Search engines run the internet.

Without them, we would have no way of finding any of the things we want or need online.
And if you have a website or online business, you are using and relying on them every single day – whether consciously or not.
Whether it’s Google (and other search engines), Pinterest, YouTube, marketplaces, or your website’s own search function, search is at the heart of helping potential customers find your products and services.
You can either do search badly, or you can do it well. Either way, search marketing is part of your business – it’s just part of how the internet works.

The SEO with Menekse programme leads you through a 3-part approach to optimising your website…

Part 1: Your Customer

In order to build a website that Google loves, we need to make sure we understand exactly who our customers are and how what we have to offer relates to them and what they’re looking for.
Understanding their needs, how they’re searching for those needs, and what their experience looks like as they engage with your website and the wider web helps us to build a high quality, engaging website.
The plus side to this foundational work? It makes all your other marketing way easier, too!

Part 2: Your Brand & Website

Now that we know who our customers are and what they’re searching for, it’s time to review how your brand and website are communicating that.
What do you do? How do you talk about it? What actions do you want people to take?
What’s working on your website? What needs to be fixed or improved?
How is your website structured? How does it need to be structured? What content have you got? What content do you need?

Part 3: Search Engine Optimisation

Now we’ve got information about our customers and our brand, and we understand where we are right now and where we need to be, it’s time to tackle improving our websites!
In SEO, this is broken down into three parts:
  1. 1. Technical Optimisation: Making sure your website performs well on things like speed, security, and URLs working properly.
  2. 2. On Page Optimisation: Making sure your website content and structure reflect your expertise using keywords and internal links.
  3. 3. Off Page Optimisation: Making sure your brand appears on the wider web as a trusted source of value and expertise.

This is a programme with one mission, and one mission only:

To help you confidently grow your business online using SEO.

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