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Peter O’Reilly
New York

There is irrefutable evidence that having a strong, dependable memory is directly correlated to the quality of your life. It determines the money that you make, the kind of job that you have, the house that you live in or where you take your vacations.

Bill Gates, Einstein, Bill Clinton, Warren Buffett – They have ONE THING in common besides GREAT success in life. They ALL have amazing memory abilities! Can this phenomenon be duplicated? Can an ordinary person acquire the memory mastery skills to quickly and easily and gain an advantage in life?

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Are you struggling in life with a poor memory? Are you embarrassed by the problems it brings? Are you suffering from information overload?

  • You  study hard but your grades are a disappointment.
  • You feel stressed because of information overload at work. And who isn’t?
  • You have not been promoted in years because you can’t learn quick enough.
  • You can’t remember the name of a new colleague you were introduced to 10 minutes ago.
  • You  constantly misplace your house keys or car keys.
  • As a manager you run out of ideas in problem solving
  • You enter a room and forget what you were looking for
  • You hid your valuables in a place no one can find, including yourself!
  • You think your memory is getting worse as you grow older… and you may be right!

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From : The Desk Of Martin Mak

Date:  Saturday, August 09, 2014

Dear Friend,

Are you looking for solutions for a better memory for yourself, or for a loved one?

Are you an under-achiever? If you have a Ferrari that is capable of driving 200 mph but you can only push it to 40 mph and old ladies are passing you by on the freeway, wouldn’t you want to bring it to the workshop to have it checked and  save yourself the embarrassment?

The same goes for your memory and learning.  Let’s face it, you know you can do much better if you only knew how to get that “winning edge“. You can either lock yourself in the closet and cry about it or you can take a positive step today to make your life a much better one.

You need an edge and you know it. You have, sitting on top of your shoulders, the most complicated and advance supercomputer on this planet.  Maybe even the entire UNIVERSE ! The problem is, the software for this great Bio-Psychocybernetic system has been missing for years and almost lost forever.

FACT: Did you know that the number of patterns of connections of your nerve cells in your head greatly outnumber the number of stars in this Universe? However, many of us don’t walk around like  we have the most expensive, state-of-the-art computer in our head.  Our performance in school and work fall way below our limitless potential. The reason for this is simple.

  • In school, we were never taught anything about our brain and how understanding it’s functions could help us learn and memorise.
  • We were never taught anything about how our memory functions,
  • We were never taught anything about special and advanced memory techniques and how to use it to our advantage.
  • We were never taught about the nature of concentration and how they can be applied to different discipline and styles.

FACT: Did you know that Einstein just had an average-sized brain? If so, how did he come up with his revolutionary and groundbreaking scientific theories? The secret lies in the way we have been using our brain.

Imagine if you were taught the right way to think, the right way to learn and the right way to remember and be creative. Then imagine how this new skill could massively enhance your life and your career, you could;

  • Get better grades in school and ultimately a great job or career
  • Earn more money, a lot more, and get a faster promotion or become a more creative manager.
  • Become a successful entrepreneur – always a step in ahead your competitors with fresh new ideas.
  • Gain a higher self-esteem knowing you’ve gained mastery over your super-charged memory.


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