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Mass Control 2

This Money-Getting System
Has Been PROVEN Four Times
In A Row, Bringing In OVER
$23.8 MILLION Dollars
…In Just Under 24 Hours

Here’s The True Story Of What Really Happened, How This Proven System Works, And How You Can Put It To Work For YOU.

Dear Friend,

You’re about to go deep inside the sometimes twisted world of the biggest launches in Internet Marketing History.

And listen, this is the real storythe true story that only I can tell you, because I’m the guy that made it all happen.

WARNING: This is story gets ugly. Things get hairy and people get weird when millions of dollars start flying in …especially when it’s…

$23.8 Million Dollars In Under 24 Hours

Actually, it’s a lot more. That’s just a rough total of the orders that came in during the first 24 hour periods during the launches I’m going to tell you about.

But before we go further, we need to set the record straight.

We’re only at the beginning of this letter and you’ve already seen some really big numbers. And if I were you, I’d be wondering …

Is This A Bunch Of Hype?

And you’re absolutely right to ask that question.

Look, if I wasn’t the guy who wrote the launch copy, wrote the sales letters, and saw it all happen with my own two eyes, there’s no way I’d believe it was true. In other words, I now how you feel.

So let me put your mind at ease by pulling back the curtain right now and showing you exactly what happened. You’ll hear about the amazing successes, the near fatal mistakes, and everything in between.

For the first time ever,

Here’s The “Back Story” Behind The Biggest Launches
In The History Of Internet Marketing

I know you’ve heard other people hint at this story before, and some unqualified bozos even try to take credit for it.

So right now, I’m going to break it all down for you and show you what really happened, who was involved, and how much money was really made.

Let’s begin.

First of all, only one million dollars of that money was mine.

The rest of it came from three different product launches I wrote and orchestrated…for other people.

Sure, I got royalties and they added up to a bunch of money too. But in terms of my own stuff, it was only a “small” launch that brought in a million bucks for me personally.

It all started back in late 2005 when I released a very limited workshop called Serializer. It cost $10,000.00 per person and it was the first thing I’d sold to the “marketing” crowd in over a year.

Up until this point, this whole “Mass Control” thing was just a theory I’d been kicking around in my head. I had no clue if this launch would work or if it would bomb.

Frankly, I Was Scared Out Of My Mind

And for good reason because

  • At $10,000.00 per person, it was the most expensive “Internet Marketing” class ever held.
  • I had no affiliates.
  • My list was only 8,000 people.
  • I hadn’t mailed them hardly at all for a year before the launch.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the day before the launch happened I was on the phone with one of my all-time marketing heroes, John Carlton.

When I told him what I was doing, he said “I don’t know man …that’s twice as expensive as any Internet Marketing class I’ve ever heard of. That sounds like it’s going to be really hard to sell.”

So you can understand why I was worried.

But my worry turned to excited disbelief when the site went live because

I Pulled In $530,000.00 In Just Under Nine Minutes!

It happened so fast that I actually ended up over-selling the class. It was limited to only 36 people …but by the time I was able to get the order form off of my site, 53 people had already sent money.

It Actually Worked TOO GOOD!

Imagine how embarassed I was when I had to refund the 17 people who ordered too late.

Giving refunds is never fun …but when you give back $170,000.00 to people who don’t even want their money back, it stings a little 🙂

But I had no choice. I promised a limited class and I wasn’t going to go back on my word. Not even for an extra $170,000.00.

Besides, that one “experimental” launch still made me $360,000.00 in only nine minutes so I wasn’t about to complain. That was the most I’d ever made in one single day …much less nine minutes!

So I taught my Serializer class, had a great time, and the students loved it as well (which is always good).

But there was always this little voice in the back of my head saying

“Maybe You Just Got Lucky.”

Who knows? Maybe it was a fluke, right? It’s possible.

So here’s what happened next. When I originally decided to teach the Serializer method, I made the choice to only teach it to 100 people ever.

I’d already taught 36 people …so I had 64 more people I could teach it to before I had to take it off the market forever.

And now it was time to answer the question that was bugging me …

Could My “Luck” Really Hold Out?

So I decided to launch Serializer II …and see if I could do it all over again.

And this time I was really worried. You’d think I’d be confident since the first one did so well, but I wasn’t.

Here’s why:

  • First of all, it had been a while since I did the first launch …so the “buzz” had died down completely.
  • I’d once again stopped mailing my list (which is dumb) …so I was going in “cold”.
  • The original Serializer students signed legal documents promising never to talk about what they learned …so I didn’t have the benefit of “word of mouth” advertising or anything good like that.
  • I hadn’t added a single new subscriber to my list.
  • I had to come up with a whole new launch sequence because if I just did the same one all over again, it would be stupid. (Hey don’t laugh! Don’t you hate it when people do that?)
  • I was in the middle of moving my wife, my 2-year old, and my newborn daughter across the country. (Nothing like a little added stress from moving to keep things “exciting”.)

Anyway, as much as I like to talk about what a lazy guy I am, the truth is that I worked like crazy for almost a whole week on this next launch.

And once again my fears were unfounded because

I Brought In $640,000.00 In About 45 Minutes!

And just like the first time, I ended up over-selling the class. I can’t remember exactly but I think the total amount of orders I brought in was something like $710,000.00.

I refunded all the people who ordered too late and ended up keeping $640,000.00 in sales from the 64 seats I sold.

Not too bad for a day’s work, right? And what was really nice is that I got to keep all the money.

Like I said, there were no affiliates, no JV partners or anything like that.

It all came from my badly neglected list of about 8,000 subscribers.


STOP: You Need To Think About Something For A Minute.

