Persuasion IQ

Mortensen (Maximum Influence) draws on Howard Gardner’s research on
multiple forms of intelligence and Daniel Goleman’s Emotional
Intelligence to introduce his concept of PQthe specialized intelligence
required for the art of persuasion. While the book is primarily geared
toward marketing and sales professionals, the author argues that the
inability to command influence is a universal personal and professional
dilemma he makes a compelling case that teachers, social workers,
parents and spouses can benefit enormously from the respect power that
accompanies finely tuned people skills. Mortensen invokes great
communicators from Confucius and Thoreau to corporate CEOs to present
PQ’s key components (the five C’s of trust: character, competence,
confidence, credibility and congruence) and rewards (more sales and
fruitful negotiations, higher incomes, happier relationships).

Sections on mirroring and other nonverbal persuasion techniques are especially
fascinating, and the author’s emphasis on developing self-knowledge as a
crucial ingredient will inspire readers to determine their purpose and
passion. Mortenson’s insights are enriched by anecdotes, humorous
illustrations, a persuasion IQ test and an accessible step-by-step
structure. Simultaneously useful and entertaining, this book is a
thought-provoking examination into developing a vital talent.

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