13 thoughts on “Special Offer: Grammàrly Premium – $40 up to Sept.2020

  1. jeezy501

    Hi, is this deal on? Its the last week of August.

    • Hi, Please get back to me on 1st week of September. Still waiting for my supplier confirmation.


      • detroviva

        Anxiously awaiting to find out if this deal is still on… please advise.

  2. hootgadget

    Was another year paid for?

    • Not yet, follow me up on last week of August.


  3. hootgadget

    So if I understand correctly, this offer is valid until August 2019? Should I wait for a confirmation that it will be again available for another year?

    • College is paying a subscription on a yearly basis so College already paid a subscription for September to August. So your Grammarly will stay Premium untill August 2019 and Again if they pay subscription your Grammarly account gets one-year validity. They are paying subscription since Grammarly came into existence. So mostly they will pay :))

  4. mtsheikh

    How long is this for ? is it one year exactly ?

    • Hi Mtsheikh,

      Its more or less one year.


  5. WordyBirdy

    Is this deal still on?

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