OK, the first Serializer Class sold out in 9 minutes, bringing in $360,000.00 in orders before I took the site down forever.

The second Serializer Class sold out in around 45 minutes, bringing in $640,000.00 in orders before I took the site down forever.

So the total time both Serializer sites were up was 54 minutes.

And when you look at it that way,

I Brought In ONE MILLION DOLLARS In 54 Minutes.

The best part is, that was all my money. Like I’ve said before, there were no JV partners or affiliates. But before we go further,

Let’s Cut The Crap
And Keep This Grounded In Reality.

You’re not BLIND and I’m not either.

We’ve both heard people hype up big launches and make it sound like they had millions of dollars in the bank in only a few hours.

And we both know that in almost every big launch, lots of customers choose to pay in installments.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, you make more sales when you offer installments.

And that’s what I did with this first little set of Serializer launches. I let people pay in four installments of $2500 if they wanted to.

So I actually MADE one million dollars in sales in a total of 54 minutes.

Around half of the customers paid in full …right off the bat. The other half chose a 3-month payment plan.

So in reality, I made about $500,000.00 immediately …and the other $500,000.00 came in like clockwork over the next three months.

I wasn’t complaining …but a lot of other people sure were.

Nobody had a problem with the Serializer launch or with me or anything like that. Everything was cool as far as that’s concerned.

It was “launching” in general that was taking heat.

The “Internet Marketing” crowd was getting jaded and they were starting to say,

You Guys Are Full Of Crap!
This Only Works If You’re
Selling “Marketing” Stuff.

Were they right?

To be honest with you, I had absolutely no idea. It would have been easy to just call ’em all whiners and move on, but the truth is, I wanted to PROVE them wrong.

And the only way to do it was to have a “million dollar day” in a totally new market that had nothing to do with making money, marketing, or anything close.

So that’s what I decided to do. And that’s

How The Mass Control System Brought In 1.4 Million Dollars
In Just Under Four Hours
…In The Dating Niche!

It All Started With A “Trashy” Magazine…

Back in late 2005, I saw a book review in People Magazine for a book called The Game.

It was a New York Times best-seller by a guy named Neil Strauss …and it was sort of a tell-all story about the strange and unknown secret society of Pickup Artists. Plus, it was also like a “how-to” guide for meeting and dating attractive women.

Here’s a picture of the New York Times bestseller list when I first heard about the book.


Naturally, I went straight to the bookstore and grabbed a copy.

It read it in about 2 days and was amazed.

Now, I’ve been married for seven years and the last thing I need to do is learn how to pick up women. I have a wife and two daughters …so three women in my life is plenty 😉

But I still found the book to be totally fascinating. And I was clearly not alone because like I said, it was an international best seller.

Anyway, when I was finished with it, I gave my copy to my cousin Trey and told him to check it out.

So a few days go by and he calls me to tell me he’s done with it. He also says,

“Dude! This Guy Should Write An E-Book And Sell It Online
Because It Would Sell Like Crazy!”

And he went on to say that if we could help the author (Neil Strauss) sell it, we’d make a ton of money.

When I heard him, I told him that Neil should NOT sell an e-book because that was what everybody else in the “Meet-Women” market was doing.

Instead, I said that the real way to make a fortune would be to sell a higher priced product because

  • Neil was already regarded as “The King” in that market because he had a famous book out. So it would only make sense to charge more.
  • A higher priced product would further position him as the very best and immediately make him “rise above” everybody else in the marketplace. (People naturally think that “if it’s expensive, it’s the best”.)
  • You just make more money when you sell expensive stuff. (Duh!)

So Trey and I decided that if Neil sold a big home study course and charged a lot of money for it, we’d have a home run. It was truly a no-brainer.

But There Was A HUGE Problem.

Neil Strauss had no clue who we were.

…And it’s not like we could just pick up the phone and call him, you know? After all …he’s had FIVE books on the New York Times best seller list.

So why would he even care about us two bozos?

I told Trey there was no way we could get Neil to work with us …and that he should forget it.

Fortunately, Trey Ignored Me

It turns out that Neil gave out his email address right there in his book! So Trey emailed him about our big idea and …

Nothing Happened.

Neil got the email (along with a gazillion other emails) and ignored it.

Here’s Where It Gets Weird

I was sort of snooping around in the “Meet Women” market and came across a blog called Thundercat’s Seduction Lair.

Yes, I realize that’s probably one of the dumbest blog names ever.

Anyway – I liked the way the guy wrote, I thought he was doing a god job of marketing his stuff, and I sent him an email telling him so.

Less than 24 hours later, I got an email back that said …

Dude! I Know You And I’ve Read Your Stuff!

Turns out the owner of the blog is a guy named Matt Kadish.

Matt is a student of marketing (which is obvious because he’s good at it) and he had bought some of my my stuff and had heard me speak a few times.

I know …small world, right?


Anyway – I email him back and tell him that Trey and I are trying to reach Neil …and I tell him about our idea to make a bunch of money selling stuff to the dating niche.

And as fate would have it, he and Neil are friends.

So he calls Neil on the phone, tells him that Trey and I aren’t a couple of weirdo’s (we really are, but we tricked him), and got Neil to agree to talk to us.

And a few days later, Matt, Trey, Neil, and I are on a conference call.

Trey and I were super nervous because here we were talking to a big-time author and all that. I think I’d even seen him on TV the night before.

But after we’d talked for an hour or so, Neil was open to the idea and he said “OK guys, let’s go for it.”

And about 10 minutes after we hung up the phone, Trey and I looked at each other and said,

Oh Crap! What The Hell Do We Do Now??

