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Why The Old Way Of Local Marketing Is Dying Fast, And How To Beat Your Competition To The Front Of The New Wave Of Local Niche Experts…

You’re about to upgrade your local marketing business.

We’re on the look for a select few coaching students to be at the front of the line to work with Kevin and Ed and become the first highly specialized consultants to lead the way toward the new and easier way to succeed in local marketing…

Kevin and Ed will personally be taking a select group of local business owners step by step to upgrade the FIVE most important components in their businesses: the niche, their marketing, sales, services, and automating their operations. By the end of your time with these two experts, you’ll have a chosen niche market that pays top dollar, you’ll know how to market to them efficiently and effectively, AND you’ll be automating your entire operation.

Here’s what these upgraded entrepreneurs are about to receive…

12 Weeks Of Hands On Coaching: For the next twelve weeks, these upgraded entrepreneurs will be personally coached by Kevin and Ed to have successful local niche marketing businesses. This type of access to Kevin and Ed would normally cost $2,000 per hour, but it’s included in your decision to join Local Niche Authority Blueprint today.

The Done For You Business: You’ll also have all the hard lifting done for you, because Kevin and Ed will give you their checklists, systems and processes, and their outsourcing documents, so you can start automating your business together just like theirs, just as if you were going into business together. You’ll also receive their proven marketing materials, including their prospect letters, postcards, follow up campaigns and even their sales presentations!

Our Hand-Picked BEST Niche Markets: Rather than spend the next year beating your head against the wall in a market that is a waste of your time, you’ll benefit from Kevin and Ed’s list of hand-selected markets that we know will be profitable. Choosing one of these markets will save you thousands in wasted costs and will put you on the path to success from DAY ONE.

Unlimited Access To The Local Niche Authority Blueprint Facebook Group: Masterminds can cost anywhere from $5,000 per year to $50,000 per year, but you’ll have complimentary access to the Local Niche Authority Blueprint Facebook Group to get your questions answered quickly, as well as network with other upgraded entrepreneurs that are going through the program. As a result, you’ll benefit from the experiences and the successes of other winners who will draw you up by sharing their knowledge and experience with you. You will never be alone through this entire “upgrading” process.

Free Access To Local Sales Automator: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a sales person on staff putting money into your pocket? Imagine having big ticket sales coming into your bank account with you doing any of the selling. Local Sales Automator is our latest product that is not currently available to the public, and you’ll get free advanced access to it as part of your training inside of Local Niche Authority Blueprint.

For The First Twenty Upgraded Action Takers3 Done For You Niche Campaigns: The first twenty action takers will be rewarded with 3 completely done for you niche campaigns. You’ll get the email campaigns, the sales materials, and all of the resources that you’ll need to profit in these niches. If you were to develop these yourself, you’d pay up to $10,000 a pop, but you get THREE of them as part of your decision to upgrade your business today.

Those who go through the Local Niche Authority Blueprint will immediately be worth higher monthly prices, have long-term financial security, and work less while they earn more and more…

And if you’re just starting, then you’ll build your business the right way for 2014 and beyond with a sustainable long-term income that is unshakeable, no matter how fierce the competition becomes.

It’s all because the Local Niche Authority Blueprint will coach you to become a highly specialized consultant that is the most highly respected and highly paid in your niche market (and we’ll ensure that you pick the best niche market for your goals).

The local marketing industry is changing, and we all know it. Prices are going down because competition is going up, and it’s getting harder and harder to lock-in financial security even if you’re a talented consultant.

You can either settle for the scraps… or you can upgrade your business today with Local Niche Authority Blueprint.

Local Niche Authority Blueprint is the only local marketing coaching class that will work with you hands-on to upgrade your business to the level that you need to excel in 2014 and beyond.

Note: this is not an infoproduct; this is a coaching class. Those who go through the coaching and do the assignments will see results.

As a result of implementing this coaching, you will:

  • Immediately charge higher prices for your specialized services, without having to beg for business or get rejected, all while focusing on just a few things that produce massive results for your clients…

  • Have the freedom to relax and take more time off while creating focus and clarity, without sacrificing profitability or cash flow…

  • Effortlessly close clients like it’s 2007, because you’re the most highly specialized person in your niche, so you get the respect and the recognition that you’ve earned…

  • Lock-in the security of longer-term contracts without scaring off clients, because they’ll happily commit to give you long-term security in exchange for the value that you’ll quickly create…

  • Never worry about being “priced out of business” ever again, because no amount of competition can duplicate highly specialized knowledge in a specific niche market.

This is serious business. Just like you expect your clients to take your coaching seriously, we expect the same amount of commitment to your success from you. Quitters need not apply. 

Those who are coached in Local Niche Authority Blueprint will receive direct coaching directly from Kevin and Ed AND unlimited access to our personal automation tools, in addition to full access to the live training.

P.S. This coaching is to be taken with the same amount of commitment that you would expect your clients to have when working with you. Quitters and tire kickers need not apply.

P.P.S. This is our charter opening to Local Niche Authority Blueprint, and those who take action now have first access and a head start before all of the competition. Those who get this coaching now will be on the cutting edge of local marketing. If you delay now, you will miss out on the unfair advantage that comes from being a first mover. Click the Add To Cart button to begin.

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