personal Internet Lawyer and the man who had all the “is it legal to do this ” answers… they just kept them coming and coming and Bob kept answering them like a true professional.

Tom Bell: Ad Netowork CPM and CPA superstar revealed some of his most fundamental secrets of this “lose money fast if you aren’t careful” business. Tom is a paid traffic genius.

David Cusimano (data-feed expert): David is the man behind the datafeed sites that I’ve mentioned several times before and he gave several hours of solid content that walks you though the process of using datafeeds to build your feeder site empire.

… but the majority of the event … by far… was just me and my Brain swimming with proven, highly profitable ideas that I was willing to openly share with my $25,000.00 coaching club clients!

Here is just a sampling of the material I covered in the 2 day workshop:

Automated Self-Building Blogs… Your 24 hour Automated @dsense Money Machine – I have never discussed these “auto-pilot”, self installing profit machines before, anywhere… and I may never share them ever again. They are extremely powerful and I don’t want to have another “blog and ping” orgy on my hands!

Instant Community Sites and why the big money is saying that you need to build these today…. to cash in on the hottest new trend on the internet today!

How to use datafeeds to effortlessly crank out content-rich pages by the Millions!

How to quickly and easily explode your ads@nse profits without breaking a sweat!

How to build your own highly effective one-way incoming links network for maximum pager@nk… without buying or trading a single link!
How to apply the “Rule of 5000” to explode your internet presence… and even profit from the 90% of your sites that will fail!

Now there are a few “caveats” I have to mention about this workshop and the resulting DVDs an Audio CD sets…

First, this event was not an “A-Z” mapping of my “feeder site ” and “money site” network building strategies. If you are a complete “newbie” to my “blog and ping” and “feeder sites and money sites” methods of site building than these 25k Coaching DVDs might be over your head.

You have to remember, the only attendees at this workshop were the members of my coaching club and these people have studied with me for the last few months so they didn’t need, nor want, me to cover the basics of my system… I already produced dozens and dozens of hours of videos, audios, and power-points for them to study over the last few months.

Not to mention the fact that they could email me with any specific questions they had, or set up a personal one-on-one call so they certainly didn’t want me to waste their time at the workshop covering the basics all over again.

Rather, it was a hands-on workshop where I pulled together several of the major points we focused on in the coaching group, and I introduced several brand-spanking-new systems that I designed specifically for my coaching group… and even they had never seen these systems prior to the workshop that is contained on these DVDs!

Second, I have never seen the footage on these DVDs so I may not always be “correct”… I make mistakes and standing on your feet and talking for 13 hours a day starts to take its toll on your mind, body and soul!

If I later find some of the items contained in these DVDs to be “incorrect” I’ll be sure to immediately notify any and all holders of the DVDs and provide the necessary updates…. even if that means I have to burn new DVDs, host a free tele-coaching class, or even host a new seminar to make it right. Whatever I feel it takes to make it right, I’ll do it.

Finally, if I agree to sell you copies of this limited edition 25k Coaching DVD and Audio CD set you need to agree to, and acknowledge and accept the “terms and conditions” found on my site

Furthermore, you have to agree to, and acknowledge the fact that I will be recording the tele-coaching classes and that I reserve the right to distribute those recordings in any “way, shape, or form” I choose to. If an aspect about your business is confidential in nature then do not bring it up on the tele-coaching calls for “everyone else to hear”, unless you intend for “everyone else to hear”.

Since this is not an “A-Z” step-by-step course… I’m willing to bet that you’ll have a lot of questions that need to be answered in order to “fill in the gaps”. So, if you are one of the few lucky ones to receive this very limited DVD and Audio CD set… I’ll host at least 3 tele-coaching classes for the entire DVD buying group to personally do my best to answer as many questions as you may have.

I’ll give everyone a chance to review the 25k Coaching DVD and Audio CD set before I begin the 3 bonus tele-coaching calls but I would expect them to take place within 2 weeks of the shipment of the DVD and Audio CD sets.