We were kind of screwed at the beginning because

  • There was nothing to sell! Neil had just finished his book and he didn’t have a big home study course we could sell for lots of money.
  • WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT. This is kind of funny now that I look back on it.See, Trey and I were responsible for the marketing …which means we had to write copy about …you guessed it …meeting women. The catch is that we’re both married with kids and are about as “smooth” as a pile of broken glass when it comes to women.Neither of us could pick up a woman if she threw herself at us, so we had our work cut out for us to say the least.
  • Neil thought we were both completely insane …and was very uncomfortable with “our kind of marketing”. (You hear about this all the time. People who aren’t marketers almost always think that the type of marketing you and I do is way too over the top and crazy.)
  • We didn’t have a list to launch to!

So it wasn’t like we were set up for a home run. If this was going to happen, it was going to be an up hill battle.

And the first thing we had to do was to

Get A List …And A Product To Sell Them!

Listen, if you’ve ever seen this whole “make money online” thing as a huge uphill battle, I can totally relate to you.

Especially when I look back on the early days of working with Neil.

We had no product, no real list, and time was against us.

Here’s How We Did It

This should prove that you can do anything you want if you just put your mind to it.

All we did was convince Neil to hold a high priced seminar at his home …and film it.

Once we had the seminar footage on film, BINGO! Instant product.

And instead of having to do a bunch of work to get the product made,

People BEGGED To Pay Us For It!

We took about a week to build the buzz for Neil’s seminar. Good ol’ Matt mailed his list a few times and Neil sent some emails to his tiny list of subscribers. (I don’t think he even had an autoresponder back then).

Instead of doing the same ol’ seminar pitch you’ve seen 1,000 times, we added a twist.

Here it is:

First, we let everybody know that only FIVE people would be able to attend …and that this event would never be repeated.

We did this because Neil didn’t want to do seminars at the time so he agreed to take on just a hand full of people. Plus we wanted to have an air of mystery and intrigue surrounding the event.

We knew that if we only accpeted five people, the rest of the market would forever wonder what was taught at this super-rare seminar. And they’d wonder what they missed out on.

Plus, the scarcity would help us justify the high price we were charging for the event.

And that leads us to the biggest “twist” that really sets this while ting apart from anything you’ve ever seen.

We never told people what the price was!

Instead of an order form,

People Had To Apply To Give Us Money!

I’d love to take credit for this but I’m pretty sure it was Neil’s idea.

Here’s how it worked.

There was one section in their application that asked people how much they’d be willing to pay for the seminar.

We did this for two reasons:

First, we wanted to see how much we could reasonably charge.

Second, it added to the air of mystery surrounding this seminar. Think about it. Only five people could attend …and nobody even knew how much it cost. Nothing like that had ever been done in the dating market before …and it only fueled the fire surrounding Neil.

In other words, it made major news in that market. People were posting on forums like crazy, guys who had lists were mailing their subscribers about it, and it had everybody’s attention.

So in only a matter of hours, this exclusive seminar was the center of focus for an entire market.

And we knew people would want to attend, but we were totally shocked when

We Got Over 200 Applications In The First Few Minutes!

And what was really cool was people were offering to pay up to $100,000.00 to attend.

So after Neil reviewed the applications, we decided on a price for the seminar.

It would cost $7,000.00 to attend. That’s about seven times more than any other “dating” seminar had ever cost before.

And instead of posting the cost online, we simply had Trey pick up the phone and call the applicants. He’d tell them they’d been approved, tell them the price, and simply take the order.

I think he only had to call around 12 people before all of the seats were sold.

So intead of having to slave away to make a product,

We Got Paid $35,000.00 To Make The Product,
Plus We Instantly Became The “Hottest Ticket” In The Dating Market.

The whole “air of mystery and intrigue” thing worked like crazy.

For weeks, all people could talk about was the super exclusive seminar they missed out on.

It was on all the forums and in all the newsletters.

The seminar went over without a hitch and the finished DVDs were amazing.

Neil did an incredible job teaching and his students got immediate results. It was an expensive seminar, for sure …but it was worth it. In fact, the students got so much out of it they sent Neil gifts like watches, bottles of wine, and chocolates afterwards.


All that was left was for us to launch the home study course and sell it out.

We began the Mass Control pre-launch tactics on May 18th.


Nine Days Later, We Were Looking At $1,415,625.00!

We started using Mass Control on the market on May 18th and the site went live on May 27th.

The nine days of Mass Control marketing worked even better than we expected because

We Hit One Million Dollars In Orders
During The First 30 Minutes.

And we were totally sold out in a little less than four hours.

The total orders we took that day was $1,415,625.00.

You know what’s really amazing?

About 90 days before I did the Serializer launches and before I started working with Neil, this whole Mass Control thing was just a “crazy” idea in my head.

And I almost did what most people do …and that’s nothing.

You and I both know it can be scary to try new thingsbut this “gamble” really paid off. And I’m glad I put my doubt and fear aside and decided to give it a try.

First it brought me a cool million bucks with the Serializer launches, and then it brought in over 1.4 million dollars in just four hours for Neil’s launch.

…And I got to be the first person in our little “Marketing World” to ever mastermind a mega-launch in a market that has nothing to do with “Internet Marketing”.

Pretty nice! (The money wasn’t too bad either. I didn’t get to keep much of that $1.4 million we brought in, but my “fee” ended up being close to $200,000.00. Not bad for writing some emails, eh?)

But after that launch was over, I needed a break. I decided to take the summer off and focus on surfing and hanging out.

And things were great until …

I Got Suckered Into Doing The Single Biggest Launch
In Internet Marketing History

Yes, I’m talking about the famous StomperNet launch.

