Build a repurposing and distribution engine in Less Than 60 Minutes

Develop Your System • Maximize Your Budget • Grow Your Business

Content Repurposing Roadmap is a totally new way to build and grow a content marketing engine

What’s in Content Repurposing Roadmap?

  • Systems and frameworks: Audit your existing content to discover what’s worth repurposing (with step-by-step instructions). Learn the three types of content you need (with real-life examples). Build a distribution doc library (with the exact template and framework I use every single week).
  • Instant results: Stop staring at a blank screen. Go from having no plan to a full distribution calendar in less than 7 days.
  • Everything to start: Full video lessons, detailed examples, and fill-in-the-blank templates.

Who is this course for?

01 You’re a marketer who’s tired of creating content only to have it sit in an archive and make zero impact.

02 You have a ton of existing content, but you have no clue how to distribute it to your audience.

03 You want to get off of the content creation treadmill and have more time for strategy and creativity.

Your content isn’t king if no one sees it.Most companies have invested in creating great content but don’t know when or where to share it.Distribution is the most overlooked, yet fundamental strategy to effective content marketing.You want to take your content strategy to the next level and are looking for a proven system to get this job done.I’ve created a step-by-step framework that takes out all the guesswork. So you can work smarter, not harder.You’ve mastered content creation.It’s time to focus on distribution.Over time we build enormous content libraries.But most of the content is collecting dust.We don’t need to hit a production quota.We need a strategy that gets eyeballs on our content and drives revenue for the business.That’s exactly why I created Content Repurposing Roadmap.This course gives you a framework to distribute all of your content so it will stop collecting dust and start getting attention.

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