OMG Machines- No Holds Barred 2014 – Project X

Introducing OMG NHB 2014: Project X

You will be able to…

  • DOMINATE! Follow a step-by-step blueprint that finally takes you through the critical, but surprisingly simple steps of building a site that spits out cash – we call our sites OMG Machines…OMG stands for One Man Gang…and we think of our sites like self-funding ATM Machines that are pretty easy to put together and astonishingly powerful. You will DOMINATE the real Google Search Engines.
  • SUPREMACY! Ranking 1-10 for juicy keywords isn’t unheard of and you can expect to rank page 1 for at least 8/10 keywords you shoot for. But what’s even MORE exciting is using SEO Supremacy Jui-jitsu wield the awesome power of the world’s most powerful social sites like You Tube and Facebook and force them to do your bidding, obliterating your competition and banishing them ALL to page 2 (or 3!) And the even more surprising thing is how inexpensive or free Supremacy can be when you know the secrets.
  • CONTROL! Setting your website up in OMG Silos rapidly turbo-charges your OMG Machines websites so you rankings accelerate faster and you can literally swallow markets whole. The same way a turbo charged Dodge Neon can blow a $6-figure Dodge Viper off the road in a fast and furious style 1/4 mile race for pink slips, knowing our unique top secret silo method will race you ahead on the fast and profitable streets of Google and humiliate event the biggest million dollar SEO budget competition. As in: CONTROL!
  • MONEY-GETTING! Watch over-our-shoulder as we take you by the hand and lead you A to Z when it comes through tons of proven Money-Getting templates. Money-Getting or conversion is the science of turning more and more visitors to your OMG Machine into customers and we’ve found that the more the merrier (or money-ier) when it comes to proven templates.
  • MONETIZATION! But before you even get started with your OMG Machine and ramping up your conversion numbers higher and higher you’re going to get yet another unstoppable advantage from our monetization training and guidance. Monetization is different than conversion…it’s choosing the HOW part of your OMG Machine making money, from Niches to Products. Monetization is a lucrative game of insider information. With us you become an instant insider.
  • KEYWORDS! Most trainings out there make keywords either too complicated…or they ignore them altogether. There’s a sweet spot and it allows you to move forward FAST and rank for HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of money keywords. We help you understand what you need to know.
  • DAY JOB KILLER! DJK Local client consulting: This is what I call one of the two most powerful forms of Monetization that we’ve found for beginners, because you can start making big paychecks on day 1 even before you start ranking websites. We call it Day Job Killer because SO MAY OMG’ers have given their boss the middle-finger award because of it. And we’ve got tools, templates, training, role-playing videos and resources that nobody in the world has. Note: that even some of our most “shy” coaching community members are our most successful at this!
  • LAUNCH JACKING! Affiliate marketing on steroids. This is what I call the second of our two most powerful forms of Monetization that we’ve found for beginners because it turns the biggest challenges of affiliate marketing into huge strengths. What you do is rank for brand new products that are both easy to rank for and also easy to convert because of the frenzy surrounding new offers. From new online marketing training products to 3-D television sets and millions of new products in between. (Again Launch-Jacking is a game of insider info, and we give you that info, templates, keywords and more!)
  • AFFILIATE/CPA/ECOMMERCE! The boxer shorts on your couch dream made real because of the power of free traffic. This is very real and doable and happening right now for many of the folks in our coaching community. Each of these can be a GOLD MINE, if you know what you’re doing. Our rich templates and top-secret tricks will put you miles ahead of the competition.
  • $6-FIGURE PER MONTH COACHING! Weekly Coaching Office Hours Webinar with Greg Morrison, the guy I call the One Man Gang. While others are getting “coached” by $20/hour “coaches” hired off craigslist, or by clueless interns, Greg makes $6-figures per month doing hard core SEO in every market from health, to precious metals to relationship advice. He’s the guy personally answering your SEO questions both in your members area and on your bi-weekly coaching Webinars. And if our training doesn’t cover your question you can email me personally so I can get Greg to provide the best answers. (Office Hours coaching for this block extends from March-June.)
  • $5-FIGURE PER MONTH FAST START OFFICE HOURS! Two weekly money-getting coaching “office hours” with Fletch, who makes over $30,000 PER MONTH doing a mix of both Day Job Killer local client consulting AND affiliate marketing. (Office Hours coaching for this block extends from March-June.)
  • SOFTWARE, NEWS, UPDATES + TEMPLATES! We have unique top-secret software that Greg Morrison personally developed for Search Engine Domination. We’ve also beaten vendors up for incredibly cheap or even free software and trials that are OMG NHB 2014: Project X exclusives. And you get the overwhelming benefit of email news and updates.
  • COMMUNITY! Our OMG NHB 2014: Project X Team Membership Group is a lifetime access over-the-top opportunity to share test results, networking, and triumphs with dozens of $5-figure per month earners, several $6-figure per month earners and a number of up-and-comers all with access to the same elite level training, software and support. Members rave that this alone is worth more than the price of admission.

This is the ONLY advantage that you’ll ever need to make a ton of money online, because it’s an unstoppable advantage.