I’m the guy that wrote the emails, wrote the sales letter, scripted the videos, wrote the blog posts, and told the affiliates what to say.

In other words, that launch pure Mass Control from start to finish. Plus, it was

PROOF That Mass Control Works Better
Than Anything You’ve Ever Seen

And you know what’s really funny?

I Didn’t Want To Do It!

Remember how I said I was going to just take the summer off and surf?

Well, that was working great until Mike Long came and ruined it all for me.

He called me up one day and said he had some really big news and that he needed to go over some stuff with me.

So I told him to come on out to California and we could talk about it while I showed him how to surf.

Sounds like a good plan, right?

It Immedaitely Blew Up In My Face.

Mike gets here and tells me that Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins want help launching StomperNet.

I want you to keep in mind that back then, StomperNet wasn’t a “house hold name” in Internet Marketing. And not many people even knew who Brad and Andy were.

In fact, I’d never met them before.

Anyway, once Mike gave me the lowdown on the launch, I asked him what the goal was.

Turns out Brad and Andy weren’t screwing around because they wanted to do

Ten Million Dollars In One Day!

And that’s why they were asking for my help. Since I’d already had great success with the Serializer launches and with Neil’s launch, they figured I was the guy to make it happen.

But when they asked me to put Mass Control to work once again, I was

Totally Not Interested!

After all, I just finished doing Neil’s launch.

Plus, why would I want to do all that work to build some other guy’s business? Especially when it was summer time and the surf was up.

But I didn’t want to seem uncool and just flat out refuse.

And if anyone can work a market into a semi-crazed buying frenzy, it’s me. So I was in sort of a bind. I knew I was pretty much the only guy for the job …and that it would be rude of me not to help. (Even though I really didn’t want to.)

…And that’s when it hit me!

All I had to do is just demand a bunch of money up front and they’d refuse, right?

I mean – Brad and Andy didn’t know me then.

I’d never hung out with them or anything.

And that’s why I figured there was no way they’d agree to my terms. They’d think I was just some wack-job and they’d tell me to bug off.


All I wanted to do was surf for the summer anyway.

So I said this to Mike:

“Tell ‘Em I’ll Do It For $25,000.00.
And If They Don’t Like It, Screw ‘Em!”

I honestly thought they’d tell me to go jump in a lake.

I mean …they didn’t know me and here I was, abruptly demanding money …“just for writing email”.

So you can imagine my surprise when they basically said,

“OK. Here’s The Money. What Else Do You Want?”

Oh well. There went my carefree summer.

Hell, if I thought they’d actually go for it I’d demand a lot more than $25,000.00.

But a deal’s a deal and I went to work trying to make this Stomper thing happen.

It ended up being the single biggest launch in the history of Internet Marketing, but…

The Whole Thing Almost Died At The Last Minute!

See – during the launch, we all got really focused on building momentum.

We had all these videos going out, I was writing emails like crazy, the blog was exploding with comments, and people were lining up ready to join.

Plus John Reese had come on board to help us with strategy and planning …so needless to say, we were really working hard.

And about four days before we were set to go “live”, somebody asked this very important question:

“Where The Hell Is The Sales Letter?”

Uh oh.

Amazingly, we were so busy biulding momentum that nobody really though about the sales letter.

When Andy called and let me know there was no real sales letter yet, I thought he was going to have a heart attack right there on the phone.

But I was able to calm him down and get him to have his copy-team write a rough draft for me to look over later.

So they write a rough draft and get it to me about 72 hours before we’re supposed to go “live”.

It Was Horrible!

No disrespect to the copy team they were using or anything but that letter would have killed the launch.

And that’s to be expected.

For one thing, it was written at the last minute while everryone was doing a ton of other stuff.

So I get the draft, read a few paragraphs, and discover that …

I’m Screwed!

There was no way the draft could be “brushed up”. I was going to have to start all over from scratch and write the whole thing myself.

So that’s what I did. But here’s where it gets a little complicated.

I got the draft on Friday at around 4 PM or so.

I’d promised my wife that I would not work at all that weekend, so I didn’t get to work on the sales letter until about 10 AM on Monday morning.

But the launch was scheduled to go live in less than 23 hours!

I had less than one day to write the sales letter.

Fortunately, I was so “in tune” with the market because I’d been writing all the launch emails that it was pretty easy to bang out the sales letter.

I ended up writing it in about six hours, the day before the launch.

And the next day we did

Seven Million Dollars In The First Hour!

I was absolutely floored at how well this worked.

Can you imagine sitting in front of your computer and seeing seven million dollars in orders come in during the first hour of your launch?

Take that feeling and compoud it. Then you’ll know how we felt when the dust settled and the day was finally over.

After we crunched all the numbers, we’d taken in


I want you to keep in mind that we took in 18.3 million dollars in orders on the first day.

Lots of people paid in installments so the business “only” collected $2,435,801.11 in cash during the first 24 hours.

….The rest of the money came in like clockwork as people paid their installment payments.

And you wanna know something?

I’ll never forget that night went I went home and told my wife how the day went. She couldn’t believe how much we pulled in that day …and I was still in shock too.

And I remember the look in her eyes when I told her,

It’s Really Pretty Easy!

And I meant it then and I still believe it to this day.

Think about this.

All I really did was come up with a plan, write some emails, script some videos, tell a few guys what to say, and write a sales letter.

I’ll bet that if I added up all the time I actually spent working on that launch, it might come out to 40 hours of actual “work”.

And let me ask you a question.

Where Else Can You Trade 40 Hours
Of “Work” For 18.3 Million Dollars?


All I really did was ….type and talk!

