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The Only Google Maps Service Local Clients Will Give You $1,000.00/Month For With A Smile

And how to start with NO experience and NO connections….

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It only takes 8 clients to have a 6-figure annual income!

Paul James - Maps Mentor 2015

  • How to get your first local client to say ‘yes’ in the next 24 hours.
  • How to rank their website (no matter what) in 14 days.
  • How to get paid $1,500.00 before you start ANY work.
  • How to get paid $1,000.00/month for maintenance that takes 5 minutes.
  • 24 jam-packed actionable modules.
  • Active private members forum.
  • BONUS: Google Maps Friendly WordPress Theme you can use for clients.
  • BONUS: Secret software to find you new clients.
  • BONUS: Quick start webinar on what to do NOW.


Paul James here…

And I want to tell you something IMPORTANT…

Last year, I was on my last BREATH….

I was trying EVERYTHING to rank my local clients in Google…

AND I was trying even harder to get NEW CLIENTS so I could pay my bills without struggle…

But with all of Google’s weird algorithm updates, name changes, and flat out MISTAKES, I was having a very hard time…

Now… I’m not supposed to tell you this…

But it was only though late nights, determination, and sheer will that I found a ranking strategy that works RIGHT NOW in 2015…

That’s SLAP-PROOF to changes so that your results stay put.

A proven ranking strategy so powerful that even the most skeptical of business owners will cut you a check for $1,500.00 just to get started…

You may be thinking, “That sounds great! Why wouldn’t you tell me that?”

Because I’m not supposed to admit that it took WORK.

I’m supposed to tell you that I stumbled upon some shiny-button solution…

But I think you’re too smart to hear that same old story again.

And even though it took ME work to develop this Google Maps ranking strategy that clients pay top dollar for…

The good news is:

it won’t take YOU any work at all…

I did the work, so you don’t have to.


And doesn’t it make sense to leverage other peoples’ work to your gain?

Why repeat all of the trial and error to find something that works…

When I’m handing you the PROVEN, REPEATABLE ranking strategy right here, right now?

In fact… it’s THE ONLY strategy that business owners will pay 4-figures for RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE…


You’ll Be Making $100,000.00+ Per Year With Just 8 Clients

Because the results are THAT powerful, you won’t have to worry about competition….

You won’t have to worry about a lack of experience…

Because with Maps Mentor, you’ll be launched to the forefront and local clients will PAY YOU HANDSOMELY no matter what your background is. (I’ll prove it).

Every single step of this system, from finding clients to getting them ranked quickly, is covered inside Maps Mentor… completely step-by-step.


Inside Maps Mentor, you’ll discover:

  • How To Get Your First Client TODAY: Even if you have no experience, no website of your own, and no results to show. How is this possible? You’ll leverage other people’s proof to gain trust… Then you’ll use the exact closing words I give you that will get even skeptical business owners to pull out their credit cards and pay you. You’ll never need to make a phone call, film a video, or struggle with cheap clients if you don’t want to… the training inside Maps Mentor is SO powerful that all you have to do is implement it and you will get paid!
  • How To Rank ANY Client Fast: Follow the unique strategies inside Maps Mentor to get any website to the top of Google local listings in days. Your clients’ jaws will drop with the flood of new business they receive thanks to your service. Heck, you may even surprise yourself with just how easy it is! That means your clients will happily pay you $1,000.00 a month, AND send you countless referrals so that your business grows without you ever having to pitch. Some of these strategies are so groundbreaking and secretive that I know you’ll be shocked about the REAL way to rank locally.
  • All “Technical” Stuff Made Easy Enough For an 8 Year Old: With your step-by-step video training, you will NEVER be confused or worried about the tech stuff. I’ve made it so simple that an 8 year old could follow the instructions and get ANY website ranked in days.

Plus, you can pass this videos on to any staff member you want so that THEY fulfill the client work while you do WHATEVER it is you want… get more clients… sleep in… or just have more fun while the money rolls in!

TONS more will be covered in the 24 module long course!


Act now and you’ll receive… 1 2 3 4

This Package Is Designed
To Force You To Succeed

No experience?

No connections?

No large budget?


That’s why I’ve included EVERYTHING you need to have a six figure business this year.


I want you to grab this opportunity right now… without doubt, without hesitation…


You just need to make the wise choice and decide to try Maps Mentor right now.

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