Anyways, here’s the big idea:

So we’re in the Entertainment Economy, right?

And most ads?


Nobody wants to see ’em.


They’re hovering over that 5 second timer waiting to “skip ad” and get back to watching Mr. Beast slime into a cheez-whiz onesie and Scrooge McDuck himself into a vault of 1 billion jelly beans.


But what if your ad was JUST as awesome?


What if they didn’t know it was an ad at all?


What if they KNEW it was an ad…


Because it was MORE entertaining than what they were doing in the first place?

Bingo bango, makin’ it rainbow.

You get it now.

But I’m no Marty McFly.

This ain’t a prediction.

I’m not palm-reading the future of marketing like some kind of bootleg Nostradamus.

This is happening now.

Right now.

So if your marketing ain’t…






…then you’re gonna get smoked.

Which means?

The hack-jobs who ain’t even HALF as good as you are?

But their ads are twice as exciting?

They could knock you flat.


Hopefully won’t happen.

But could.


Unless you do something about it, right?

So you’re either getting on board, or you’re squattin’ on the dock.

Either way, this ship’s gonna sail.

So what we’re gonna do?

Here’s how we see it:

People don’t buy from companies…

They buy from people.

So when you treat ’em like a human?

And talk to ’em like you’ve know ’em your whole life?

So your full-flavored, unfiltered personality is on display?

With a rice crispy wit that’s all snap crackle pop?

And you’re shootin’em straight?

No bull-crappin’?

Not hiding anything?

Giving ’em all the facts, with the good and bad?

They’ll trust you.

They’ll listen.

And when you flex your personality?

Talk to ’em like how you think?

And like how you talk?

Like I’m doing here?

You’ll attract the folks who like you for who YOU are.

Not for whatever stuff you said to ’em.

Which means…

You can quit telling ’em what you think they want to hear…

And start telling ’em what you have to say.

How you want to say it.

And suddenly?

If we do it right?

Which doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does?


That’s an order.

Or an appointment booked.

Or a phone call coming in.

Which is why it works nearly anywhere:

Slingin’ second-hand swag on FB marketplace…

Booking calendars with sales calls…

Wipin’ the floor with your Amazon FBA store…


Whatever you need.

Whatever you want to happen.

That’s what can happen.


Not always.

But hopefully.



Because when you duct-tape your personality to a hot rocket?

And you 4th of July that boom-noodle into the sky?

And it KUH-WHOOMPS a kick to your heart that makes you go “whoa. let’s do that again!”

That’s what Snappy ads can do.

At least that’s just a piece of what it can do.

Because there’s more than I feel like remembering.

Wait, what was the question?

Oh right.

So there’s a mini course on this whole thing.

67 bucks.

It’s got the whole method.

It’s simple. To the point.

I mean, it ain’t rocket surgery.

Don’t need fifty modules with 90 minute sessions.

Just a couple workshop recordings (the second one is wayyyy more fun than the first, you’ll see why)…

A few other simple tutorials…

And a buncha examples.

More getting uploaded all the time.


So checkit.

Think I said this, but it’s 67 bucks.


Easy to blow through.

Don’t need to sit in front of your computer.

Listen to ’em while doin’ yardwork…

Driving to the thing…

Or even somersaulting down a lake honestly I don’t care.

It’s your life.

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