And believe it or not, I can’t even type right! I only use three fingers. No kidding.

Oh, and wanna see the special equipment I was using?

Here’s a picture of my crappy Ikea desk and the laptop I used when I did the StomperNet launch. I got the desk for $200.


That’s the same desk and laptop I used when I wrote Neil’s launch as well.

So you can see that you don’t need anything fancy to do this. You just need to know the formula.

And I’m going to show it to you. (It’s actually written out later on in this letter.)

Yes, I know your “Hype-O-Meter” probably turns on when you hear about Secret Formulas and stuff, so let me give you …


Only a few weeks or so after the StomperNet launch happened, I got a phone call from Brad Fallon.

“Dude, I Need Your Help”

It turns out that Brad is friends with a couple of guys nobody had ever really heard of at the time.

Their names are Brock Felt and Buck Rizvi and they’d created a course about how to get tons of leads online using a method called co-registration.

They had a product called Pipeline Profits and they needed help getting it launched.

In all honesty, I didn’t really want to do it …but I sort of had to.

I didn’t want to do it because I was pretty sick of working at that point. I’d just done all that work for the StomperNet launch and I wanted to relax.

Plus, I’d finally finished remodeling our house here at the beach and we were about to move out of the place we were renting and into the new house.

You know how stressful it is to move so I’m sure you can relate to the fact that I was just too busy.


Once Again, I Was Screwed!

See, Brad and Andy were so happy with the StomperNet launch that they offered to pay me a small fortune to just stick around and advise them.

So technically, I was working for them and it would be very rude of me to refuse.

Buck and Brock also offered me a pretty good chunk of change so that helped too.

Plus, I was a huge believer in co-registration. I’d actually used it in the past to build a huge and responsive list for one of my earlier products called InfoMillionaire.

So for me, it was easy to sell.

But Lots Of People Thought It Wouldn’t Work

After all, nobody knew who Buck and Brock were.

They didn’t have a list at all.

Nobody was familiar with co-registration …and that’s what the product was all about.


People Were Getting Burned Out On Launches!

At least that’s what everybody thought 😉

And I guess they had a pretty good reason to think that.

I mean – we did just finish the StomperNet launch.

You’d think the market would be immune to yet another launch, right?

And even if they weren’t immune to it, you’d think that nobody would have any money left over to buy yet another marketing course.

After all – we did just pull 18.3 million dollars out of the very same market when we did StomperNet, you know?

So they had a point.

Well, once again Mass Control worked like a charm.

In fact, it worked even better than we thought. I was hoping we’d do a million dollars on our first day or something.

We Ended Up Doing $1,209,988 In The First Hour!

And after the first day was over, we’d brought in $3,109,745,12 in orders.

That’s over three million bucks in one day.

By now, you’d think I was used to this type of thing, right?

But let me tell you, this never gets old!

There’s literally nothing like the thrill of seeing millions of dollars in orders come in over just a few short hours.

And just for fun, I totalled up all the “launch money” that Mass Control has brought in over a 24 hour period.

And if you add it all up, it’s just over $23,000,000.00.

Man, that gives me chills when I write it down.

The way I see it, all I did was type …you know?

Anyway – if you break it down even more you’ll see that

Mass Control Brought In $958,333.33 Per HOUR!

I just took the 23 million in total orders and divided it by 24 hours to give you an idea of the hourly “salary” Mass Control earned during these launches.

And yeah – that’s a pretty impressive number. (I almost hesitate to use it because I don’t want it to sound hypey …but it’s a real number.)

…And that’s why this next statement is going to seem really weird.

But it needs to be said because I don’t want you to get the wrong idea:


That’s NOT what Mass Control is about!

Yes, I know that sounds totally bizarre since I just got finished telling you about the biggest product launches in Information Marketing history.

And yes, I know that sounds weird because I just finished showing you how I used Mass Control with all of them.

But the bottom line is,

Mass Control Goes Way Beyond Product Launches

Hell, if you want to know about product launches – call Jeff Walker.

Mass Control is about much, much more.

It’s about

People Lining Up To Pay You …FOREVER.

And it’s about making this whole thing happen with easy, natural communication.

Actually, let me help you out and show you

How Mass Control Is Different
From Anything You’ve Ever Seen

This Is NOT Just About Product Launches: Obviously, Mass Control works like crazy when you’re doing a launch …but that’s not all it’s used for.

Mass Control is a system of communication that causes a crowd of people to magnetically be drawn to you …and to come under your influence and happily give you money.

The amazing thing about it is it’s totally under the radar.

While your competition is trying hard to pressure people into buying, Mass Control lets you influence the crowd in a more subtle way. You’re perceived to be more of a freind than a salesman.

This results in people wanting to buy from you repeatedlynot just in a “launch” scenario.

So if you have a list, want to build one, or want to leverage other people’s subscribers …Mass Control is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to turn that into money.

Here’s an example that proves my point. I sell products in a niche market that has nothing to do with “marketing”.

My business only has ONE product and it’s less than $50.

I have no back end, and I’ve never done a launch in that business.

Plus, I have close to 20 competitors …some of whom are copying my product and sales letter almost verbatim.

You’d think the business I’m telling you about wouldn’t be doing too well, right?

Think again.

Thanks to Mass Control, it’s brought in over $1.6 MILLION DOLLARS in the last 22 months.

Here’s a screenshot from my Clickbank account proving this:


The reason why this dumb little business rakes in so much money is because I use Mass Control tactics to make the market buy from me …alot.

This Is NOT Just About Copywriting: When you think about copywriting, you think about sales letters. I’d like you to consider something for a minute.


