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In a visual world, Canva Pro makes it easy for teams to create professional designs with premium features like Brand Kit, Background Remover, and more.

Everything your team needs to create amazing content, together

One subscription unlocks endless possibilities. Anyone in your team can access 100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics to use anywhere and everywhere.

Canva Pro Lifetime, 3 Months Warranty – $36

24-48 Hours Delivery

Payment Details and Activation Below

Members Exclusive
For non-members +$10, please contact us for details.

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19 thoughts on “Special Offer: Canva Pro Lifetime, 3 Months Warranty – $36

  1. tobi23

    Is this offer still available ? I pay $13 a month is that what I would be getting for lifetime ?

    • Hi Tobi,

      Yes its available. It is Pro student account.


  2. bema

    Hi Nick,
    Is this Canva offer still live?

  3. Freehunk

    Hi, Is it still available?

  4. ludagray

    Hi Nick,
    Is this Canva offer still live? If so, I already have a pro account which is about to expire. With your offer, will I be able to keep my current canva pro with all my hundreds of designs?


    • Hi Ludagray,

      Yes its still available, And yes your design will stay in your account, but you need to import it in your new Canva Pro Class that we will send it to you.


  5. ZWATAccount


    Do i leave the paypal blank?

    if not, what do i write?

    instructions are unclear.

    • Hi Zwata,

      Please do not write anything.


      • roboutet

        What is the total for both Canva and Scribb?

        • Sorry Roboutet, but Scribd is no longer available, But we still have Canva.

          • roboutet

            Just got my account but it is not integrated with my personal account, it shows as two different accounts under the same email but I cannot open my previous designs in the new pro account. Am I missing something?

  6. DINKY1

    Hi there, I have Canva pro with several hundred templates and completed work in my folders. Will I still have access to these?

    Also will this be the same with regards to scribd? I have so many saved books and audio-books in my account.


    • Hi Dinky,

      Yes you can use your old canva.But in Scribd, I will provide you a new account.


      • DINKY1

        Thanks so much, that really helps cheers

  7. biggifraley

    Hey, Nick,

    So, if I currently have a free Canva account, I will provide my existing account name and email to you. Is that correct?

    Also, can you please explain what the warranty is about? Thank you!

    • Hi,

      Yes you can give me your existing Canva account email. We will replace your canva account if theres a problem within 3 months.


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