Lesson Plan

  • 01

    Introduction – Focus and Desire

    Whether you’re a beginner or a budding champion, Serena Williams can teach you how to improve your game on and off the court.

  • 02

    Groundstrokes I

    Consistency is key in tennis. Experience the drills Serena’s father ran for her as a kid—drills she still runs every day as a pro.

  • 03

    Mastering Groundstrokes

    Master baseline play with advanced footwork, backhand and troubleshooting techniques that Serena uses to challenge any opponent.

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    • 04

      Controlling The Court

      Serena teaches you how to turn defense into offense, when to anticipate and react, and how to open up the court for easy winners.

    • 05

      Mental Toughness

      Serena Williams believes that tennis is 70% mental. Learn how to dig deep in tough situations from a player known for impossible comebacks.

    • 06

      Advanced Net Play

      Serena rarely comes to the net, but when she does, she makes it count. Learn proper approach, volley, and smash techniques.

    • 07

      Training Like a Pro

      The average women’s professional tennis match lasts two hours, but Serena trains to play all-out for four. Here she reveals her tips for staying in top shape, her pro drills, and how to keep it fun while putting in the hard work.

    • 08

      Preparing for Game Day

      Serena starts a big match before she even steps out onto the court. Learn the physical and mental routines that take Serena to the Grand Slams over and over again.

    • 09

      Making Of A Winner

      Serena’s run of titles is otherworldly, but it all started with goals, heroes, and a lot of practice.

  • 10

    Mastering The Serve

    Serena’s serve is legendary. Weaponize your serve as Serena teaches you the mechanics that power 128mph of pure genius.

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