The reason I say this is because all of the copywriting “strategies” you’ve ever been taught are based on communication techniques that were used before the Internet.

They’re based on direct mail, print ads, and so forth.

And you and I both know this to be true: Times have changed. The Internet is completely different than direct mail or other old fashioned ways marketers once used to reach their prospects.

The reason why is simple: FRAME OF MIND.

An Internet user is in a totally different frame of mind than someone who’s reading a piece of direct mail, looking at an ad in a newspaper, or doing some other offiline activity.

And right now is the first time in marketing history that you’ve had the opportunity to communicate as often as you want with your prospects …and as frequently as you want.

So the bottom line is this: Mass Control is all about influencing people over the Internet …not just through sales letters or email, but by taking advantage of the brand new opportunities we have today such as podcasting, blogging, and online video.

And nobody else on the planet can offer you these brand new (but proven) strategies for doing it.

This Is NOT Just About Email: Think about the ways you can communicate with your prospects online.

There’s so much more for you than just email.

You can use video, blogs, podcasts, pdf reports, audio downloads, screencams, and more.

Mass Control puts ALL of these to work for you.

…And if you’re not using them ALL, you should be.

The reason why is simple: HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY.

Here’s a fact you already know, but aren’t using to make money.

The more you communicate with your prospects, the more money you’ll make.

Obvious, right?

Well here’s a little something about the way your prospect’s mind is hard-wired.

When you communicate through multiple mediums, you’ll make even more money.

When I say “multiple mediums”, I mean that you use video, audio, AND the written word.

The reason this exponentially increases your sales is because of the way the human mind works.

See, when we absorb information we use different mediums (also called modalities) to do so.

The most common modality used on the Internet is the written word. (Such as sales letters, email, and so forth.)

But when you rely on just that single mode of communication, you’re selling yourself way short.

This diagram shows you how it works:


But just because everybody else does this doesn’t mean it’s right!

The fact is, people are conditioned to respond to multiple modalities. This means that your prospects are naturally conditioned to be more responsive when they not only read your message, but they hear it and see it as well.

And when you communicate with them through audio, video, and text …it creates a sense on instant trust and bonding.

The feel like they know you better because you’ve accessed different parts of their brain.

And of course, this means you make more sales …and therefore you make more money.

Here’s a diagram to help you see how this actually happens:


This is actually very easy.

I guarantee you’ve never been taught this before, and once I show you how to do it …you’ll never go back to the “old way” again.

For The First Time EVER:
I’ll Show You EXACTLY How To Put My Proven Mass Control Money-Getting System To Work In YOUR Business!

…The Very Same System That Brought My Clients And I As Much As $958,333.33 Per Hour

Obviously, Mass Control works.

And I believe that if you use just a little bit of it in your business, you’ll make a lot more money.

Or you could even do like I did and use it with other people’s businesses …for a cut of the money. (I got paid close to $400,000.00 for working on other people’s businesses last year. If I added it all up, I probably “worked” for a total of 75 hours. Not bad.)

So if you want to put Mass Control to work for you, I’m happy to get you started.

Here’s how this is gonna work:

First off, for reasons that will be explained later on in this letter I can only allow a select few people to take advantage of this opportunity. I wish I could accept more, but as you’ll soon see I’m purposely limiting those who get access to this training for the time being…

The program itself is called “30 Days To Mass Control Millions”, because that’s the primary focus…helping you use Mass Control to influence millions of people …and get them to happily give you millions of dollars.

And my program walks you through it in 30 days.

If you manage to secure one of the coveted spots, here’s what you’ll receive:

1) 4-Week “30 Days to Mass Control Millions” Video Training Implementation Program ($7,995 Value)

I have broken up this training into four (4) action-oriented video training sessions where I will walk you through all the steps to conceiving and building your Mass Control campaigns. It’s set up so that you go through one session per week, but you can feel free to go faster or slower depending on your circumstances and the time available.

You’ll learn how to use Mass Control in eMail, Website Copy, Live Action Videos, Screencams, Podcasts, Downloadable Audios. PDF Reports, and even blog posts.

Plus you’ll get simple “Mass Control Money Magnet” templates you can use to swipe my techniques and put them to work for you immediately.

Here’s how the modules break down:

  • Module 1: Planting The Seeds For Total Domination – Including REAL EXAMPLES from my actual businesses.Controlling the buying behavior of thousands of people and completely taking over a market is actually pretty easy …but you do need to plan your attack, so to speak.In this module, I use actual examples from my real businesses and show you how to
    • Map out your Mass Control Plan Of Attack in less than an hour. I’ll walk you through how I did this with one of my businesses, plus I’ll show you how to start from scratch with your business.
    • Uncover hidden Mass Control Money Magnets you already have …that can make your prospects froth at the mouth and demand to buy from you.
    • Position your product for the highest perceived value. (This means you can charge more and make more money).
    • Magnetically attract affiliates …and get them to actually ask you if they can promote your stuff. (Forget chasing people down. It’s much more fun when affiliates come to YOU.)
    • The “Unified Front” Method that catapults you to becoming the hottest and most talked about person in your market …almost overnight. (Nobody else does this and you will NOT learn it anywhere else, ever.)
    • The deadly “Howitzer Method” I use that grabs a market’s attention and gets them ready to buy …before you even try to sell anything.
  • Module 2: Creating Your Character And Mass Control Story LineThe reason why Mass Control works so well is because it uses the most effective and oldest method of communication ever: STORIES.And when you put Mass Control to work for you, there are two powerful “weapons” you have at your disposal.Your “Character” and your “Story Line.”You’ve probably heard me speak about the three most powerful Character and Story Line combinations that I personally use with Mass Control.Here they are:
    • The Reluctant Hero
    • Home Town Boy Makes Good
    • Us Vs. Them

    Many people have tried to copy me and to “guess” their way into both using these story lines and teaching them to others.

