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From Side Hustle to Seven Figures
In 7 Simple Steps


I opted-in to receive this course, thinking it was one or more PDF documents. Instead, it was all web-based with videos.

Lots of videos.

So in wanting to share it with you, I had to print-to-PDF all the html pages and copy links to all those videos. Whew!

I also downloaded the videos but when I archived them, it was well over 2 gigabytes in size! I didn’t want to upload that to my paid account or risk getting a TOS violation notice.

So, unfortunately, what you will get in this download is the PDF lessons along with links to the videos in each section. The links are NOT clickable so you will need to copy-and-paste them either into a browser to see each video one by one or (best option) put them ALL in JDownloader2 and download everything at once.

What really got me excited about this course was the inclusion of a BONUS of a course by John Carlton called Simple Writing System Express. Well, I got the download (that document is included in your download below) but I don’t think this is something that will TEACH you how to write copy. It’s a mere 9 pages.

Seems they only want your email address.

Well, as soon as I downloaded it and took one quick look, I decided to un-subscribe. You may feel there is some value in the information — so we agree to disagree. At least, though, you didn’t have to opt-in (but you can if you want to). Among all those links in the PDFs is a link to read more about John Carlton’s course, Miles Beckler’s coaching offer and more.

But all that is optional. Everything I point you to is free. So, here you go …

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