Now a lot of people get excited about Search Engine Optimization, but they don’t know how to do it right, so they just fail miserably. And a lot of people stay away from Search Engine Optimization because they think it’s too complicated.

OMG Machines- No Holds Barred 2014 – Project X complicated

Because of this ‘mysterious aura’ surrounding Search Engine Optimization, a lot of people are going to keep away from it forever, including big companies that just don’t know any better.

That’s great for the smaller entrepreneur because you not only get to compete head to head against larger, better funded, more experienced competitors that might have hundreds or even thousands of employees…but you actually have an unfair advantage.

You’ll be using insider secrets and advantages to demolish big business competition.

That’s how strong Search Engine Optimization can be…when you know the secrets of doing it right.

I’ve introduced you to 37 guys and gals that Greg, David and I have personally trained, and none of them were much different than you.

When they started out they didn’t know more than you. They didn’t have anything that made their situation easier.  They didn’t have a product that was any better than yours—most didn’t even have products.

Most people looking for ways to make money online have been seduced by the idea that it’s simple to do it quickly it’s pretty easy.

And guess what?

OMG Machines- No Holds Barred 2014 – Project X right

Here’s the rundown on what you get with OMG NHB 2014: Project X from Greg:

Ok, if you’ve gotten this far, you are obviously serious and passionate about making online income, so I’m going to share something crazy with you that I have fully held back and not revealed in any way until now…

Ask yourself this: how could I have gotten over a million dollars from what Mike calls Day Job Killer (it sure killed my day job!) local client consulting in just one sub-niche? Is it because I managed to rank #1 for each main keyword in that niche? Not quite… if you think about it, the math doesn’t quite add up. So, what then?

Well, for hundreds of keywords, I actually rank for half or more of the entire first page of Google.Literally, 5 or more websites, ranked #1 and for several of the next slots after that, almost wiping all of the other competition off the screen entirely.

And it doesn’t stop with Day Job Killer local client consulting! Because my affiliate sites make waves too. I have one site that I started a couple months back…it went from nothing to $50/day…then $100/day…but then one of those Google updates hit, the Hummingbird update…

…That’s when it jumped to $200/day!

…And then not long after that the Penguin 2.1 update landed. The same exact day my affiliate site jumped up to $500 per day in profit.

hat is how you get a secure income in the 6 figures per month.

OMG Machines- No Holds Barred 2014 – Project X gregmontage-smaller

And that is what I’ll particularly guide you how to do in OMG NHB 2014: Project X. I think OMG NHB 2014:Project X is so successful with helping people get to the $5-figure per month and even $6-figure per month level because I think this coaching course “breaks all the rules” regarding the depth of training and personal access to me.

You can start out knowing nothing, or knowing a lot, and I’ll take you all the way to unparalleled SEO domination.

Not one bit of the training or support is done by any hired stand-in – it is all from myself, Fletch (our all-star student who now makes over $30,000 per month and who has a passion for helping others get to the next level) or from Mike Long.

I generally don’t encounter people who are able to keep up with me unless I’ve personally shown them the methods I use, but even if…

Even if your OMG NHB 2014: Project X coaching speeds your money getting up by just 3-6 months, it can be worth tends of thousands to you, hands down. Heck, you’ve seen my income numbers right off of my Pay Pal statements. If I could have had a course last year that sped me up by ONE DAY, it would have been worth two or three thousand dollars right there.

People ask me how to get clients, and I’ve revealed some successful strategies for doing so already in our training, but now you can see the real hammer blow. Imagine you have 5 of the listings for your city’s name plus the word ‘lawyer’, and maybe you also have the same domination for several sub-niches for your town as well, such as personal injury, divorce, contracts, etc.

Going by my own experience, I have to imagine that you would have a lot of income at that point. Having potential clients take you seriously wouldn’t exactly be a stumbling block.

Others ask me if it’s still possible to make good affiliate money with SEO. I’ve got one brand new site that makes on average over $1000 per day in commissions. And I actually reveal it in our training – including how I did it. And we have many more affiliate site and video examples from me, from Mike, and from members of our community adding up to thousands of dollars per day for you to use for guidance, inspiration and insight.

I’ll take a few moments to describe the OMG NHB 2014: Project X coaching course to you – what you can expect from me, and what I’d like to expect from you when you participate.

My goal, and my belief, is that you will look back 4 months from now and agree that this has been more valuable by far than a $250,000 college education, except it was about 50 times cheaper and 1/16th the time.

I’m going to do my best to explain very clearly everything I know about making money online, and my best is pretty good. The coaching will be focused on but not limited to getting free traffic through search engine optimization. I make good money with affiliate sites, and I make even more money than that by doing sites for clients.

In OMG NHB 2014: Project X, I’ll provide a lot of structure for those who want it. To the extent you wish, you’ll be able to follow an exact step-by-step blueprint process with me for every step of creating a staple website, and then, in the second month, creating a domination website. And as you build one, you can build as many as you desire, with your confidence and skill growing every day.

I’ll lay out for you what you should do each week, such as by leading you carefully through the minefield of getting several different types of links into your website in just the right way at just the right time.

We’ll make sure right away that you know exactly how to achieve complete supremacy with search engine rankings.

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