    …But they’ve all fallen flat on their faces.

    Now, for the first time ever, I’m going to show you exactly how to create these characters and story lines to use in your own campaigns …and I’ll “pull back the curtain” and show you real examples from my actual businesses where I’ve used each storyline to make a fortune.

    …Examples you can model after or just plain swipe, and put to work for you immediately.

  • Module 3: The Actual FORMULA Behind Mass Control, And How To Use It For Maximum Profits.Yes, there really is an actual formula I use with Mass Control. It’s based 100% on the hidden psychology behind mass buying behavior.Here it is: MB + P + LSE = HSPI realize that formula means nothing to you now because you don’t know what the letters in the formula stand for.But I can absolutely guarantee that once I tear this formula apart for you and show you how to use it, you’ll instantly know ten times more about mass buying psychology than ANY “Guru” out there. Period.In this module, I’ll give you a detailed explaination of the formula, I’ll show you how to apply it, and I’ll give you actual real life examples of my personal Mass Control campaigns where I used it.You and I (plus your fellow classmates) will be the ONLY PEOPLE ON THE PLANET with this information

  • Module 4: Firing Your Silver BulletBy the time you get Module 4, you’ll know more about Mass Internet Buying Behavior and how to influence huge crowds of people on the Internet than just about anybody else on the planet.And that’s why you’ll be ready for me to take you by the hand and walk you through getting your first Mass Control campaign up, running, and bringing in business.The best way I know to do this for you is to rip through my most successful Mass Control campaigns, dig up the best moneymaking “nuggets” from each one, and then show you why they worked, how they worked, and most importantly …how you can copy them and put them to work for you.This is like having me personally hand you the keys to a vault full of money. Actually, it’s better than that …it’s like having me open the vault myself, get the money out, and drive it to your house …because in module 4, I’m practically doing everything FOR YOU but write the copy.This module alone is worth the entire cost of the training, especially if you’re on a tight budget…

If that seems like a lot of information to pack into 30 days, it’s because it is. It won’t always be easy, but it will be fun. And in the end, you can either 1) stay poor, 2) get rich slowly, or 3) get rich quickly.

Hopefully #1 is not even an option, and between #2 and #3, I’d take the latter. How about you?

But believe it or not, that’s still not all…

2) Three “Feet To The Fire” Q&A Sessions ($485 Value)

You’re in a very fortunate position…

You see, I didn’t just create a course on Mass Control one weekend and then decide to sell it the next. No way! I actually offered this training FIRST as a coaching program to a very small group of people in February. This let me see where all the holes were in my system so they could be completely plugged before I officially released the training.

But that’s not all…

In addition to getting feedback about the course itself (so it could be reworked and improved), I also held live Q&A calls with participants so they could ask questions specific to their businesses. And you get to eavesdrop onto each and every one of them!

That’s right, I recorded every one of these Q&A calls so that you can listen in to the types of questions that people had for each Module. So chances are if there’s an area that’s a bit unclear to you in Module 2, for example, someone else has already asked that same question and my answer is just a few minutes away.

By going through the training and then listening to these Q&A calls, I can assure you that virtually all of your questions will be answered. Of course, if for some reason you still have questions, you’ll have access to my support department and we’ll make sure you get squared away. (The last thing I would ever do is leave one of my students hanging…)

3) Printed Video Transcripts for Each Module ($788 Value)

I’m personally a huge fan of video training. Reading about a subject is one thing, but nothing can substitute for actually WATCHING someone do what they do. That’s why the primary element of this training is in video format!

But at the same time, video can sometimes be a pain when you’re trying to review or refer back to a particular section.

So for that reason (among others) I had video transcripts created for each of the 4 primary modules. Now these aren’t just transcripts of what I’m saying. After all, what good is it to read what I said when you can’t SEE exactly what I was showing?

That’s why I’m also including all of the slides from my video presenations. This way, even if you don’t watch the videos you can still get a clear picture of the different steps of the system just by reading through the video transcripts.

4) Unlimited Access To the “30 Days” Members Area ($697 Value)

The great thing about the “30 Days To Mass Control Millions” program is that it’s always evolving. I’m continually adding new content and new strategies to the program, and by having a member’s area where I can post this content YOU don’t have to wait until the next product update to get access this crucial information.

For example, when I offered this training in the past I had a lot of questions about using Mass Control in Niche Markets. So rather than pretend this need didn’t exist, I got my butt in gear and created a extra videos and course materials that included actual examples and case studies.

I also had some questions on using Mass Control to sell affiliate products, so I created an extra set of videos that walks you through how to use Mass Control to sell affiliate products …complete with videos, case studies, and recent examples.


5) The $23.8 Million Dollar Swipe File! (PRICELESS Value)

For the first time ever, I’ve tracked down all of my Mass Control Emails for these big launches you’ve read about, and compiled them into one huge resource that you’ll have at your fingertips.

You’ll get over 153 pages containing every Mass Control message I used to shatter Internet Marketing records over and over again …bringing in over $23.8 million dollars for myself and my clients.

Look – you know the true value of a good swipe file. And when it comes to selling things online, this is the best swipe file in the world …hands down.

So whenever you’re looking at a blank screen …wondering what to send to your list, have no fear. You can crack this baby open and “steal” one of my masterpeices.

After all? Why re-invent the wheel? Obviously these email sequences worked 🙂

But as you may have already guessed, there’s more…

The first 100 signups will also get:

The Four-Day Cash Machine!

