The Exact 5 Step Plan To Launch A Profitable Digital Course In Any Industry
(And Scale It into 50-100 sales a month)

Without A Following, An Email List, Launches And Even If Nobody Knows Who You Are.

Digital Course Academy Will Teach You…

  • How to package up your knowledge and expertise into a highly profitable online course that you can sell for (In some cases ). And YES, the right people will pay that!
  • The 3 critical mistake that most people make with their online course that is setting them up to fail before they even launch.
  • ​Our unique strategy for scaling courses from zero to a month in less than 14 days.
  • ​The ‘3 tier structure’ your course must follow before you launch. (This is 10x more important than you sales funnel and/or traffic)

Here’s What’s Included In The Program:

Lesson 1 – Welcome and Introduction

A deep dive into how I’ve been able to generate over in online course sales. The things you MUST do and the things to absolutely NOT do if you want to be successful. Also, how to architect a digital course that is prepared in the right way to scale into 6 and even 7 figures without any hiccups.

I also cover why your sales funnel and ads mean diddly squat unless you package and position your course correctly using my ‘3 tier structure’.

Lesson 2 – How To Approach Your Course

How to approach your course with clarity and certainty, and how to remain focussed on the things that will drive results forward.

There are also certain things that we purposely build into our courses (that you should to) that help leave customers absolutely delighted with the training and begging to spend more money with you. We will dive into all this in this lesson.

Lesson 3 – Bringing Your Idea To Life

Most people get STUCK at the ‘idea’ phase. Perhaps that’s you? You know you have knowledge, expertise or a skill set that is worth something. You know that what you have can help people and you’d love to be able to sell a course teaching what’s in your head, but… it remains an idea.

You have no idea how you should even approach creating a course. Is there even a market for it? Would anyone even buy it? How should I teach it? How long should the course be? What tools do I use?

The list goes on and on.

In this lesson we will get you crystal clear on how to bring your idea to life and get ready to start selling!

  Lesson 4 – Structuring Your Course Content

In this lesson I will break down for you the exact structure I use in all of my courses. It’s the exact same structure I teach all my clients as well. This lesson is all about how to actually teach your course.

How many lessons should I have? How many modules? Should I use video or PDFs? How do I record the lessons? etc. There is a very specific way that you should plan, prepare and teach your course content and I’ll show you the entire thing.

We also go into naming your course, naming your modules and how to position your course to MAKE SURE that your customers actually go through your program and not just shelve it.

Lesson 5 – Structuring The Offer

This lesson is all about how to actually SELL your course. So many people get this wrong and it KILLS sales! You can’t just tell people about your course and expect them to buy it, that’s lazy. You also don’t want to go into brain-numbing detail about what’s included, that’ll actually turn them off.

You MUST position your course as an offer. Not just any old offer, something that sounds and feels utterly irresistible. The kind of irresistible that has people throwing any money they have at the laptop screen and they’re not even sure why.

That’s an ‘offer’ and that’s the feeling that I’m going to teach you to create. This skill alone is worth 10x the investment in the entire Digital Course Academy program and will have you selling your course like hot cakes.

Lesson 6 – Structuring The Offer Part 2

This section is so vital that I needed to break it into 2 parts. Part one (above) breaks down the psychology of how you position an offer that feels irresistible and how you trigger the buying receptors in your potential customers minds. Part 2 goes into the specifics the practical steps you need to take.

In part 2, I teach you the ‘perfect price’ to charge for your industry, as well as what I like to call ’no mans land’ (the pricing you should avoid at all costs). We also go into how to describe your offer plus how to get unsure potential customers off the fence. In fact, I even tell you the exact bonuses that I have found to work time and time again and that work in basically any industry.

Lesson 7 – The Members’ Area Layout

This lesson might sound laborious, but hang in there! It’s absolutely crucial to the success of your course. You must create your membership area in a very specific way or the whole process will fall apart.

Everything you do on the other side of the login screen should be purposeful. From the welcome video, the course structure, how many tabs you have, how the course content is displayed to the oversell layout, everything has a purpose.

Surprisingly I’ve found that less is more and simplicity wins. I’ll show you introduction lessons you NEED to have inside your members area and the critical mistakes to AVOID.

Lesson 8 – Testimonials (The Secret Weapon)

You’ve seen testimonials being used to sell courses right?

Heck, I even have a bunch scattered down this page to help entice you to buy this course. Well, what’s interesting is just how well they work. In this lesson I share an example of how to how I literally DOUBLED my sales of one course by adding the right testimonials to the right page.

Obviously, it goes without saying that the testimonials must be real stories from real students and of course, everyone starts somewhere so you may not have any right now. Fear not! I will teach you in this module how to MAKE SURE your students actually implement your training, how to gather your success stories and then how to use them effectively to help sell more.

Lesson 9 – Your Affiliate Army

I have earned close to in sales that didn’t require me to lift a finger. I didn’t have to run any ads, build any audiences, post any content… nothing. I had affiliates promoting my courses for me. It’s literally FREE money!

Building an army of affiliates should be a goal of anyone selling an online course. You have no hard costs, the deliverables are all digital, so it’s very easy to recruit affiliates who can’t wait to sell your course for you an earn an attractive commission.

In this module I will teach you everything about the affiliate world. What commission you should offer, where to find affiliates and what affiliate network to use.

Lesson 10 – Next Steps


By the time you hit lesson 10 you should already have your course planned out, the content structured and the offer ready to sell. In lesson 10, I will share with you the next steps for you and your course.

I’ll share with you what you should be focusing on to sell as many copies of you course, as quickly as you can and I’ll dive into the key differences between a course that sells 5 figures and ones that scale to 7 figures and beyond. This is the goods right here!

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