Master Framer & Build Websites That Wow Clients – FAST!

Unlock the full power of Framer to design and launch stunning, business-driven websites – faster than ever before.

Design jaw-dropping websites with ease using Framer’s innovative features.

Build two Framer projects under the guidance of industry expert Matt Jumper.

Learn advanced techniques to overcome design constraints & deliver exceptional results.

Gain valuable insights into creative problem-solving & strategic design decisions.

Join a supportive community of forward-thinking designers.

if you can relate to any of these, then Framer Masterclass IS FOR YOU.


framer masterclass 2.0

27 Hours of In-Depth Video Lessons

Explore every aspect of Framer from the basics to the most advanced levels with our action-packed video lessons.

Beginner & Advanced Projects

Get hands-on experience with two real-world Framer projects: a local business website and a sophisticated product showcase.

8-Week Mentoring

Get direct & private feedback and guidance from our supportive team of Flux Academy mentors. Master Framer on your own terms.

Led by Industry Expert Matt Jumper

Matt Jumper leads this course with his wealth of knowledge and passion for creating value-driven websites that generate business.

Here’s What You’re Going to Learn

  • Welcome and Course Overview
  • Framer vs Webflow
  • Framer vs Figma
  • Overview of the Framer Dashboard
  • Creating Your First Site
  • Key Concepts for Mastering Framer
  • Intro to the Framer Editor
  • Understanding Sizing
  • Positioning: Relative vs Absolute vs Sticky vs Fixed
  • Using Layout
  • Demo: Creating a Hero Section
  • Styling
  • Overlays
  • Breakpoints
  • Navigation and Links
  • Using Icons
  • Slideshow and Carousels
  • Using Video
  • Understanding Site Settings
  • Publishing Your Site
  • Overview of Components
  • Variables
  • Variants
  • Hover and Pressed States
  • Interactions
  • Logic With Components
  • Demo: Building a Custom Navbar
Content Management System
  • Understanding the CMS
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Search component
  • Understanding Effects and Animations
  • Effect Options (Appear, Hover, Etc.)
  • Component vs Regular Effects
  • Creating a Parallax Effect
  • Demo: Adding Effects to a Landing Page
Advanced Use Cases
  • Using the Ticker
  • Working With Remixes
  • Embeds
  • Override Code
  • Custom Search Bar
Putting It All Together: Building a Full Site
  • Exporting From Figma
  • Setting Up the Framer Project
  • Creating The Hero Section
  • Building The Navbar
  • Building The Site Content
  • Testimonial Section
  • Creating The Call-To-Action
  • Creating The Footer
  • Fixing Common Site Issues
  • Adding Effects
  • Making The Site Mobile Responsive
  • Publishing The Site
Bonus: Making Money with Framer
  • Selling Framer To Clients
  • Client Handover Checklist
  • Pricing Framer Sites
  • Framer Partner Program
  • Selling Templates
  • Getting Your Template Approved
  • Building Products For Framer

Sales Page: https://www.flux-academy.com/courses/the-framer-masterclass

Download Files Size: 3.20GB

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