I wish I could say I came up with this, but I didn’t. I stole the idea from my cousin, Trey (who’svery first big Internet business brought in over $160,000.00 a month NET online).

It’s a simple strategy that has produced several thousand dollars in extra sales for me …PER DAY, every single time I’ve used it.

Actually, check this out:


This diagram shows some recent activity from one of my Clickbank accounts. You can see where the account was getting roughly $1,200.00 a day in sales.

The part circled in red shows what happened when I deployed the Four-Day Cash Machine.

As you can see, sales immediately increased up to $3,881.17 in a single day. That’s about a 300% increase in sales.

I’ve done the math for you and found that I brought in an extra $8054.89 because of this simple little “cash machine” …and I honestly believe you can use it to get amazing results for your own business.

In fact, that’s why I’m giving this away to the first 100 people who join me.

I believe you can delploy this technique immediately …and use it to instantly make more than enough to pay for the cost of this rare opportunity.

In other words, by giving you this Four-Day Cash Machine technique, I’m basically paying you to put Mass Control to work for you.

And it’s really brain-dead simple.

I give you the email templates with exacly what to say, plus you get the website template that converts your subscribers into buyers.

If you can cut and paste, you can use this right now.

And if you started using it today, I believe you’ll see an amazing surge of cash over the next four days.

I can promise that this is the first opportunity of its kind, and it’s unlikely that it will ever be offered again. But right about now you may be thinking…

“How Much Is This Training Going to Cost Me?”

Allow me to explain…

First, you need to be willing to invest $1997 to reserve your spot. This fee covers my time in putting all this together for you, plus it ensures that only serious people apply.

But if you think about it, I’m practically paying YOU to get this.

First, if you’re one of the first 100 to sign up, I’m giving you my amazing Four-Day Cash Machine system. Only my high-dollar clients have ever seen this.

THIS ONE STRATEGY ALONE HAS MADE ME MONEY EVERY SINGLE TIME I’VE EVER USED IT. (And I’ve got a pretty good guess that it’ll work for you too.)

As soon as we begin, you’ll get instant access to this system …and because all you really have to do is “cut and paste”, you should be able to put it to work for you on the very first day.

I fully believe that in the first four days, you should have already made MORE than the cost of this entire course. This means that not only will you have made more than you’ve spent, you get everything else free and clear.

But it gets better because …

My “Put My Money Where My Mouth Is”
Double Guarantee Ensures That Either YOU
Succeed Or You Don’t Pay…

Here’s how it works…

Guarantee #1: 45-Day “Free Look”

You have a full 45 days (more than enough time to go through the entire course) to see if my “30 Days To Mass Control Millions” is right for you. If you determine that it isn’t, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund your money. No hassles. No hard feelings.

But even if you go beyond the 45-day unconditional guarantee period you’re still protected by Guarantee #2…

Guarantee #2: Put My Money Where My Mouth Is…

This is crucial stuff so pay attention: Go through the training and complete all the Action Steps according to my instruction in the course. If by the end of 90 days you haven’t met your goal, let me know and I’ll personally work with you for an additional 90 days. (I’ll not only give you access to my private email adress, I’ll also allow you to schedule 30-minute calls with me if necessary). If after that time you aren’t where you want to be, let me know and I’ll not only issue you a refund, I’ll also cut you a check for $500 just for wasting your time.

How’s that for puting my money where my mouth is?

That’s how serious I am about wanting you to succeed, and that’s also how confident I am that my system really works! You see, if I don’t hold up to my end of the bargain, I’m not only $500 in the hole, I’m also out all the time that I spent working with you one-on-one (which frankly costs me a lot more than $500!)

I’ll say it again one more time just in case you dozed off…


As long as you’re committed and as long as you TAKE ACTION, I believe you simply CANNOT lose.

But whatever you do, DON’T delay. When I say this course is limited…I mean it!

If you don’t believe me, just ask the people who were left out of my $10,000 Serializer seminars in the past. I held those two times in 2006, and the first one sold out in 9 minutes and the second in 45 minutes.

Or you can ask the people who got locked out the first time the last time offered this training. It sold out completely in a matter of hours and I was offering more slots then than I am now.

So trust me…this is NOT one of those lame marketing ploys that you’re probably used to.

Once it hits the limit, this registration link will be taken down and you will be on the outside looking in. Don’t let that happen!

If you’re interested, click on the registration button below (as soon as it becomes active) and reserve one of the slots before it’s too late…

Best regards,

Frank Kern
On Behalf Of Electronic Marketing Group, LLC
Creator Of Mass Control,
Orchestrator Of The Biggest
Launches In Internet Marketing History

P.S. Just so you know, there’s nothing “magical” about Mass Control even though it may seem like it. Sure, it’s responsible for some product launches that brought in a combined 23.8 millon dollars in orders over a 24 hour period.

And while that may seem amazing, you should consider this: You and I, as Internet Marketers, have the ability to communicate with millions of people – literally – at the press of a button.

And if you can communicate with someone, you can influence them …and ultimately turn them into a customer.

When you think about it, the odds are really stacked in your favor. When you understand Mass Buying Psychology, and you use the Internet to influence millions of people using the techniques I teach you, it’s pretty hard not to see some amazing results.

My point is, YOU CAN DO THIS. You can make Mass Control work for you. All you have to do it let me “download” the system into your brain over the next 30 days.

P.P.S. Remember, your success is totally guaranteed!

If you follow all the steps I give you and we still can’t make it work, I’ll not only refund every last penny of your investment, I’ll also give you an additional $500 as “payment” for wasting your time.

Now who’s taking all the risk?

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