Stop Listening to The News and Throw Away Your Day Trading Books – “This Girl is the REAL DEAL!”

World Famous Poker Star Accidentally Discovers the Secret to Massively Successful Crypto Trading to Build Wealth

How Do You Do It?

Liz Herrera, Former World Class Poker Player and Wildly Successful Day Trader.

Listen, I’m not going to tiptoe around why you’re here. I know why you’re here: to finally make real money with Cryptocurrency.

I get it – you want the secret. Because whenever I tell people the story about how I went form a world-famous poker player basking in the limelight, to an incredibly successful Crypto Day Trader – they always ask me…

How’d You Do It? It seems as if Poker and Crypto could have absolutely nothing in common, right? To be honest, I could’ve happily continued playing poker. But there was something about Crypto that fascinated me… The edge-of-your-seat intensity… the mental discipline…the thrill of winning…It was quite a rush – just like high-stakes poker games… NOW I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you.

I’ve been working on a Crypto course that is completely beginner friendly for anyone wanting to get into the Crypto investing world. I’m going to take you by the hand and show you how you can start investing Today. Have a look…

How The Program Works:

The Cracking the Crypto Code Program is a 6 week online program with the sole goal building your Crypto portfolio and making it profitable in as short of time as possible! With step-by-step proven methods, you’ll be taken by the hand and walked through the entire process by Cryptocurrency experts making up to $5,000 a DAY in profit with this exact same process.

Once you make your investment, you will get immediate access to the program which will begin by showing you in a step-by-step format: how to sing up for the Crypto platforms you will need, where you can start investing your money, and take advantage of the greatest transfer of wealth opportunity that will never happen again!

This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience in crytpocurrencies or investing. Through the 6 week course you will get everything you need to understand the Crypto market, invest smart and generate passive income with an opportunity that will only happen once.

Week One: Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

Effortlessly Build Your Success Foundation!

The first week of this program is dedicated to building a bullet proof foundation for your understanding of the world of Crypto, so you can avoid the headaches that 98% of Crypto investors encounter later down the road when they don’t have the right systems in place.

PLUS, we’ll show you the Shortcut System to getting a return on your investment within the first 28 Days!

Everything you need to know about the Blockchain… designed for a TOTAL beginner!

What about the future of Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain? Take a step into the future and see where Crypto is going.

How to set up your Crypto portfolio, even if you have no technical, financial, mathematical, or business skills. This is Important and will Keep You Up to Date On Your Investments!

Week Two: Getting Started

Finding the Right Exchange for You…

You’ve never made an exchange with cryptocurrency? …no problem! We’ve got your back. In fact, we will do exchanges 100% LIVE and Over The Shoulder, over and over again in front of you.

Step-by-step the criteria we use to find profitable ALTcoins. We give you the EXACT checkpoints to use and even some ALTcoin suggestions to get you started!

Security is a huge deal to us  and we show you how to keep your investment safe. Your will learn the Proper way to secure your accounts so all you have to worry about is deciding where to invest next!

Buying Your First BTC! This is going to be fun and we’re going to walk you through the process step-by-step. It will be the start of your profitable Crypto Empire!

Week Three: Understanding Trading and the Market

Making You a Crypto Market Expert

Now that we’ve made our first BTC transaction and have a strong foundation… it’s time to MAXIMIZE this by placing you in the top .5% of people who understand Cryptocurrency!

This is a total crash course on trading and understanding the market so even if you know nothing about trading, you can start investing like an Expert and make more money faster!

Understanding what affects market prices and understanding how to buy and sell with ease!

Learn market movement patterns so you know what times are good to buy or sell!

Week Four: Mining for Passive Income

What You Need to Know to Generate Coins While You Sleep

Now that we understand how to generate wealth actively in the market… let’s show you the different ways you can acquire coins with your eyes closed.

In depth understanding of what Mining is and how you can turn that knowledge into profits!

Cloud Mining explained and how to calculate profitability.

Learn what platforms give out the most profits and how to sign up for them step-by-step.

Strategies and tools few people have heard of. You will learn these secrets as well as how to implement them.

Week Five: ICOs for Drastic Wealth

A Powerplay In the Crypto World for Big Money

Learn how to find money cow ICOs from an Electrical Engineering Professional specializing in ICO research.

Get a behind the scenes look at how to invest in ICOs before they go public (allowing you to you buy at prices far lower than what everyone else will be paying for)… You will be ahead of the Mainstream.

This is where you will get 1 Month Free of Our ICO Newsletter where you will see the ICOs we are investing in so you can ride the wave with us.

Learn how to get into Non-Domestic ICOs so you can Go Global… learn what the big players are not sharing with you.

Week Six: Leverage and Scale to Become a Whale

Master Tactics to Scale Your Portfolio

EthLEND, Master Nodes, Arbitrage, and more terms that if you are not already familiar… you will become an expert with.

Learn how Crypto bots work and how you can leverage machine power to your advantage.

Get an inside look into coins that pay dividends as we walk you step-by-step through the entire process.

AND as a 100% FREE Bonus… We’ll show you a whole NEW frontier and responsible way to acquire credit to scale your portfolio while this opportunity is fire hot!

Bonus #1: FREE Ticket to the Cracking the Code Live Event

Connect With Crypto Investors During the Live Workshop

You get 1 FREE Ticket to our Live Event held in Orlando, FL ($2,000 value)

During this event you will get to meet and connect with Elizabeth Herrera and her team and well as high level Entrepreneurs… It’s a FREE Opportunity to Create Wealth So You Can Live Life On Your Terms!

You’ll see exactly what we are doing with Crypto as well as what we will be doing in the future.

We’ll take Live Q&A and do hot seats to help you 1-on-1 with your Crypto challenges… Avoid the pitfalls, get in the right mindset, and get support from experts in the trenches like you!

Bonus #2: Private Facebook Mastermind Access

Ask Questions, Engage and Grow with Like Minded Entrepreneurs!

Ask questions and get the answers quickly if you ever have ANY questions or need help with anything as you go through the Cracking the Crypto Code Program!

Have unique input and priority requests on new modules and lessons inside of the Cracking the Crypto Code

Sales Page: https://www.cryptoprofitsu.com/the-greatest-transfer-of-wealth-1

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