I’m kinda pumped about this…
Yep, this will teach you every single step to build an AI Chatbot, powered by ChatGPT.
“But is it just a chatbot clone of ChatGPT? Why on earth would I need that?? We… um… kinda already have ChatGPT”

🏆 Nope, not just a clone. I’ll show you how to train the bot on your client’s knowledge & FAQs, and answer exactly like a better version of their current support rep. 😎

🏆 Oh, and the bot will be laser-focused on generating leads for your client.

🏆 Oh, and the bot will auto-magically send leads off to Zapier or anywhere else (via webhook) so the possibilities with this are kinda endless.

🏆 Oh, and this isn’t just a course… I’m providing the full app license, too, so you can launch today, and learn tomorrow.

💪 Like I said, I’m kinda pumped. When I started this thing, I set out to change my students lives & livlihoods (like NoCode changed mine), and I really believe this one can do just that.

🤔 And, if you’re not ready to start a business, but just want to learn how to build cool stuff with #NoCode, what better way than to do it alongside the most cutting-edge AI software on the planet?

😎 This course caters to newbies and experts alike. It starts with beginner concepts, and slowly progresses to more advanced material along the way.

🚀 So, what’re you waiting for? Join today! 👇

  • Why Build an AI Chatbot?
  • Done-For-You Apps Rock & Suck at the Same Time
  • Be Category King, Even in a Saturated Market
  • ChatLead AI Overview
  • ChatGPT Prompt Design
  • Branding 101
  • Design Prep: Styles & Colors
  • Design: The Chat Widget
  • Design: The Login Page
  • Design: The Signup Page
  • Design: The Sidebar
  • Design: The Conversations Page
  • Design: The Lead Profile
  • Design: The Leads List Page
  • Design: The Widget Configuration Page
  • Design: The Settings Page
  • Design: The Integrations Page
  • Design: The Onboarding Page
  • Database Structure
  • Database Security
  • API ChatGPT Integration
  • API – Get Messages
  • API – Send Message (part 1)
  • API – Send Message (part 2)
  • API – Get Conversation
  • Integration – Zapier
  • Integration – Webhooks
  • Workflows & Logic – The Signup Page & Payment Collection
  • Workflows & Logic – The Login Page + Postmark Email Setup
  • Workflows & Logic – The Reset Password Page
  • Workflows & Logic – The Sidebar
  • Workflows & Logic – The Conversations Page (Part 1)
  • Workflows & Logic – The Conversations Page (Part 2)
  • Workflows & Logic – The Lead Profile
  • Workflows & Logic – The Leads List Page
  • Workflows & Logic – The Widget Configuration Page
  • Workflows & Logic – The Settings Page
  • Workflows & Logic – The Integrations Page
  • Workflows & Logic – The Onboarding Page
  • Workflows & Logic – Admins & Permissions
  • Workflows & Logic – The Chat Widget
  • Loose Ends & Testing
  • Go Live & Connect Your Domain

Sales Page: https://nocodeadvantage.com/aichatbotpro

Download Files Size: 36.10GB

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