What You Get:


    • Chamber of Commerce Slides

      Get table rushed like a pro and present like the expert you want to be


    • Onboarding Documents

      Get your clients spilling the beans and find problems to solve in 15 minutes.


    • Customer Research That Works

      Unlock your lead’s wallets with 5 questions and pre-test your campaigns.


    • Front Desk Appt Setting Scripts

      Get your client’s front desk closing 50% more appointments.
    • Auto Updating Database

      Keep your clients 3x longer and wow them with your dollar driven leads.
    • Prove Your Leads Are Legit

      Keep your clients 75% more often by proving what you’re doing is working.
    • Jeff & Andrews 2 Hour HBO Special

      Get behind the scenes on how we work, get results, and grow.
    • The 4 #MEC Miami Presentations

      Featuring Jeff Miller, Steph Snz, Andrew Kroeze, and Arne Giske
    • Cold Emailing Masterclasses

      The Scripts, Templates, and Tech Setup That’ll Get You 3-5 Appts A week


    • Martial Arts Masterclass

      with Jamie Eldridge


    • Massage Spa Masterclass

      With Steph Snz


    • Soap Operas Masterclass

      With Danny Velez


    • Med Spa Masterclass

      with Kris & Simon


    • Facebook Bots Masterclass

      With Mack


    • TV Masterclass

      With JR Rivas


    • Restaurant Masterclass

      with Matt Plapp


    • Holiday Ads Masterclass

      With Steph


    • E-Commerce Masterclass

      With Robert


    • VA Masterclass

      with Brandon


    • Its a  BOOK

      Written By Jeff


    • SOP & Automation Masterclass

      With Ravi Abuvala


    • Call Close Sales Masterclass

      with​ Alex Schlinsky


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