The Unspoken Truth of the Instagram Hustle

WARNING: Before you post on Instagram, pause and read this. It might just reshape your Instagram strategy entirely.

Dear amigo,

Brace yourself.

What you’re about to discover might turn your Instagram strategy on its head and ignite a flood of DMs asking, “How’d you do it?”

Yes, it’s that powerful.

You’ve seen those Instagram gurus flexing their amazing lifestyles, getting lots of likes and followers like it’s magic.

Well, let me tell you something:

That’s not what matters.

Those flashing their lifestyle online are usually those who can help you the least.

Their manipulative tactics only appeal to people’s desire for “status.”

And, if you’re anything like me…

You hate those scammy tactics.

You see…

Like many, I started with a dream: Launching digital products, gaining followers, building an online business, and more.

But I also faced the same hurdles: The paralysis of starting, the confusion of what to post, and the uncertainty of growing a brand from scratch.

And when I thought I had figured things out…

The rules of the game changed.

Let me explain.

I went into 2023 with 100K Instagram followers. Then I faced the Wrath Of The Algorithm…

In 2023, I reached 100,000 followers…


I just kept gaining and losing followers.

Kinda frustrating, to say the least.

But it gets worse.

During the first few months of 2023, I lost over 8,000 followers.

Going from over 100K followers down to 92K.

I truly believe the algorithm killed my account.

Because I went from:

• Daily viral carousels to getting a few hundred likes per post.

• Getting highly sharable carousels to nearly zero shares

• Seeing fast growth to just seeing my reflection on the screen as I lost the desire to post.

So all that hard work for what?

Seeing my account being bled out?

Seeing a whole year of daily grind wasted?

It left me feeling defeated, questioning if all my efforts were in vain.

I went from being excited to posting daily to just stopping posting at all.


Well, here’s why:

I used to think that posting awesome content was the best way to build my Instagram brand. Boy, was I wrong.

The truth is…

Instagram doesn’t care about great content.

In fact…

You see it all the day.

Amazing content, with amazing editing, and crazy good presentation… It’s all falling flat and getting stuck at 200 views.

It’s sad to see.

I mean…

Just take a look at what goes viral every day.

It’s garbage.

Isn’t this maddening?

My gaaawwwwddddd…

I hate it so much.

But the thing is that…

What you and I consider garbage is just pure human nature in effect.

So I asked myself…

What if I took the “viral” parts of the garbage content and used it to create phenomenal content that actually gets me respect, customers, and a good reputation?

Well, I figured out a way to take the framework and the psychological principles used by these garbage viral posts and apply them to valuable content.

The result?

Content that is as addictive as a video game but boosts your progress like a masterclass.

Content that gets views.

Content that gets email subscribers.

Content that gets praise both in the comment sections and in the DMs

So imagine yourself:

✅ Saving time by having a solid process that takes away the guesswork

Erasing the frustration of endless editing hours that get you nowhere

✅ Overcoming the myth that creating reels has to be complicated and time-consuming

Attracting a steady stream of impressions by posting reels consistently

✅ Feeling satisfied and confident with your content output

That is exactly what my discovery allows you to do.

Introducing: Reels to Clients Course — Unlock the power to create viral reels and monetize Instagram.

Instagram Reels are the most powerful marketing tool available—The monthly views (1M-3M+) I’ve been getting on my account and those of my clients, help us gain thousands of followers a month.


Who is this for? You’re a passionate content creator, business owner, or entrepreneur who wants to leverage reels to attract clients and skyrocket engagement without wasting time trying to learn complicated software.

Hey, I’m Jose Rosado—I run a multi-six-figure marketing firm from a country most can’t place on a map, The Dominican Republic.

With this strategy, I went from bleeding followers to reviving my Instagram account in just 3 weeks.

This isn’t about sipping coconuts on a beach while someone offshore does the dirty work.

It’s about real, actionable strategies that can propel your account to new heights.

So you can grow an audience…

…monetize those ideas you’ve got

…build a loyal community

…and drive substantial income.

Think about it.

Your goal to hit 10K followers, to monetize your passion, to be recognized as a go-to expert in your niche – it’s all within reach. But it requires more than just posting…

It requires a well-crafted strategy, the kind I’m about to show you right now.

So what if there was a faster and simpler way to post reels that convert followers into clients and get sales on autopilot?

Imagen yourself:

✅ Saving time by having a solid process that takes away the guesswork

Erasing the frustration of endless editing hours that get you nowhere

✅ Overcoming the myth that creating reels has to be complicated and time-consuming

Attracting a steady stream of impressions by posting reels consistently

✅ Feeling satisfied and confident with your content output

You’ll be able to use this system even if…

→ You think you’re not tech-savvy.

→ You believe you’re not a natural in front of the camera

→ You’ve always struggled with content ideas

→ You think the editing process is too complex for you

All without…

→ Spending hours brainstorming ideas

→ Investing in high-end, expensive equipment

→ Getting tangled in complex editing software

→ Draining your energy on ineffective strategies

→ Buying expensive editing software

Sales Results Using This System



This is what you’ll discover in Reels To Clients

⚙️ Gadgets for Reels: Don’t worry about breaking the bank. With my tips, you could even start for free.

📹 Efficient Recording: Record your reels without the time drain.

🖥️ Editing Simplified: Navigate the editing maze with confidence and speed.

📝 Quick Captions: Fast-track your caption game to make your talking head reels more engaging.

🙏 My Go-To Apps: Discover the apps I swear by for video edits.

🔥 Content Repurposing: Transform your reel ideas into tweets, emails, and even YouTube scripts with AI

🤑 The Monetization Secrets: Everything you need to know to start monetizing your account.

🤖 Sales Automation Secrets: How to automate your sales process so you can focus on creating instead of sales

Special Bonus: Content Hub Notion Template

What’s inside the bonus

✅ 30-Day Creator Roadmap: 30 days of content ideas to help you get started right away

✅ A short video training on how to use the template

✅ 50+ Hooks for your reels

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✅ A comprehensive 120-minute course broken down into bite-sized modules

Step-by-step guidance on each aspect of reel creation

✅ 8 ChatGPT prompt to create viral content in seconds

My AI-powered content repurposing strategy

✅ 100+ templates to grow and monetize your Instagram account

Monetization Secrets and Automation secrets to start cashing in on your ideas

✅ Bonus : Notion Template to organize your content

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