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Want to SUPERCHARGE Your Results with Video?

“Discover my Secret 11 Step Formula for
Creating ‘Animated Explainer Videos’ that
Grab Attention & Turn Viewers into Buyers”

Perfect Pitch Videos

Over the course of 18 detailed video lessons, you’ll learn how to create high converting videos that sell more of anything online.

Sales videos, video sales letters, pitch videos, upsell videos, lead gen videos, launch videos, explainer videos and more.

You’ll learn how to make them all in this course.

 Perfect Pitch Videos2

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from your Promo Video Pro course?

I knew you’d ask ;) Well, for starters Perfect Pitch Videos is brand new and contains my new and updated video creation strategies for 2014.

Promo Video Pro was released in 2012 so some of my techniques used in that course have changed in the past 2 yrs. But, Promo Video Pro is still very relevant today (it still sells every day).

So aside from release date, the main difference between the 2 is that Promo Video Pro is a case study. You actually watch me create a product launch video in real time to launch a brand new business of mine. It doesn’t go into the production side of things as much as Perfect Pitch Videos. You’re basically looking over my shoulder in real time.

Perfect Pitch Videos covers IT ALL. From coming up with the idea of your video, writing the script, different animation tools you can use to make your video, audio engineering for profits, profit optimization and much more.

I hope that answers your question :)

The short answer?

They’re both different and cover different strategies so you really should own & study both if you’re a serious video marketer.

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