I will also record these tele-coaching calls and make them available to you for download shortly after the calls take place…. review them as often as you would like… even burn them to CD

Now, I’m not going to be your “pen-pal” and spend the rest of my life answering your emails… but I will be collecting your “reasonable” questions and answering them for you on the tele-coaching calls. And since this is a very limited offer chances are that your specific question will be answered, and you may even be able to ask a few of them live on the calls. These are not “one on one” calls… they will be group calls that will be held for the benefit of everyone at the same time.

How much are these calls worth?

The last time I accepted personal phone coaching clients I offered them the right to talk to me for the low, low price of $2500.00 per hour… so if the 3 group calls last for 4 hours I’d say you’d be getting about $15,000.00 worth of phone consultations from me… as a bonus for buying the 25k Coaching DVD and Audio CD set today.

Here is a screen shot of the actual application form I used at Yanik’s Underground Seminar in April 2005… This was the same event where I completely sold-out my coaching $25, 000.00 coaching group and had to turn people away with “checks in hand”!

One hour “Hour of Power Phone Consultation with Jeff Sorry, I don’t have the time to commit to a full blown intensive membership program and coaching club but I would like to have Jeff sit down with me and discuss a “game plan” for growing my online business. Jeff will give me one hour of personal one-on-one phone consulting and will also put together a brief outline for me that outlines his plan for growing my business and a list of resource I should look into using. I understand that Jeff isn’t making income guarantees, but will make what he believes are solid, useable steps that should help me grow. The price for the one-on-one “hour of power” phone consulting is $2500.00 payable in full today. Jeff is reserving the right to limit the number of consultations given, and won’t charge my card if he can’t accept me.

How Much Are These 25k Coaching DVDs , Audio CDs, and Tele-Coaching Classes Worth?

The only attendees at this workshop were members of my completely sold out $25,000.00 coaching club… So I’d say that these DVDs, Audio CDS, and Tele-Coaching calls are worth a hell of a lot more than the $3097.00 I’m asking today!

What Do You Get If You Order Today?

The entire event was professionally recorded and was produced with minimal editing for my $25,000.00 coaching club… and for you… but only if you are one of the lucky few to get in on this limited opportunity!

I have not even seen the 17 hours of raw footage myself so it will be a minimally edited for “dead spaces” and will truly be a “no-holds barred” replay of that extremely private closed-door workshop.

The 25k Coaching Seminar set contains 9 DVD videos and also the entire audio from the event on MP3 Audio CDs… almost 15 hours of rock-solid “no holds barred” content…

Like I said… I’ll send you the very same DVD and Audio CDs that I’m sending to my $25,000.00 coaching club… several of them weren’t able to attend so I promised to record EVERYTHING for them! The only way to make sure that you see the “meat” is to buy this DVD and Tele-coaching package today, right now.

PLUS: Three “Closed Door” Tele-Coaching Classes

Since these DVDs are “rough” and “uncut”, I am also going to give you some follow-up support. Now remember, I charge $2500.00 an hour, so I am NOT going to hold your hand or take individual calls from you.

But I will host at least 3 group tele-coaching classes for everyone who buys this package, and I will do my best to personally answer as many questions as you have.

I will also record these tele-coaching calls and make them available to you for download shortly after the calls take place…. review them as often as you would like… even burn them to CD

I tend to get pretty wound-up on these type of calls, and they could easily go two hours each.

If these calls last a total of 6 hours, at my $2500 per hour that is the equivalent of $15,000.00 – just to have me answer your questions. And I am throwing these group tele-coaching calls in as a bonus for ordering the DVD and Audio CD set today, right now.

So What Is This Going to Cost You?

I’m willing to give you the 25k Coaching DVD and Audio CD set, the 3 Tele-Coaching Classes and the recordings of such, for $3097 and I’ll even throw in free shipping!

Download Files Size: 7.76GB

Download Link Below.

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